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Vacation with Friends

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Vacation with Friends by
There's nothing quite like a two-family vacation….

We were acquainted with the other family through my son's preschool; the wife (J) I had known in high school. The husband was another attorney in town. We had a lot in common, and got along well; we liked their kids and they liked ours. I thought J was attractive, though not any kind of bathing suit model. She had a classically beautiful face, and a shapely figure. She was in very good shape, she and her husband being (occasionally) avid cyclists. She was about 5'6", and I would put her weight at about 125. She often pulled her hair back rather severely, and on this particular trip I found out why: her hair was so crinkly that when she let it out it surrounded her head like a blond halo. Not the best look for a tax attorney (even if she was now at home with the kids).

And she liked me, I thought. We talked often and easily, coming from the same professional background. And our temperaments were similar.

My wife and J's husband liked each other too, but there was no spark.

My wife was aware of J's general attraction to me; she teased me about it sometimes, in a lighthearted way. And the night before leaving on this trip, during a post-coital discussion, she mentioned what she thought of as J's rather tightened-down personality and wondered aloud whether J would loosen up if she could have an orgasm like my wife's most recent….

Anyway, so we went to the high desert with our friends for a week -- a final bit of rest and relaxation before our kids started school again. I golfed, we played together, we ate well, our kids swam, etc., etc., etc. It was, over all, a good week. But particularly good on the last two days….

As the week was coming to an end, we had gotten used to going our own directions, and sharing sitting duties. So on Friday afternoon, I returned from a golf lesson to find an almost empty cabin. My wife was just leaving for a jog, J's husband had the kids at the pony rides, and J was somewhere on her bike. I gave my wife a peck - bye honey! And off she went to find endorphins.

All week I had been thinking about J, in a semi-romantic way. Nothing too serious, but as there was so little privacy in the cabin, sex became a much un-mentioned but often hinted topic. I think all the adults were a bit randy, and dinner conversation begun to display a bit of randyness.

Anyway, I went upstairs to take a long, peaceful shower, and maybe even do some masturbating….

As I soaked under a nice warm shower, my thoughts drifted to J, and what my wife thought was her growing sexual dis-satisfaction. She HAD been paying me quite a bit of attention during the trip. Hum… I imagined J lying on her bed after another frustrating morning, the kids yelling everyone awake, her husband worrying about breakfast, and who would be responsible for getting the paper; J touching herself as her husband went to the kitchen to make coffee for everyone; J leaving the job unfinished as both her son and mine rush into her room to get her out of bed….

I was just starting to wonder if my wife's conditioner would make a good lubricant when I heard the front door slam. "Hello?" It was J.

"I'm up here." I yelled.

"O.k." she called.

I heard nothing more for a few minutes, and soon got back to the business at hand. When I heard her voice, it was much closer to the bathroom.

"Bob?" she asked from just outside the door.

"Hi J. I'll be out soon."

"Um, I was wondering. I'm out of shampoo. Do you guys have any I could use?"

"Sure." I said. With lingering thoughts of J in sexually enticing situations, I didn't reply, waiting instead to see what she came up with.

"Um…" was all she could say.

"Come on in. You can grab it our of her bag."

J hesitated at the door, then pushed her way in slowly. The cabin bathrooms were pretty small, so she was only a few feet away from me. And the shower curtain was clear plastic, which, to put it mildly, took J by surprise.

J was still wearing her bike shorts and a tight-fitting cycling jersey. She was sweaty from her ride, and looked unintentionally sexy. Or maybe it was just my state of mind.

She kept her eyes on the floor, but I saw her peek with a quick sideways glance. I played it cool, especially since I had lost my erection. Soaping away, I said, "look under the sink. I think she keeps her stuff there." I washed between my legs.

J bent down and rummaged around a bit. Then I heard a garbled question.

"What?" I asked.

She looked over her shoulder. "It's not here. Where else could it be?"

I looked into her eyes, as she studiously avoided any glances around. I could tell, however, that because of her angle, she could take everything in, so to speak.

"Try the bottom drawer." I said.

She looked at me a bit more, then turned back, opened the bottom drawer, rummaged a little longer (giving me a nice posterior view), then announced success.

