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Top O' the Morning

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Didn't see that coming!


My day started routinely enough. Eased out of bed trying not to wake my man, slouched my groggy, naked self into the kitchen and started the coffee. While waiting for it to brew I was gazing out the kitchen window and didn't realize he had entered the room until I felt his naked body (and REALLY hard hard-on) against the back of mine. We've been together for a long time, but I still feel that flutter in my stomach when he touches me. I started to reach for him but he put one arm around my shoulders and pressed me to the counter, speaking softly into my ear. "Stay right there. This is my show." Astounded, I nodded. "Promise?" My pussy quickened at the touch of his soft, warm breath on my neck and I nodded a second time.

He removed his arm from my shoulders and I felt his hand slide between my legs, cupping my now moistening mound, his thumb and index finger lightly clamping my pearl between my pussy lips. He gently squeezed and released my vulva several times, making me moan with desire, my wetness increasing. "Baby, I'm ready," I pleaded, "I want you inside me so badly. Give me your cock!"

Not answering me, he started to move his hand forward and back, my firmly encased cunt moving with it, my clit still captive between my folds. I've never felt stimulation quite like that before-it was as though he was...wanking my lady parts! The feeling was luscious and by now I really wanted to feel something deep inside me. I tried again, "C'mon, Love, fuck me, oh please FUCK me." Maddeningly, he remained silent and increased the intensity of his motions, yanking my sodden pussy forward and back. Giving in to the current pleasure, I became aware of additional movement, finally realizing that he was using his free hand to jerk himself as he jerked me.

My snugly bound clit strained for release, desperate to be touched, rubbed, pinched to peaking. I was writhing with pleasure, tweaking and pulling on my nipples, sure that my juice had to be overflowing his hand. Realizing I was close, he slowed a bit, frustrating me with the denial of orgasm. His breath was coming harder as he continued to stroke his prick. Releasing his grip on my throbbing clit, ever so slightly, he allowed it to pop erect from between my swollen cunt lips only to regrasp it between them so that my slippery lips were now sliding back and forth along the sides my jewel, jerking off my hard clit.

I quickly returned to the edge of orgasm and the pace of his hand on his cock told me he was close too. With a guttural groan, he suddenly slid his shaft into my hot, sloppy wet folds, round, smooth cockhead coming to rest in the little V of my cunt lips just under my clit. His hot jizz erupted, flooding my quim as he finally gave me what I needed so badly, rubbing my clit as his manhood spurted and pulsed, sending me into a mind-blowing orgasm, bucking against his cockhead, my mound and his member still in his cupped grip.

We were both still panting as he released me and backed away. I turned to face him, cum dripping from my slathered pussy onto the kitchen floor and oozing down my inner thighs. He looked at me, a small smile on his lips as he gently continued to gently stroke his slick rod, milking it of the final drops of his orgasm. "Good morning," he said, "Coffee ready yet?"



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