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Times With My First Boyfriend

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Everything started in about the third month my boyfriend and I had been together. The fist time he kissed me I was so nervous...we had our goodbye hug and then I looked at him (mind you, my fist kiss) and he leaned down slightly and pressed our lips together and passionately kissed for 5 minutes or so. I can say to this day it was the most perfect kiss of my life thus far.

We had waited long to kiss or anything because, we wanted to get to know each other, which was a good thing. But once we had our fist kiss things quickly got hot and heavy. One night we were cuddling in my living room on the floor as we always did just holding each other. When he rolled on top of me and said, 'I wanna see your breasts.'

Now for all you out there I have a 32-D I am quite small, only 98 pounds, and I had really blossomed that year.

None the less, he was on top of me laying...and me being as shy as I was at the time, I had no experiance other then kissing him. I said 'Okay, babe.'

He took his big hands from behind my shoulders and grabbed the straps of my tank top and slipped them off so that the top was around my waist.

That night I had been feeling horny, so I put on a lace-embroidered bra that was kind of see-through except where the pink flowers were and the way it was that the flower just covered the nipple and it had emerald leaves surronding the flower.

His eyes got real big, like quarters. I remember he said 'Hun, your beautiful. You don't have to be shy. It's okay...I mean, look at you.'

I took his hands and put them on me and had them rub me. Then he put my shirt back on and carried me up to my bed and kissed me goodnight and he left. He was 17 at the time and could drive himself home so he left late that night.

Then, a week or two later, we were laying in my living room once again and we had talked on the phone many times about sex and what we did behind closed doors. So we were cuddling once again and this time he put his hands around me and cupped my breasts. Then I felt his penis 'poke' me in my right bum cheek.

'Babe? You horny?' and without giving him a chance to answer I grabbed it and began to rub it through his jeans. Then I unbuttoned his pants and went for it. I grabbed it and stroked it. He kept moaning and saying, 'Don't stop!' and then he made a huge sticky mess in his pants.

Then, over the next couple weeks, I was too shy for him to touch me down there so I held off and at first I didn't think it was right but he talked me into it (kinda regret now) but once again he was kissing me. Then he reached down, undid my jeans and stuck his hand in my underwear. It was shocking and he kept rubbing and he was really bad at it. I showed him and guided him in circles and within 15 minutes he got really good. And I had a huge orgasm! After I made him take his hand out and just hold me we were both really sweaty but we had our clothes on.

One weekend he came over to watch 'Titanic' with me and as the movie went on we made out and then he said sit up. And I did. He took off my shirt and he took off his and then he took off my pants then his then with one hand he unhooked my bra. He marvled at my breasts, he held me close and we were both naked. Then he started rubbing me again and, to drive him nuts, I grabbed my one breast.

Then he said, 'Please, can I?'

I figured 'Why not?' He knelt down and started gently rubbing and then he stuck his finger in me. Then he took it out and started to rub me and at that I shuddered in sheer pleasure. Then we held each other, our hot, sweaty bodies holding each other and our heavy breathing.

To retun the favor I told him to sit on me and he put his penis on my chest and just started rubbing between my breasts. After five minutes rope after rope of cum came out and poured all over my chest. Then he hurried to get a towel to clean up.

Then we held each other till we calmed down and we kissed and finished the movie, naked together and close. Then he carried me to my room and layed me down and kissed me goodnight.

That was my first time and I'll never forget it. Although I do wish I would have waited for marriage, I had told a friend that I regreted it after I broke up with him because he had hit me and became too possesive and then he had pressured me to go all the way. She said, 'Never regret anything you do, because at one point in time you wanted it.' Which it true...sometimes.



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