She stood, hesitated, and then turned toward me. "I'll be back with this in a bit." As she spoke, she again looked me directly in the eye. Trying to avoid looking elsewhere?

"No problem." I replied. "I have my own supplies in here." J automatically glanced to the back of the shower, where all of our supplies rested, then her eyes traveled back to me, beginning at waist level. When our eyes met she was blushing slightly, as was I. But she held my gaze steady. "Let me know if you need anything else." I told her. She walked out without replying.

She left the bathroom door open.

"Wow," I thought. Nothing like that had ever happened in my life. And I was pretty sure that J had never done anything like that before either. But we both played it pretty cool….

I though about my options. Finish my shower quickly, then make a visit to hers while she cleaned up. But women are often uncomfortable naked; I thought such a bold step would kill whatever mood she was in. And I wasn't about to parade around the cabin naked. Too obvious and embarrassing.

The truth is, while I kind of enjoyed our little drama, I wasn't in the mood to push something and ruin a good friendship. An affair certainly wasn't in the cards. So I resigned myself to a nice masturbation session. Let's see what happened that evening.

I put a nice blob of conditioner in my palm, turned my back to the shower spray, closed my eyes, and concentrated on the image of J watching my masturbate. I immediately began to get hard again. I could tell from the tingling in my testicles that this would be a particularly good go.

Just then, J's voice came from my bedroom.

"I forgot. I need toothpaste too." J said.

As I turned toward the door I stifled a grin. Yeah, right, she forgot the toothpaste!

My hard on was now raging; hearing her voice brought the certainty that something good was going to happen.

J was in a bathrobe, her hair wild. She looked in my eyes, then at my erection. She froze, not quite sure of what to do. But she couldn't keep her eyes off of me.

"Sorry," she mumbled.

I had to clear my throat to talk. "Uh, that's all right," I said. "The toothpaste is on the sink. I was just, uh, taking advantage of the peace and quiet"

She moved into the bathroom, never taking her eyes off of me. "It is kind of hard," she began. I gave a silly grin and she flushed bright red. "I mean, getting privacy, with all these people…."

"In such close proximity." I said. "I must be particularly hard for you and your husband, downstairs where all the action is." I unconsciously started lightly massaging my testicles. Her eyes flicked lower, then returned to mine.

"Yes, I know," she said, in a tone that let me know she had experienced such difficulty recently.

"Actually,," I said, proverbially jumping in with both feet, "I was just thinking about you." Her eyes got a little wider.

"I mean, I haven't been naked in front of another woman for, well, since before I was married. And your presence in this house, and in this room, well… I find you very attractive, you know."

She stared. I noticed that her bathrobe had peeked open at the top, as if possessed; I could see the swell of her breasts and the valley between them.

I swallowed and went on. "So, I was thinking about you, you know. And there hasn't been a lot of 'private time' here. So I, well… I had to take care of things." She looked down, then, lips parted, contemplating the possibilities. I was so horny at this point that if my wife had walked in I would have figured out a way keep her from getting mad, just so I could cum.

"Have you ever, um, watched anybody?" I asked. She shook her head. "Well, I am just going to keep doing what I was doing. Please fell free to stay if you like."

There were some moments of silence as we both contemplated the future. "Actually," I went on, "staying would be a good thing. At least for me…."

We looked each other in the eye, and came to a silent agreement. I rubbed more conditioner on my hands, and she leaned against the wall. Her bathrobe parted some more, giving me a side view of most of a good-sized breast. I grabbed myself and began to stroke slowly.

As my hand slid to the tip of my penis, she let out her breath in a long sigh. My legs twitched as I reached the head, then almost buckled as I stroked firmly down. J stood transfixed as I stroked myself rapidly and firmly.

The consistency of the conditioner wasn't quite right, so I added liberal amounts of shampoo. "Ah…" I exclaimed, as an almost unbearable urge to ejaculate suddenly flooded my bowels.

I looked straight at J. She was running a hand over her belly - and that hand was creeping upward with every stroke toward her breast. Her face was flushed, her breathing was almost non-existent. She was watching my hands. She gave a hitch as I reached down to squeeze a testicle.

