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Wanking With Daughter

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As far back as I can remember I have battled to go to sleep at night and have taken medication to boost the melatonin deficiency in my body. Sometimes even that doesn’t work but I learnt at a very young age that if I masturbated it would help by relaxing me.

If my wife had already gone to sleep and I could not, so as not to disturb her, I would go through to the TV lounge, put on a fuck film, lube up and have a good wank. This would normally happen well after midnight and my daughter, Sharon, (18 years old) would also be long asleep.

One night I went through to the lounge to do all of the above when suddenly the door opened and there stood Sharon. “Oh” she said “You are doing that” and closed the door and went back to bed.

Nudity in our home was acceptable and she had often seen me with an erection, especially in the morning or in the spa bath, but had never seen me wanking. I was pretty close to cumming at this point so decided to continue and go to bed.

Nothing was mentioned the next day and I thought the incident was closed.

A few weeks later, again not being able to sleep, I went through to the lounge for a wank. The door opened and there stood Sharon who said “I thought you were doing that. As I also can’t sleep can I join you and do the same thing?”

I said “No I don’t think so as I am sure your mother would not appreciate us wanking together.” All the time we were talking I was gently stroking my cock. “OK” she said and closed the door. I wanked to cum and went to bed.

Again the next day nothing was mentioned and I kind of hoped, although I found it all quite arousing, that the incident was passed and that, in the future, if she was awake when I needed a midnight wank, she would stay in her room.

A few months later my wife attended a 10 day all girls camp leaving Sharon and I at home to fend for ourselves. On the first night after supper and our normal glass or two of red wine Sharon said “So are you going to watch a movie and jerk off?”

Somewhat taken aback I said “Yes - I think so.”

She said “Good as nobody is here to catch us; we can do it together as our evening’s entertainment.”

I went to my bedroom to fetch one of my fuck film DVD’s and when I returned to the lounge it was to find her sprawled naked, with her legs wide spread, on the couch. I had, on many occasions, seen my daughter naked before, but never in that position with her cunt wide open and rubbing her clit gently.

I quickly stripped, exposing my already very erect cock and switched on the TV and fuck film. We lubed up, sat opposite each other and wanked. As we were totally engrossed in what each other was doing, I don’t think either of us actually watched the movie.

I knew from my wife, that, for some years, Sharon had been sexually active, which she now told me about, but said that one of her greatest turn on’s was to watch a guy jerking. She said that most of her boyfriends would not wank in front of her as they always wanted to fuck and this was the reason she so wanted to do it with me.

We spent that whole week wanking together and I have never slept better in my life. She is a squirter and had to sit on a towel to keep the couch dry. I cannot remember how many times we both came every night but, for me, it was at least twice.

For the next three years, until she moved into her own apartment, whenever alone, we wanked together. We never touched each other and were never caught so it was a totally harmless but very enjoyable happening. She is now in her thirties, married, without children, to a guy named Greg.

Last night I was invited to her home for supper. My wife is on holiday visiting family overseas for a month and Greg is out of town for a week on business.

After supper she excused herself, I thought to use the toilet, but returned to the lounge totally naked. She said that watching guys wank was still her best turn on and that like all her other boyfriends, Greg always wanted to fuck and would not wank in front of her enough.

She turned a TV fuck film on, but, like the first time, we watched each other more than the movie. She now used a vibrator that she inserted in her cunt whilst rubbing her clit. I lost count of how many times she squirted and I came twice.

Greg is away for the rest of this week and she has invited me to cum for supper. I shall therefore sleep the sleep of the well wanked every night.



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