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Watch me

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I love being watched. This is a mixture of erotic fantasy, and reality.


I see you. I notice you before you notice me. I'm sitting on the bus with my iPad in my hand, but I'm not really reading what is in the screen. I'm taking in my surroundings and wondering.....wondering if I should.....wondering if I dare......wondering what you will do if I do what my body is screaming out for.

I'm wearing a short, loose skirt, as usual these days. Above it is a shirt. No bra of course.....who needs one with small, hard titties like mine? Underneath the skirt? Well, today it's a pair of grey cotton bikini panties. You have no idea how long it took me to find these. I love my grey panties. There's something about the colour that is dirty in and of itself. Of course, when I get wet, they darken, and that is cool too.

But today, underneath the panties, there is something new. I have allowed my pubes to grow back in over the last week. Down below, I look like a pubescent girl.....I feel like one too! My new pubes itch just like they did when they first came in. 

Oh, I can see you checking me out, but I don't let on. Instead, I let my left leg slide open and display my crotch to you. I sit, quite intentionally, in that awkward way adolescent girls sit when either they have no idea what they are showing the world, or, more usually in my experience, they know precisely what they are doing and, while they may not be ready for the touch of another's hand just yet, the thrill of showing off their crotch will assist them later, when their own fingers do the exploring.

I can see I have your attention now. You haven't turned a page of your book in some time, and you keep glancing over at me. I keep my attention riveted on the now timed out black screen of my iPad. I lift my left foot up onto the seat next to my bum, and let the knee flop outwards. But I'm doing something else too. Something only a girl knows how to do. Inside, I'm squeezing hard while at the same time, willing my pelvic floor muscles to relax. This is difficult and takes practise. It's quite possible to pee yourself trying to perfect this, and I did many times before I got it right, realising that peeing in panties can be erotic on its own. But not today. Today, I feel that familiar welt of moisture leak from my cunt and soon, soon you will be able to see it on the gusset of my panties. 

My left hand strokes my left thigh, almost like an idle scratch, but so very close to my panties.....too close? The index finger of my left hand strokes the full length of the camel toe I know I am showing you. I can see the effect already, that bulge in your trousers looks inviting. On another day, at another time, I am capable of walking over to you, straddling you and fucking you right here on the top deck of this bus. But not today.

By now, I am stroking up and down, and you have no doubt that I am masturbating. Peripherally, I see that you can hardly take your eyes from me. I put my iPad down, and you snatch your gaze away, but I know I have you now. I know you will look back at me in seconds. I use those seconds well. I place my now free right hand on the left side of my gusset and I wait for the return of your gaze. When it comes, I immediately pull the material aside, showing you my naked crotch and as much of my mound as I can. I see your eyes widen. Seeing a young girl's vagina is, it seems, a welcome sight to you, but the sparse growth of hair has you worried. How old am I? 15? Younger? Older? mid 20s? I see the internal struggle rage within you, so I put you out of your misery. No, I don't tell you that I'm 19, instead, I mouth two silent words at you. But I do so with such desire in my eyes, I know you won't refuse me.

"Watch me"

I look at your face as I sink two fingers of my right hand inside me, gently finger fucking my hole as you watch. I take every inch of you into my vision and process it in my mind. Your age? Late 30s? Older? Married, I see. I wonder if you fucked your wife last night? Is she the kind of whore in bed I can be, or has the sparkle gone from the bedroom by now? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe she is like me, always looking for new ways to get herself off. Does she have a secret lover? As you travel this bus to work, is she on her back, her legs wrapped round a man, moaning, urging him to spunk inside her? 

The wetness is flowing freely now, over my fingers, over the soft, puckered flesh of my bumhole. The index finger of m left hand rubs my clit from side to side, quickening of its own volition. I know I am staining my panties, and probably the bus seat too. If I had one wish now, it would be to see your cock. I wish you were brave enough to take the chance....take it out and at least masturbate with me, although, I am so aroused right now, I would take it in my mouth and taste your wife on it. I'd let you fuck me over the back of a bus seat. Do you know that? Do you know that right here, right now as I stare at you, I'd let you bend me over the back of the seat, and shove that cock up my cunt, or up my bum? I'd love to feel your hands forcing me forward, one hand pushing the back of my neck forward, the other pulling my waist back against you. Right this second, I want it from you so badly, I'd like you to fuck me.

The thought makes my eyes close and my head curl forward, my trunk curls a little too and both feet come up high as I cum. My last conscious thought before my world splinters into shards of coloured light and an explosion of sound is you going home at the end of today, with the memory of my masturbation in your head, and grabbing your wife. You pull her onto the floor and rip her clothes from her body. All that matters is your need to unload your sperm. She resists, she doesn't want it, not like this,  not rough, but the moment your cock penetrates her hole, she feels your need, your urgency, and she feels your love for her. As you cum in her, so she cums on you, and my world as I know it ceases to exist. 

When I come down, you are standing almost over me, and for one second, I hope you are going to fuck me. I know from the wetness on the bus floor that I have squirted, and squirted a lot. I also know that from where you are standing, you can smell me.

You look down, the bulge in your trousers level with my face. 

You smile.

And soundlessly mouth two words.

"Thank you"




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