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Very Catholic School

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I go to a very strict catholic school, and have very strict catholic parents. One thing that can't be controlled is the rush of hormones that is puberty. However, I was a "good girl" until recently. I even used to confess when I felt sexy. Not any more though.


When you go to a boarding school and are cooped up with a lot of other girls all going through puberty, and all trying to hide their feelings, it can get a little intense. Especially when the nuns gave us the sex ed classes, and made it all seem like the ultimate sin. The school had some male teachers and some men who worked in maintenance and one guy in particular, much older than the rest who was the gardener. He was always polite, and chatted to anyone who would stop for five minutes. No, before you ask, he never showed that he was in any way feeling sexy about any of us.

We had just had the lesson about intercourse and how babies are made and in the dorm that night the four of us were talking about what it would be like to have a man pushing his way inside you. The talk got really disgustingly sexy and Claire, who I am sure is not a virgin and hasn't been for some time was saying stuff like "Yeah, you'd have to lie like this" (She lay on her bed with her knees up and wide apart. I could see her panties, AND she was wet too.) "You'd have to let him push his dick inside you and pump in and out." Then she made little moaning noises, while the rest of us burst out laughing. Then someone said, "Imagine if it was Peter. (The Gardener) Having his dirty old cock inside you." That's when I thought, hmmm yeah.. imagine that!

That night I had a really sexy dream where Peter had taken me into the greenhouse and fucked me on the benches in there. The following day, I met him and the dream came flooding back into my head,,,(and into my panties) I started to chat with him as usual but I soon started to flirt with him. He muttered something about having to get on in the greenhouse and I walked with him gabbling away. When we got in, Peter started to put some seeds into little pots and I was saying stuff like "Do you have to push it in hard?" Looking at the seeds, but I enjoyed the double reference. After a few minutes, Peter stopped and said "Heather, don't think you are the first girl in this place to feel horny, and don't think for a moment, I don't get what you are saying." I muttered something about being sorry for embarrassing him.

He chuckled and said that he was old enough that very little embarrassed him these days. Then he said "Are you horny?" I muttered that I had been horny for the last three years! He asked what I would like. (Of course, to be taken by him in the greenhouse wasn't really on, for one thing he would lose his job, for another I didn't want to risk going all the way in case I got pregnant. So I said "I want to see a cock. A real hard cock, and I want to see it cum." Peter smiled and just undid his work pants and showed me what looked like a totally HUGE cock. He started to jack, smiling at me all the time. My pussy literally jumped and my panties felt soaked. I walked over to him and sat up on the bench (like I did in my dream) and said "I want you to touch me."

Peter just smiled, left his cock standing and reached up under my skirt with his grubby hands. They felt so rough and course as he stroked my thighs and brushed against my panties. I could have cum there and then, but I wanted him to touch me. "Finger me." I muttered. All the time, I had the picture in my head of what this would look like. An old gardener, dirty hands, fingering a catholic school girls virgin pussy. Peter pulled my panties right down and off then I felt him touch my pussy and eventually he pushed his finger deep inside me. It hurt like fuck at first but after a few short pushes I felt myself going to cum and told him that. The orgasm was intense beyond words, and I also lost control and peed all over his hand. When I calmed down, I took my blouse and bra off and lay there with my skirt up round my waist and asked him to cum on me. After a few strokes Peter leaned right back and grunted and I felt his warm cum splatter over my tummy and my breasts.

We met again like that over the next few weeks, and it ended with him taking my virginity (using a condom) in the same greenhouse. It was totally base, rude, dirty, disgusting, and utterly lovely!



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