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Two Weeks (1)

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My cousin Emma came by today which was a total surprise. It was a surprise because she doesn't live anywhere near me.


Me: Emma! what a lovely surprise! come in come in

Emma: Hi! how are you!?

Me: I'm doing okay, working living the high life. What about you? Did you travel 20 miles just to see little ol me?

Emma: Sure! No but seriously I'm here on business for two weeks and my hotel isn't far from here so I figured I would surprise you and stop by.

Me: Well no family member of mine is going to stay in a crummy hotel, you're going to stay with me! we got lots of catching up to do.

Emma and I have always been super close from the get go. Before we graduated and went iur ways we would do everything together. She's two years older then I and much better looking. She's a 5'11' brunette with green eyes and big breasts to die for!

Me: So how is work?

Emma: Good I'm here for some training, they're going to promote me. So I'm going to move again don't know where though.

Me: That's wonderful news! How about you and your boyfriend?

Emma: Not so good we split up. I caught him cheating on me.

Me: Aw that asshole! I'm sorry. Hey you know what will cheer you up?

Emma: No what?

Me: What's the one thing we always did in your parents pool?

Emma: Skinny dipping!

Me: Yup! There's a river near here and no one ever goes to.

Emma: I haven't done that since you were 15 and I was 17 lets go!

When we arrived at our destination we found a beautiful secluded spot where the river was bellybutton high. As I started to take my shirt off I hear.

Emma: I love your tits they're so perky!

Me: Thank you! you know the last time we seen each other naked was that last skinny dip.

I removed my jeans and stayed in my blue thong which had a little blue flower on the front.

Emma: Aw let me take a look at you panties!

As she stands in front of me and grabs the waist band! I look up and see a devious smirk on her face. She pulls up and gives me a pussy wedgie!

Me: Ohhh...NO! Stop, stop... damn it!

She continues and starts laughing then *SNAP* the waist band breaks and she's holding them them up in my face!

Me: You bitch!

I take her shirt that's still on her and rip right down the middle and I pull her skirt down to her ankles then I pushed her into the river. She breathes in deep in shock.

Emma: Oh holy shit the water's cold!

She starts splashing me with the ice cold water then grabs my arm and pulls me in. My nipples get rock hard in seconds.

Emma: Are you cold or are you happy to see me!?

She reaches out and grabs both my nipples and starts pulling them.

Me: Ow, ow that hurts!

I slap her right tit bear hug her and undo her bra. That's when I see them.

Me: Wow you have some big lovely tits and what do we have here? Nipple rings?

That's when I reach out grabbed her nipple jewelry which were on a little chain with a light blue green flowers on them and start pulling.

Emma: Ow ow ow why!? awhhh that hurts!

She grabs my arms and forces me around and starts slapping my ass. *smack, smack, smack*

Me: You slut I'm going to make you pay!

I start slapping her tits again then I grab her thong and rip it off.

Me: Looks like someone doesn't shave! You have a thick bush you amazon!

I start pulling on her bush and she starts screaming.

Emma: Awww oh god! mmmmmmmm bitch!

She starts smacking my shaven pussy. I'm pulling she's slapping. Then out of no where she grabs my hand and puts it right on her clit and she starts humping my hand!

Emma: Mmmmm! yes give it to me you bitch!

I'm standing there shocked while she's humping my hand! She looks up and instantly stops.

Emma: Sorry, sorry... I'm so embarrassed! I've just been so horny. It's been months sense I had any form of sexual contact with another person.

Me: It's okay. I understand its been awhile for me as well. Do you even masturbate?

Emma: Yeah but I have no toys.

As we lay there in the water we started talking about our sex lives and self pleasure and how we did it.

Me: Do you remember when you taught me to masturbate? I was when we were in the pool on my 14th birthday and your 16th.

Emma: Yeah. Both your parents and mine were gone all day and all we did was masturbate. That's sort of why I did what I did.

Me: It's okay. Look lets go home take a shower, watch a movie go to bed and tomorrow I'll take you shopping. I like your nipple piercings by the way, when did you get them?

Emma: About 3 months ago I might get my clit hood done.

Me: Wow really!? Well lets go home.

Emma: You do realize we have no clothes!

Me: That's fine I walk home naked from here all the time.

More will come!



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