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TV Guy

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Back when I worked as an Electronic Field Repair Technician. Translated it means TV repair guy. As such I never really knew what my day would be like or what may find. I had this particular call at mid morning and I did not anticipate any form of sex.
I found two problems the TV had no picture so I repaired the set and now we had a picture. The second repair was a Video Tape stuck in her VCR after I removed the tape she came over and pushed it back in and pushed play. What came on the screen really surprised me. There be fore me was two females busy finger fucking each other, and one of them was my customer, She looked me in the eye and simply said “ Oh Dear”. She shrugged her shoulders a bit and said “what can I say”. She smiled and asked if I had a few minutes and with a growing hard on in my pants I quickly answered yes. She moved over along side of me and asked in a sexy voice are you ready for this? I nodded yes and she was all over me.
I put my arms around her and grabbed her ass cheeks pulling her tight against me. She began to grind against my hard dick. This lady was really hot. She whispered into my ear “squeeze my butt honey I’m soooo hot’ She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and began to caress my nipples. Next thing I know she was using her tongue on my nipples. That gets me really hot. She tells me to take off her clothes and I did as I was told. She stood before me in all of her female glory. Then she says “let me see that dick of yours” She kneeled before me and began to gently stroke my hard cock. She says to me “I love pussy but now and then I like to jack a man off just to watch him cum”. Sounded like the title of a movie.
It was time for me to get into party. She had a sexy pair of breasts. Her nipples were beckoning me to touch them and I could not resist playing with them. She really seemed to enjoy what I was doing. Her nipples were real hard. I looked at her nipples and then I looked into her eyes. They said, please suck me and I did as I was told. She wrapped her arms around me and slipped her hands down my back until she arrived at my ass cheeks. She began kneading my ass cheeks as though they were loaves of bread. I wonder if she could sense that I loved having my attended to so lovingly.
We were both in a hot sweat and for a brief moment I thought “ How can I work the rest of the day in this condition” just as I was really getting going she let go of my rock hard dick and fell back words onto her sexy butt and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was glistening with her love juices. Her pussy lips were also spread so wide I could see inside of her. She began calling out to me to stroke my dick and cumm all over her. I could feel my cumm racing to freedom as she called out to cumm on her tits and all over her wet pussy. I did my best to accommodate her I began to squirt my cumm juice on her belly and her pussy. I must have squirted several times, most landing on her pussy. She seemed to sense that I was through cumming. She looked up at me and with both hands she gathered my cum on both hands, smiled and simply said” My turn “and began fingering her sweet pussy, with one hand in her pussy and the other on her clit she quickly “Boiled over” began cumming with a shudder. I watch as her cum juice ran out of her and under cute ass.
I could no longer hold and dived in headfirst to lick up as much of her cum as I could. After we quieted down some I thought to myself, I sure like fixing televisions



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