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Thinking About Teenage Masturbation

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Imagining that I'm a young teen again.


In one of my recent stories, someone commented to ask if something I do took me back to my teenage years.  It made me realize how often I fantasize about being in my early teens while I'm masturbating.  Those years when I was 13-15 were the most formative for me as a budding autosexual.  I discovered edging, started focusing on making masturbation good rather than just using it to relieve pent-up sexual urges, was having regular phone sex with my boyfriend, and began using mirrors to watch myself.

I miss having the kind of high sex drive I had back then.  Most people might say I still have a high sex drive, but it was even higher then.

In my fantasies, I imagine that I already know all of the masturbation-related things I have since learned in the past 20 years, but I'm still 13.  I have grown and matured so much as an autosexual since then through experimenting on myself, going through lots of trial and error, watching lots of porn, and practicing over and over again.  Imagine how much more amazing my masturbation could have been back then if I already knew all of this at the height of my sexual peak?

For a long time now, I've wished for some king of age-appropriate instruction manual and video for young girls on masturbation.  I started at a very early age and was constantly doing it, because I couldn't have orgasms strong enough to fulfill the urge.  I probably would have masturbated a lot less in early life if I had proper orgasms.

This instruction video would start with an anatomy lesson, with proper names for each part of the vulva and a discussion of each part's purpose.  The girl would be encouraged to identify them on her own body with the help of a mirror.  Next, a model would demostrate a basic clitoral fingering technique, and the girl could follow along while looking in the mirror.  There would be an emphasis on pleasure first, and orgasms would be presented as one potential effect of masturbation but not the goal.  There would be follow up videos to teach advanced techniques once the girl mastered the basics.

I wish that I had already been an expert masturbator in my early teen years instead of just beginning to commit to becoming good at it.  As I masturbate now, I transport myself back in time to that era when my sex drive was through the roof and imagine that I'm doing myself with this level of skill as a young, horny teenager.  



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