The squeezing and stroking went on for about two minutes until J finally grabbed a breast and pinched a nipple. Her robe was now almost totally open, covering only her mound, and the heat coming from her body was almost palpable. I tried mightily to keep the stroking constant - brisk and firm. I could hardly take the pressure, however, and my knees were shaking.

Then, all at once, it was coming. "Oh my god!" I whispered. Then the sperm shot out and splashed on the shower curtain. I hunched over and shot again, and again. Huge white globs streaming out, built up over 7 days, and forced out with the pressure of J's presence. It flowed out, over and over, seemingly without end.

J was transfixed. She gasped, then quietly grunted with each shot. "Oh my god," she said, echoing my feelings.

I had to grasp the soap dish to keep my balance, as sperm, shampoo and conditioner dripped from my still hard cock.

"Oh my," she repeated.

I looked up at her, emotionally and physically spent. "Thank you," I whispered back, almost to myself. J looked down at her body, then slowly closed her robe. She walked silently out of the bathroom, not embarrassed so much as in shock.

I cleaned up and collapsed naked on my bed, falling into a light sleep. About 20 minutes later I woke up to J's voice from the hall, asking if we could talk.

While hurriedly dressing, I decided that as we were both adults, and nothing "bad" had happened, I wasn't going to be embarrassed. However, after letting her in the room, we were both a little uncertain.

J talked without preamble. "I just wanted you to know," she said, "I have never seen anyone do that before…."

"Well…" I began. But she said, "You don't need to say anything," and smiled. Then she left the room.

The warmth of J's smile eliminated any lingering concern about the effect of this episode. And when J's husband returned with the kids 20 minutes later, J and I both greeted them warmly. We did not mention the event again that evening, but J was particularly kind toward me - and everyone else for that matter.

As this was our next-to-last night, we had a fine meal of leftovers and red wine, and everyone was happy and relaxed. The kids, exhausted from a full day running wild, collapsed early, and the four of us spent the evening talking, reading, and otherwise enjoying pleasantly relaxing activities. I assumed that J and I had done what we would do, and that was the end of it. However, the memory of the event stayed in my mind and I was still a little keyed up. But as I said, it was a quiet evening….

About 10:00 my wife headed up to bed, and I followed. I was in the mood for a little romance; unfortunately, my wife had contracted a yeast infection, and was tired from too much wine and sun. So I just read in bed until she fell asleep, then went back downstairs.

I met J's husband in the kitchen; he was getting a little ice cream before bed. We chatted for a while, agreeing to play tennis the next day. Then he said good night, and I was left alone with some late night cable t.v. as company. Until I heard J's whispered voice from down the hallway - "good night, honey. I won't be up too late."

I turned to look and soon J came around the corner. "Couldn't sleep." She said simply, then walked into the kitchen. She fussed around for a few minutes, fixing a snack of fruit and cheese and pouring a small glass of wine. She walked back into the living room, put her treats on the coffee table, and then walked past me toward her room. "Just a sec," she said. I silently replied that I wasn't planning on going anywhere.

After checking to see if her husband was asleep (he can fall asleep almost anywhere, almost immediately), she came back and sat next to me. She looked at me, then up the stairs to where our room was.

"Asleep," I told her. With that, she took a sip of wine, then ate a small cheese-and-apple sandwich. We didn't talk. Although she seemed relaxed, something clearly was on her mind. Personally, I was both curious and slightly uncertain. One crazy afternoon event was not worth losing a friendship….

"I don't really know how to say this," she began quietly. "P [J's husband] is a good man, a great father, funny, good company. I am glad I married him. His mom was … troubled. I think she was manic-depressive. His dad is a great guy, but P still has … intimacy problems. He can get pretty defensive about it… he has been taking Zoloft since law school.

"Anyway. I'm not going anywhere - I'm not unhappy with our marriage. But I'm not GOING anywhere either, if you know what I mean.

"I guess I'm a little envious of S [my wife]." J said.

"Trust me," I said, "I have my own problems. I'm no saint…"

"Well, like I said," she went on, interrupting me in a rush to get to the point, "its not like I'm planning to go anywhere. And I don't believe that a wild sex life is actually that important to a successful marriage. Still…"

"Still…" I agreed. "Look, S and I are happy too, but she has some of the same issues as your husband. Actually, the opposite version of your husband's issues. The need for intimacy and … affirmation is so important that sometimes it drowns out other, equally important things. It can be hard, but part of the deal is realizing that you didn't really know the person you married very well, until well after the wedding. And we all have to deal with that. And a lot of people can't deal with that at all."

