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The Swimming Pond

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A recent visit to a local swimming hole tripped a memory


I just came back from taking lunch to my husband as he was in the back fields of our farm baling hay. Our current farm is the combination of the two farms that he and I grew up on. And the field he was working was adjacent to the woodlot and picnic grove that our grandfathers built jointly over 60 years ago.

In the middle of the woodlot, there is a spring fed pond that was actually on his grandfather's property. From the pond, a creek runs southwest, and it used to divide the two farms. Our mutual grandfathers decided that since the two families did a great deal to support the other, it would be only right to build a common picnic area there. One third of the woods lay in my grandfather's land and the rest in Michael's grandfather's property.

It was a place that the two families often used jointly, and by agreement, separately, sharing it with each of our extended families, mostly on weekends. Through the week, it was often deserted, except for when the younger family members wanted to catch a dip to cool off from chores.

After Michael and I had our lunch today, we both took time to enjoy a dip. No need for suits way out there. Our oldest daughter is off on an internship in Costa Rica helping with an agricultural research project. Our son is at the local Co-op doing workshare for the day, and our youngest daughter is at an FFA camp for the day. We enjoyed something else on the grassy bank of the pond this afternoon, but that isn't a story for here.

It did trip my memory of 25 years before, when I rode my bike out there on a warm June afternoon for a swim. I had reached our side of the woods and leaned my bike against a tree. I had on my two piece suit with a pair of cutoff shorts. I started in the small path to the pond when I heard a noise up ahead. I figured that it maybe was Michael or his older brother. No big deal as we often bumped into each other there. Neither of us was particularly interested in each other at that time. I felt he was a bit snooty, and I guess he just ignored me as his unsosphisticated neighbor girl.

I was almost to the clearing when something made me stop. I couldn't see the pond surface, it was lower than the banks. As I looked around, I spied a pair of shorts and yellow John Deere T-shirt slung over the bushes on the other bank. Hanging there also was a pair of BVD tighty whities. I immediately assumed that either Michael or his brother Jimmy has changed into their suit there. Then another thought hit me. Suppose that he (either one) had snuck out for a quick dip and DIDN'T have their swim trunks?

I crouched down and snuck forward another few steps. The splashing noise continued and a few seconds later I was close enough to see the lower bank. I saw Michael stand up in the water and climb the bank. He had nothing on at all. I saw his tight, muscular behind and giggled to myself. When he got to the top he stretched and turned around. I was rewarded with a view of his teenage cock, still flacid. I marveled as it jiggled as he moved. He lay down on the bank in a small patch of sunlight and just rested a few moments. I couldn't move forward or back. He would surely see me.

After a few minutes, his hand moved to his crotch where he began to fondle himself. He was going to PLAY with his penis, right in front of me. This was too good. It didn't take him long to begin showing a nice hard, six inch long boner. I found myself sweating a little even though I was in the deep shade of the woods. He began to stroke in earnest, pausing every few moments to fondle his balls. I felt my nipples getting hard and knotty in the top of my suit. They rubbed the material almost painfully. I knew that I was damp down below.

I don't remember, but I must have loosened my top and freed the aching tips of my smallish B cup breasts. Michael was still slowly jacking himself. I knew that he was occupied so I felt safe in rocking back on my heels and unsnapping my shorts. I slid them off my hips and down my thighs. I threw caution to the wind and laid back and slid both the bottoms and shorts off. I pulled the loose top off. I was as naked as Michael was across the pond. Though I am guessing a bit farther behind in our mutual orgasmic pursuit. I knelt back up and slid my hand into the light brown pubic bush between my legs. I was rewarded with a pulse of pleasure. I kept an eye on him as he worked his stiff cock. I could tell that he was getting close because he began to grunt and pull hard at his boner. I was rubbing my nipples and had one finger slid up in me. I watched as Michael jetted off his cum. I couldn't see it but his reaction was enough. I surrendered myself and stifled a deep moan. But I wasn't totally in control. I rocked back and my bare heel snapped a dried branch by the side of the trail.

I was coming out of my bliss when I realized Michael was standing up, still holding his now deflating cock. He called out, probably knowing that the only other people who would be there was someone from my family.

He started toward my side of the pond still naked and I knew that I couldn't get away. I was stark naked. Ever try to get dressed quickly in a two piece bikini? I wasn't about to run out of the woods in the bright sunlight completely naked. I did the next most illogical thing. I stood straight up, one hand over my crotch, the other over my right breast. We were only about 25 feet apart. He saw me immediately. We didn't say a word to each other. We stared at each other for what seemed an hour, but in reality was just a few seonds. He walked backwards away from me until he reached his clothes. He grabbed them and disappeared into the woods. I waited until he was out of sight and then grabbed my things and slowly pulled them on. I had visions of him telling someone, then I realized who could he tell and how given his own circumstances?

It was over a month before I saw him again. We didn't speak, just smiled at each other shyly. The school year began and finally in October, he asked me to a dance. The rest, as they say is history. We dated through High School. We both went to college, agricultural majors, his in Animal husbandry, mine in Poultry science. We married and with our other siblings not interested in farming, we assumed title to both farms which we own and work today. The swimming pond has been a blessing for us. I am convinced that we conceived our oldest daughter there, but we haven't told her that.



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