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Three Friends

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This was probably the best thing that happened to me.


I'm a 20 year-old college student in Cebu City, Philippines. I live in a boarding house which is a 15-30-minute ride away from home but the good thing is its 5 minutes away from school and civilization.

I'm a college kid who's always out to have some fun and I remember one night in August when my roommate/best friend hung out in the mall and played a silly dance game in the arcade. We saw one of the regular players there, a slender 18-year old guy nicknamed Skid. He was very young, and a little thin but somehow, ultra-rich and super good-looking. When I jerk off with my best friend in our room, we would usually talk about the guys we wanna do it with and Skid would usually be one of them.

We approached Skid and we played a few songs on the DDR machine. Afterwards, we hung out in a fast food store where Skid bought each of us milkshakes. It was closing time in the mall but Skid really wanted to hang out with us so we decided to go to some fast food store and talk. There, we found out what Skid was. He's some Jap-Flip guy who goes to this Christian high school and he's a bit of a swinger. I've heard from a very reliable source that Skid was a bisexual (like me) and that's what got me and my best friend to hang out with him in the first place. We spent a couple of hours talking until we realized it was getting late.

We decided to walk home. His house wasn't really far from the fast food store. We were talking as we walked but our talks suddenly focused on sex. He was talking about the girls he screwed (which wasn't really my interest). I wanted him to talk about his other side and maybe get a taste of the action I want to happen.

I asked him to sleep over at our boarding house and well, he pretty much did. We just passed by his house and walked all the way to our house. It was probably 1 AM and there we were in me and my best friend's bedroom. We were talking about him and he was talking about his 'Dark Side' which I'm guessing is well, the one that's gonna make me touch him in some nice places...

At bedtime, he took the foldable bed and me and my best friend took the main bed. We asked him to come stay in the same bed. He did without hesitation. It was crowded, just the way I wanted it.

Lights out and he was still talking about some 'sinful' part of him that he wants to change. I told him, "Hey, we've all got that side. No one could ever be perfect." And that's when Skid got a bit weird. When my best friend gave him advice, I pretended to be asleep. Skid sat on the bed and took off his shirt. He said, "I'm not very happy tonight. I was planning on something and I never got to do it." My best friend answered, "Did you fail to do it because of us?" And Skid answered it wasn't our fault. Now, I knew where this was going. I pretended to apologize for "hindering" Skid's plans. By then I got a bit sleepy. I was half asleep minutes later but when I knew something was really about to erupt, I turned on the radio which was at the table near the bed. When I got back to bed, bingo! Skid and my best friend were kissing.

I didn't hesitate to join in the fun. I took off their clothes, took off mine and started to hold their nice young dicks. My best friend's dick, I frequented (hehe, almost every night before bedtime). It was nice and thin but it was almost 6 inches long. Skid's was smaller though...I was disappointed that when I started giving him a great hand job, his dick was so thin and barely 5 inches long. But then, it didn't matter. His tight young body and innocent passion got me looking past his little defects. I got a hard-on while we were talking.

Now, there we were, three of us naked in bed. Two would do the other. Skid and my best friend did me first while I lay on my back. My fat dick stiffened at the hands of my best friend. He stroked it and sucked it while Skid alternated on kissing me and sucking my nipples. He even tried to suck my dick but he just thought kissing was easier. I stroked their dicks while they were doing me and the feeling was electric! Minutes later, I came on Skid who was on top of me.

They both got their turns being done and it was great. That was the first time I did it with three people.

Skid became our other best friend. He has a girlfriend but when his girlfriend's away, well...

This year, the three of us are looking forward to adding a fourth member. Hopefully, we'll get that cute 18-year old high school senior we just hung out with on Innocents' Day. His name's Chris. If our threesome becomes an orgy, I'll let everyone know. In the meantime, I'm gonna jerk off to Chris's picture!



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