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Typical British Summer

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Happened when I was 13.


Hello Solo Touch readers. This happened when I was 13.

Just a bit about myself when it happened, I was 13, five foot tall, and brown haired. Here's my report.

I came home from school at the normal time (around four), went to my room and watched TV for around an hour.

I soon started to feel a bit 'fruity' so to speak, and made my way onto Solo Touch. I didn't learn to masturbate until a few months before my 13th but I was horny and able to get erections throughout my life, which explains why I had a bit of knowledge compared to some of my friends.

Anyway, I better get on to it. After I found my way onto Solo Touch I spent an hour reading though some of the better accounts, was was extremely horny, slowly teasing myself through my uniform to keep my erection going and keep me horny, I then decided i'd like to masturbate outside.

I've masturbated outside on numerous occasions, but I had recently discovered a new spot which is more out of sight than others, which I prefer.

Its hidden behind a barn (I live on a smallholding) you climb over some rusty sheeting and over a fence, and there's a long clear bit with several nettles and bits of tree. I made my way up there after spending my time on here, and remedied the nettle problem with a piece of tin roofing, thew it down creating somewhere to sit/lie. Only problem was that it was dull and drizzling (a form of light rain) but I didnt let this phase me, I found the bit of sheet metal and made sure it was dry, placed it down and laid on it.

I was EXTREMELY horny by this point it was still raining very lightly and the water was dripping off the trees, didnt stop me doing what I wanted to do though. I removed every bit of clothing I had and placed it on top of my shoes next to me, lay in the sheet metal and masturbated slowly

My technique is not normal, but it makes for a better orgasm, laying there on the sheet metal I rub the head of my penis in circular motions slowly, its a long buildup. I was there for about 10 minutes I was moaning like hell, my chest was damp from drizzle and my legs where being dripped down by the water dropping from the leaves but this wet feeling was suprisingly pleasant, having the cool air on my penis was awesome.

I was soon reaching climax, I was still moaning like hell, my legs where going absoulutely everywhere and my hips where raising up and down I then orgasmed, I can say that even though I hadnt been masturbating for long, that was the best orgasm I'd ever had-I came more than I did normally, it got in what pubes I had and some went in my belly button, I had to clean it off with leaves I think, luckily I didnt have too much pubic hair at that point so the cleanup wasn't too bad.

I walked back to the house stunned, it was awesome, I recommend outdoor masturbation to anyone, whatever the weather.

I'm off to do the same thing right now, its my best technique.



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