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Two Fingers. (photo included)

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Two Fingers. (photo included)

Two Fingers...thats all it took. 


I am not entirely sure what triggers me sexually sometimes. What I DO know is that I felt that familiar feeling arise from within me. It was a long day at work. I worked out after. I drove home. I ate. I showered. After my shower I laid upon my bed naked and still slightly damp. My hair was wet as was my vagina… I hadn't been terribly horny all day but did think about sex throughout the day…and once I was able to relax for a few minutes my mind began to drift to thoughts of an erotic nature. 

I could smell the aroma of my lotion I had applied to my skin…and when I parted my legs I caught my scent from between my legs. Softly it penetrated my nasal passages and within seconds I was feeling myself with my right fingers. I lifted them up to my nose to breath in another good smell of myself. Yes…that was me. My smell…Without another thought I was fondling myself with more of an intent and vigor. I remembered that this was my heightened time of the month when I crave sex in an almost animalistic way. My vagina was sticky and secreted a thick nearly white substance that I like to play with between my fingers sometimes. 

Using my left hand I held my vaginal lips open with my fingers while my thumb stroked and massaged my clit. My right hand was beginning to work my vaginal canal. My middle and ring fingers were the two that entered me. Shortly after that with an amazing rhythm they were plunging in and out with efficiently and quite effectively. I began to fall into the beginnings of an orgasm rather quickly. I tried to switch it up and use my left hand fingers to go inside…but for some reason my right hand is much more gifted and really knew how to hit the spot inside me. So back I went to my original rhythm. 

I had no visuals in my mind. No porn on. Just pure, raw, desire for myself. I was on my back slightly off to my left as I raised my hips up as if to get closer to the two fingers plunging away…I could hear the pounding as it was quite loud. Mixed with the wet gushy sounds I was sure it sounded like sex. How I miss sex. This will do for now though. As I brought myself closer to orgasm I could feel myself swell more and more. The walls of my vagina was closing in…swallowing my fingers little by little…It was beautiful and amazing. 

My undulating hips met my fingers as they collided back and forth…and they made love to each other in a wonderful rhythm that had me flying higher than I had in awhile. It was going to be a very nice and fulfilling release.  

I allowed my breath to go deep…holding it from time to time and then letting it go with soft moans of pleasure. I wish I could have videoed this as I would have loved to watch myself. It felt beautiful and erotic. The shadow’s from the day’s end were cast upon my bedroom wall from the setting sun through my window. My leaking vagina was eager to be set free with orgasm. As I worked myself both clit and inside, those two fingers were doing the trick this time. Two fingers plunging away deeper and deeper inside.

As I past the point of no return I felt a lifting and surge of energy through my core. It was wonderful. I began to cum and it felt like it could last a long while. As I came I felt my two fingers being sucked up into myself. For a moment I wondered if I would get them back! My vagina leaked a lot and I came with such a ferocity shaking and moaning I could do nothing after but lay there in my post orgasmic bliss with my two fingers still inside me. I counted…20 contractions after…with each one, my fingers felt them, strong at first then less as they subsided. 

It was a satisfying orgasm and one I will never forget.



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