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Visit To the Uroligist

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I am a straight hetero sexual male who has been married for many years, and have a good sexual relationship with my wife. In the past few years like all men my age we make our annual trip to the Urologist to to have our Plumbing checked out.

A few months ago I was in for my annual visit and was in the waiting room and was sitting next to a man (his name was Dave) about my age and we started a conversation. First about sports then it turned to why we were both here. I didn't think anything of it and in a few minutes the nurse called him in for his appointment, and I went in a few minutes later. All went well no problems, as I was leaving when I noticed the gentlemen I was talking with earlier was still in the lobby after his visit. He said HI and I asked if all was OK and why he was still here. Dave said he got a ride to the doctor because his car was in the shop, and he was trying to get hold of his ride to get home. I asked him where he lived and as it turns out he lives in the same town I do, and I will pass right by his neighborhood on my way home, so I offered him a ride home.

We were in the car for a few minutes and Dave asked me how my visit went and I said fine good for another year. He then jokingly said did you enjoy getting your ass reamed and your prostate poked. I said actually I did. I have never thought of it before but since I have been coming here I enjoy having my prostate massaged and kind of wished it could last longer. Dave laughed and said that we could arrange that. I was surprised at his comment and said how is that going to happen. He went on to say he was gay and lived alone. I said I don't get into the gay thing and really was not interested in having sex with him. He then said he we can do whatever I feel comfortable with and I don't need to do anything for him he just enjoyed being with men so don't get scared or nervous. He then proceeded to ask me what I would be interested in and I told him I would like to masturbate with someone putting two fingers up my ass massaging my prostate until I explode. He asked me if my wife would be interested, and I said no she thought it was gross. Dave said it sounded like fun to him.

When we pulled up to his house he said would I like to come in and fulfil my fantasy, I was scared but said OK. He had a nice home and he said take off your coat and shoes and get comfortable. He followed up by saying if it's OK with me lets go up to the bedroom. I said alright. When we got to his room it was rather large with a single straight back chair in the middle of the room. I commented this was an odd place for a chair, and he laughed and said that's my blow job chair. When I sit down it is just the right height to give most guys a good blow job. Not to worry he said that's not what we are here for today unless I was interested, and I said I will pass. Dave then went over to the chair and sat down and said come stand right here in front of me which I did. He then proceeded to undo my pants and pull them down around my knees and said me need to get you erect and started to stroke me all the time he was undressing me. Within a few minutes I was standing in front of him stark naked with a huge erection. He sat back and said that's beautiful, now its time for your prostate massage so turn around. Dave then lubricated two of his finger's and gently slid them up my ass until they could not go any further and stared to massage my prostate, this was heaven. I then started slowly masturbating and tried to make it last but in a few minutes my prostate was rock hard and I was coming like a teenager.

Dave said that was fun. I commented that not being gay could I help him or did he want anything in return, he said no that this was fun and he really enjoyed playing with my prostate. I said the feeling is mutual. He then said feel free to give him a call and if he's home I could come over and he would really enjoy playing with my prostate and watching me jack off again.

I have gone back several times and come home with a happy, sometimes sore, prostate every time.



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