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Under Water Pool Peek

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Fictional story of a 14 year old boy and 13 year old girl showing each other some stuff in a local swimming pool.

Molly was one of my friends in my early teen years. She was a cute-looking girl with long blonde hair, average height, average weight. In the summer, we liked to go to the local swimming pool together. We weren’t a couple but were often mistaken as one, much to Molly’s humor and my embarrassment. 


On one day of the summer holidays, we went to the pool in the morning. Most people didn’t come until the late morning or afternoon, so we were among the few people there. The pool itself was a huge Olympic-sized pool with plenty of space for everyone there to do their own thing without bothering anyone else.



Molly was wearing a tight fitting neon green bikini while I wore a blue pair of swim briefs. Both of us had also brought our swimming goggles. We pretty much just raced each other and splashed around the whole time we were there. As we were playing, I began to notice how nice Molly’s body looked in her bikini. She had grown taller over the past few months and her breasts were starting to grow. Despite my sexy thoughts, I managed to control myself and not get too carried away.



After a long and tiring race, both of us were resting by the edge of the pool in the deep end. After chatting about life and friends, Molly completely surprised me by quietly asking, “Hey, can I see your penis?” I was taken aback and let out a nervous chuckle, looking away from her in awkwardness. When I turned to look back at her, I saw she was looking right at me. She was dead serious.



“If you let me take a peek at yours, I’ll let you take a peek at my vagina!” Molly said with a small grin. At this stage in our lives we were naive and innocent. We didn’t even use terms like “dick” and “pussy” until a year or two later. After the shock of her question had faded, I realized it would be cool to see a girl’s privates, so I agreed she could see mine first.



I made sure no one else in the pool could see what we were doing. Gingerly, I pulled my swim briefs down to my knees. As soon as my hands were on my swimsuit, Molly dived under the water with her face inches from my crotch. She stayed down there as long as she could hold her breath. In the bright sunlight I could see she was grinning underwater, clearly enjoying the view of my 4 inch semi-erect penis with just a small amount of dark pubic hair at the base.



When Molly surfaced and caught her breath, she said it was my turn and gestured for me to go under. I pulled up my briefs, adjusted my goggles, took a deep breath and went down. What I saw under the water was an amazing sight! Molly’s bikini bottoms had dropped all the way to her ankles, giving me a great view of her growing slit, with the surrounding skin slightly darker than the rest of her body. She also had a fair amount of pubic hair, growing like a small blonde bush at the top of her privates.



I wanted to stay down there forever with my face inches from my friend’s crotch, but I knew that when I went back up for air the show would be over. Still, the minute or two I managed to hold my breath in that pool was among the most memorable of my life! Just before I had to surface, I waved at Molly’s vagina underwater as if I was waving goodbye to a friend I wouldn’t see again in a long time.



I surfaced and hung on to the edge of the pool to catch my breath while Molly was pulling her bikini briefs back up. I thanked her for the show and she did the same. It was at that point that I realized my erection was now fully hard. Molly noticed too and let out a small giggle. “You can rub yours if you need to, ‘cause I need to rub mine!” she said excitedly.



So there we were, hanging on to the edge of the pool with our left hands, facing the wall. I was rubbing my boner with my right hand on the front of my swim briefs. Molly was rubbing her privates with her hand down her bikini bottoms. Within moments we orgasmed, leaking our juice into the chlorinated pool water. 



We looked at each other, flashed each other a smile and gave each other a wink. What an educational morning!




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