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Thinking Of My Mother

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These are just some memories while growing up. They continue to be part of what I fantasize about to this day when I masturbate.


Growing up in a single parent home with my mother and younger brother, I was always very careful not to get caught with my pants down, so to speak. My brother and I shared a room and he saw me naked in bed once, but that was about it. I would always wait for the house to be empty before I would masturbate. Masturbation was never discussed with family or friends, so I pretty much had to discover it and experiment on my own. And if memory serves me correctly, the only way I did it, up until I was about 19, was to get naked and lie on the couch. The couch was better than the bed because the cushions were softer and allowed my butt to sink down lower. I would pull my feet up a bit so my legs were raised and knees slightly bent, and then I'd push my penis between them and close my legs on my penis. I would then thrust my hips forward, pushing it out from between my legs. I'd become completely hard doing this and thoroughly enjoyed the sensations that the friction from rubbing my erection between my legs gave me. I would do this until I felt myself starting to cum, at which time I'd let the head of my penis stick out from between my legs, hold my legs together as tightly as I could so I wouldn't make a mess on the couch, and came all over them. Come to think of it, even in the shower I would get soaped up and push it between my legs while standing.

I mentioned being careful about being naked. My mother did as well, for the most part. But I think, looking back on it now, she had her moments where being single and having no boyfriend prompted her to seek sexual excitement through briefly exposing herself from time to time. These occasions definitely interested me, but curiously didn't arouse me back then. Now though, they have become a significant chapter in my imaginary book of fantasies to masturbate by. It's been many years, but I remember the images like they were yesterday. I don't know if she did anything in front of my brother, but sometimes after a shower, instead of putting her robe back on, she would just use it to cover her front as she walked by me on her way to her bedroom. I also got an occasional view of her pussy when, after a shower, she'd have her robe on and sit in a living room chair facing me. She would then raise one leg and put it on the cushion so she could take care of her toenails. This just completely exposed her pussy to me. When finished, she would raise the other leg the same way. She had to know what she was doing, didn't she?

There was another time where there was no question she knew what she was doing. She and I were watching television one evening. She was on the couch to my right, half sitting half lying down, leaning to her left on a couple of throw pillows. I was paying zero attention to her as I watched television. During a commercial, I happened to look over and saw that she had unbuttoned her pink shirt down low enough that she was able to open her shirt on the right side completely exposing her right breast. Her pink nipple was long and hard. I never looked at her face to see if she saw me looking, but I definitely looked a few more times as she left it uncovered for quite a while.

My favorite memory of her body was the most frequent thing she did. During the warm summer months, when she got up in the morning, she would wear a sheer lavender full length night gown with clearly nothing on underneath. It wasn't completely transparent, but it was darn close. The normal light of a room didn't do anything, but when she got near a window, she might as well have been naked. I could see everything with no difficulty. I remember countless times sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast while watching my mother's breasts, with nipples erect, sway as she did the dishes. I've spent many times in my adult years, stroking while simply imagining being naked with an erection while helping her with the dishes. Accidentally making contact across her behind with my cock while putting dishes away and having her take occasional glances at my cock. How did this not excite me at the time it was happening?! Maybe it did, and just repressed it.

Lastly, whenever I was taking a shower, she seemed to always have to go to the bathroom. I think she wanted to get a peak at how I was growing up and I didn't want her to be in the same room with me naked, but who am I to tell someone they can't go to the bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go. I eventually got used to her coming in while I was showering, but I made sure the curtain was completely closed. One time, while in the shower, I was done washing but had the urge to masturbate before leaving. So I soaped up my hard cock and thighs, and began pushing my cock in between my legs. It felt so slippery and wonderful. While I was busy enjoying myself, my mother once again knocked twice on the bathroom door, told me she had to go, and came in. The curtain was safely closed, so while my mother peed, I continued pushing my cock between my legs practically an arms reach away from her. She wouldn't ever flush while I was showering, for fear that only hot water would come out on me. I don't know if that would have happened or not, but she never did. And I would hear the door close to know that she was gone. On this occasion, though, I guess she got tired of hoping for a peak and she pulled the curtain back from behind me. She stuck her head in and asked if I needed any help with my back. I, being startled, stopped pushing on my cock and stood straight up. She didn't even wait for an answer and picked up the washcloth and soap I set down behind me, lathered it up and rubbed it on my back and butt for a short while. She then wanted me to rinse it off while still sticking her head in the shower. I always respected my mother's wishes and did what she said all the time. This time I didn't really want to because of what I was doing before she popped her head in. I was as hard as a rock and had soap only on my cock, thighs and hands. It wouldn't take much imagination for her to figure out what I was doing. She insisted again that I rinse my back, and I slowly began turning around, mortified beyond belief. My soapy erection came into view as I backed up to let the shower rinse my back. All the while, my mother had a slight smile on her face while looking at my cock. When she finished looking, she pulled her head back, closed the curtain and told me to finish up and left the bathroom. I don't know if she meant finish masturbating, or showering. But I felt way too embarrassed to continue, so I just rinsed off and ended my shower.

The shower incident was the only one of its kind for me with my mother, and I didn't get any enjoyment out of it then. But I sure do now. It's not difficult to imagine how things could have went differently, and I have often done so to this day.



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