"I agree… but we digress. We can talk about marriage later, if you want. Right now, I want to talk about… I would like… can we do that again, sometime?" She was blushing, but certain of herself. I was a bit taken aback, but also very happy. And excited. Suddenly, a real-life fantasy, being handed to me.

"Yes," I replied. I tried to sound grave and serious. But I couldn't keep a small grin from creeping in. "Honestly, you can have a repeat performance any time you want. On whatever terms you want."

I contemplated my hands for a while, then looked at her. "In fact, it was one of the most exciting single things I have ever done."

She looked at me over her glass, gave my leg a squeeze, and asked "really?"

I took her hand and put it on my rapidly swelling erection. Her eyes twinkled, but she took her hand away saying "No touching. O.k.?"

I decided that I needed to do something dramatic, to lock her into this arrangement. My certainty also increased my excitement, and I was instantly rock-hard.

"Whatever you say. But I do think we need to seal this. Actually, I am still kind of excited from this morning…."

She started to speak - "I don't think…"

I took her hand and led her toward the kitchen, grabbing a chair along the way. I sat her down and turned another chair to face her. I was wearing a pair of sweat pants and a long sleeve tee shirt, she had on one of her husband's undershirts under her housecoat.

"I don't know if you just want to watch, but for my own sake I hope you decide to participate in some way. It's up to you."

I went to the cupboard and brought out the olive oil, then came back to my chair and, all at once, pulled down my sweats. My cock, pulled down by the waistband of the sweats, flipped up against my belly with a slap. J stared as the heat rose in her face.

I sat on my chair and slid forward so my cock pointed in the air. I poured a generous dollop of oil in my palm, then began stroking. J kept staring.

This time I worked with slow, even strokes, allowing her to watch closely and also allowing the pressure to build bit by bit. J began to wiggle her legs back and forth, squeezing her thighs together. I could smell her musk even over the oil.

After about 10 minutes, as her excitement built, I stopped my stroking, poured a small amount of oil in my hand, then reached out to her. As she reached forward I took her hand and dipped one finger in the oil.

She looked at me silently, then sat back and opened her robe. I could see her nipples erect through her tee. She slid forward on her seat, spread her legs, and reached between them with an oily finger. Reaching under the tee towards her barely visible cleft, she shuddered as her finger made contact with her clit.

She rubbed slowly and deliberately at first, matching her movements to mine. But as the minutes wore on her movements grew less controlled and her legs began to twitch. By this time I had been stroking with the same concentrated pace for over 20 minutes, and her growing excitement was starting to drive me over the edge.

"Did you touch yourself?" I asked. She looked at me blankly, totally transported by the building lust.

"This morning," I continued, "after you watched me cum. Did you touch yourself.?"


"Was it good?"

She said "I've never seen anyone do that. I've never seen so much… it went so far… ah…ah…ah……

She was twitching now, her cunt in total control. She hunched forward and bore down hard on her clit, stroking rapidly and grabbing a breast hard. And this sent me over.

"Oh!" I exclaimed, as I planted my feet on the ground and thrust my cock in the air. J looked up just as the first spurt shot out. She stroked even faster, then gasped and grunted in a powerful explosion. "Fuck!" she declared quietly as her body jerked and hunched, and a finger disappeared into her cunt. "Oh god!"

My spunk flew through the air….

It seemed like several minutes before either of us could speak. The smell of olive oil mixed with the smell of sex to make a heady brew. J sat splayed in front of me, her legs dripping sperm from another violent explosion. The bottom of her tee was wet with her own juices, while a small pool of olive oil slowly found its way under my ass.

We rested, totally exhausted, until, finally, we got up and cleaned off.

I wasn't sure what to do about the olive oil, but J got a washcloth and gently washed my penis with warm water and dish soap. After cleaning me up she looked in my eyes and said "please… let me call you."

"O.k.," was all I could say. And a couple of months later, she did……



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