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The Voice

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Since then we enjoy each other every day.


For the last ten years I have gone on a lot of first dates. I have always been asked by the woman to meet me after they hear me talk. I have been told my voice makes the person believe they are talking to a tall handsome man. When I try to explain I'm not they tell me I'm being modest. I will go and meet the person and they will be looking at me and thinking this is not what they have imagined. I am 5'9" and about 300 lbs. I am going bald and wear glasses. One day I call a client and talk to Beth the new secretary. We talk for a few minutes and I then conduct my business and hang up. I call back two days later and talk to Beth again. We talk for ten minutes and make plans for the night. I told her my voice and looks can be different to what you think.

That night I go to the restaurant and sit at the table waiting for Beth. After a few minutes a hostess points my way and starts walking towards me. Behind her is a tall women. Beth sits across from me and asks if I was waiting for her. I laugh and ask her same. Beth smiles and says yes. Before I can ask Beth tells me she is 6'2" bare foot. I smile and ask her why she said that. She says she knows I was going to ask. I then ask if I disappoint her. She smiles and says looks aren't the only thing. We smile and order dinner and after we go for a walk. We look weird and people look at us and I didn't care. I told Beth the same thing and she told me she was happy. When I walked her back to her car I gave her a kiss goodbye.

Over the next few months we date and take it slowly. One day Beth invites me back to her house. It's about 10:00pm and when she opens the door I see the place is huge. She shows me around and we end up in her bedroom. Beth is still in her high heels and I am at chest level. Beth puts her arms around me and I start to kiss the outer edges of her breasts. When Beth moans I kiss more and then slowly unzip her dress. Her dress falls and I see her breasts in front of me. I kiss one nipple and then the other. They are both hard and she tells me more. I start to kiss around her breast and with both hands grab her ass. Beth starts to laugh and pulls away from me. She takes off her panties and looks at me. I whistle and tell her she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She lays on the bed and tells me to get naked. I take off my shirt and pants. She can see my spare tyre and stomach hanging over my waist band. She smiles and tells me I look wonderful. I take off my boxers and she smiles when she sees my penis. I lay on the bed and she strokes my dick until I'm fully erect at 5 1/2 inches. She cups my balls and says this is all she wants. We kiss and she positions herself on top of me. She sits up and positions my hard dick and then sits down while taking it all in. I tell her we fit like a glove. Beth laughs and we start to make love. Beth goes fast to slow to fast and after a minute I am almost ready to cum. Beth tells me she is close to and in a few thrusts she screams and I unload a huge load. Beth lays on top of me and kisses my face and tells me that was great. I am still hard and inside of Beth when I come out. Beth looks over and tells me my turn on top. We roll over and this time I control everything. I start slow and pick up my pace. I start to squeeze her nipples and Beth tells me more. I then lift her legs straight up and start to pump into her. Beth is moaning and tells me more. I finally push all my weight into her. Beth is moaning louder and telling me to fuck her when I cum inside her. Beth puts her legs down and tells me that was amazing. I lay next to her and tell her so was she. We fall asleep and in the morning Beth asks me to move in. Since then we enjoy each other every day.



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