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The Video Booth

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Fun in the Video Booth


Two weeks ago, I was driving leisurely from errand to errand with lots of time on my hands. Early in the afternoon I happened to drive past an adult book store that advertised having a large number of video booths. For some reason that caught my eye. I have not been inside such a store in well over 20 years, more like 25 years. But seeing that store and enticing banner advertising the video booths put a little tingle in my groin.

I continued on to one of my stops, but I could not get the thought of those video booths out of my mind. I hurried on to my last stop but was already starting to think about actually going back to the book store, at least to just go in and check it out for old times sake. And of course, I was really thinking about making a visit back into one of the video booths.

Obviously, I was not thinking about videos. With the internet and the glorious world of sex of every kind available there, I sure didn't need to watch grainy videos in a tiny booth, one quarter at a time. No..I was remembering the REAL reason those booths exist..the gloryholes. At least I hoped there would be gloryholes. Ohhhhhh, please, let there be gloryholes.

I pulled into the parking lot of the store and was surprised that it was packed with vehicles of every description. There were only two or three empty parking spaces. I parked, watched for a little while to see if any people were coming in and out, and then went inside.

It was a large, spacious main room with rack after rack of videos and display cases with all manner of sex merchandise. Despite the fact that there were perhaps 30 vehicles in the parking lot, I was the only person, other than the two sales clerks, in the main room. Everyone must be down the darkened hallway in the booths.

I casually looked around the store. I was trying to work up my courage to go down that hallway myself..or more correctly, I was trying to calm myself down before taking that step. I was very excited for some reason, with my heart beating fast. Two more men walked into the store, made the immediate right turn and went down the hallway to the booths. Then a man came out of the video area and asked the clerks to break a large bill for him. He engaged the clerks in a quiet conversation for two or three minutes, then turned and went back into the booth area.

Finally, I was ready. I took a deep breath and headed down the hallway that got darker and darker as I went. I could hear moaning and groaning and screams from videos that were playing. And I was taking in that smell that I have not smelled for years, a combination of disinfectant floor cleaner plus the many other smells that emanate from that scene. Oh, my something you never forget once you have smelled it. Of course, that only served to make me more excited and ready to dive into a booth.

I tried the knobs on two doors, but they were locked. When I tried a third door, it was not locked. However, as I slowly opened it, I could see a mans shoes, so I backed out. Finally, on the fourth try, I found a booth that was not occupied.

I went inside the booth, but before I could close and lock the door, a deep, very gruff voice came through a hole in the wall from the next booth, Let me suck that thing. WHOA !!! So soon ? It was very clear that the guy was forcing his voice to sound mean and macho. That was a turn off. However, I told him that I did not need it sucked. Immediately he said in that fake gruff voice, Then suck me. I told him I did not want to suck him but I would like to give him a handjob if he was interested. He immediately said Yes.

There was a little rustling around and then a nice cock appeared through the hole. It was fully erect and very nice looking. It looked to be a 5 or 5 incher, but very sexy. I told him I wanted to play with it for a couple minutes but he said, Dont play, just stroke the hell out of it. Well, okay..that's what I will do. And.he was using a more normal voice, not the fake macho voice he used at first.

I put my fingers around him and I am positive I could not have pulled more than four strokes when I felt him start to throb and sweet warm cum was oozing out of his peehole onto my fingers and into my hand. It felt fantastic and so sexy and hot. And, I literally had not had him in my hand for thirty seconds. I wanted to rub his cock with my cum covered hands for a few more strokes, but he pulled back into his side. I could tell he turned and immediately left his booth without a word. There I stood with cum all over my hand, my heart beating fast, and my own sweet cock hard in my pants.

I had planned on at least rubbing my own cock while I stroked him, but he came so fast I didnt have time to touch my own cock. So there I was, all alone and needing to clean the cum off my hand. I looked around and was surprised to see a roll of paper towels on the wall. There was never anything like that 25 years ago, at least not in the places I went to. There was even a trash basket on the floor. While I was cleaning my hand, I could hear someone else go into the booth next door. There was some fumbling around and shuffling of feet, but the guy did not say anything. I bent down and said hello into the gloryhole. A voice returned my hello. He sounded older and had a soft, timid voice.

No reason to wait. I told him I would love to give him a handjob if he was interested. He said that was the reason he had come in because he wanted to be stroked and to cum. I told him to put his cock through the wall and he did. He was about half erect and not very large. I took it in my fingers and started to gently play with it. He began to engorge very quickly and came to full erection. He was not more than 5 inches, but it was a nice old cock.sort of like mine. I played him with my finger tips up and down his shaft. I rubbed the head with my finger and played with his peephole. I rubbed and stroked and played and it was obvious he was getting great pleasure, if I do say so myself. I bent down and put my mouth close to his cock. I blew warm breath on him while I stroked him. I wanted desperately to give his cock a kiss, but I have a fear of putting a completely unknown cock in my mouth in those kind of circumstances. I just kept stroking and fondling him.

That went on for several minutes. At last once, he started to get into the short rolls and I backed off the stroking so he wouldn't cum. I resumed and stroked his sweet cock for several more minutes. He then thrust into the hole and said he was cumming. I let him cum as I kept stroking. He shot his cum about 15 inches, hitting my pant leg on the first shot. I stepped aside and he shot two or three more times, one almost halfway across the booth. Even though he was obviously an older guy, he shot his cum like he was a 20 year old who had been edging for hours. WOW.

After he was through, I continued to fondle his cock for another minute or so. It was Heaven and he slowly went soft in my fingers. Finally, he said Thank you, I have to leave. I heard him go out of the booth. I cleaned his cum off my pant leg and decided I needed to leave, myself. When I got back to my truck, I realized that I had helped two guys have a great time, and I still had not had my own fun !!! Oh, well. I drove home and immediately pulled out my sweet cock and jacked off to the memories of what had just occurred. I am making plans for another return to the world of adult book store video booths..SOON.



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