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The Second Guy With Whom I Had a Sexual Experience

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A friend in college jerked off for me.


The second guy I had a sexual experience with during my freshman year in college. He lived above me with another guy who I became friends with early on in that first year in college. My friend who I will call Eric started complaining about his roommate who I will call Kraig within a couple months of Freshman year. Eric complained about Kraig being messy and taking his stuff - common complaints we all had about our roommates. Eric then complained one afternoon of a different situation - one which I didn't have with my roommate. Eric and Kraig shared bunk beds in their room and they were the old metal ones which weren't very solid. Eric complained that he thought Kraig was jerking off many nights and the bed would move slightly enough to keep him awake and gross him out. Everyone laughed and agreed that it was gross and made the typical jokes about it one would expect.

Time went on and I found myself occasionally jerking off myself thinking about it. I wondered what that meant because if my roommate did that I would be grossed out too. He was big, hairy and not very interesting to me. Kraig on the other hand was skinny, well tanned and pretty hairless. I couldn't say I was in any way sexually attracted to him but as I said, I frequently jerked off thinking of him jerking off next to me as if he was my roommate.

Eventually Eric moved out of that room leaving Kraig alone for a short period of time. I would have become his roommate if I could have but it would have caused problems with my current roommate and we did get along well. It was early spring when Eric moved out because they couldn't get along. Many times I was upstairs with Kraig hanging out and he would ask what Eric was saying about him. I always played it off as if I didn't know anything other than what was well known about them not getting along. He seemed upset over it to a degree but he liked having is own room for what would probably be the rest of the year at this point.

One night we were in his room smoking pot and not doing much when he talked about watching girls outside his third story window. Right below his window was a large grassy bank where girls would lie out and tan and people would hang out and throw frisbees etc. There were a lot of girls out there usually now that it was spring. He gestured like he was jerking off and watching out the window and laughed. I said now that Eric wasn't here, he could do that more. He laughed a bit and said so that was true?...that Eric had told people he caught him jerking off a couple times? Kraig said another friend had already told him that Eric' had told people. I just agreed and said the bunk bed would shake a bit too much and that Eric thought he was doing it to get his attention, that he, Kraig, knew Eric knew, and got off to it. Eric didn't like that. Kraig said he thought Eric was uptight. I remember saying that not everyone wants to think the guy above you is about to shoot his load.

I remember the following conversation as if it was yesterday.

At this point, I was feeling turned on by the conversation and I guess Kraig picked up on that and said something to the extent of "not everyone? Some do"? I said, "maybe, I guess". Kraig sort of mocked what I said "oh maybe I guess" and added that most people talk too much behind people's backs. I agreed but started to feel a shift in the conversation to Kraig getting angry and no longer coy and suggestive in his talk. I quickly added that I never said anything and in fact didn't even bring up the stuff Eric spoke about to him and that I don't care if people jerk off and I probably would do it too if I had a third story window like him. Kraig offered me his view anytime, laughingly but said to be sure to clean up afterwards. I joked back that I would bring my own tissues. He laughed and said that he wished tissues were enough for him but that he needed to use a bath towel each time. I mocked him for that comment, saying he was so full of shit no wonder Eric moved out. That was when he said, he would prove it if I was interested. I said I didn't believe him and he would have to do more than just talk. He said he would show me if I wanted to watch him but I couldn't tell anyone. I told him I had no interest in telling anyone that I watched him cum if that was what he was getting at? He got up and grabbed a towel off of a shelf and reached into a cabinet and pulled out a small bottle of clear liquid. He threw a pillow onto the floor for his head and lied down on his back below me.

Kraig took off his shirt and unzipped his jeans to pull out his already hard cock. I commented on him already being so hard and he said he is always hard but that it had been several days and he was ready for this. He stroked his cock, fingered his circumcised head and flexed his hips. He was breathing hard already and looking at his cock and then at me and then back to his cock. The head of his cock was hard and tight. He asked me if I liked watching. I admitted I had thought about it before and was surprised to be here but was interested in seeing what he was going to do. He asked if I was going to watch until he finished? I said I wanted to see him cum if he wanted to show me.

He reached over and grabbed the small bottle of clear liquid, opened it and poured some on his cock. Rubbing his hands over his cock the oil glistened. It was really hot. I told him so and asked if he was close since he was slowing down his stroke already. He said the oil always gets him and he was already on the edge. He was going to try to hold on a bit. Don't hold back for me, I said. Show me your cumshot. He didn't say anything but I could see the distress in his face. The tension was too much for him and he started to moan. He said he was ready and put one hand on the floor and gripped it. His other hand squeezed his hard cock and pulled it up to his head at which time his cum started dripping from the head and he pushed his hips up. The cum continued to dribble and he said a couple expletives until the cum turned from dribbles into a stream and shot upward. There were 2 or 3 more streams until he was able to lower his hips back onto the floor and breath out. He had cum all over his stomach and chest and was lying staring at the ceiling and then at me. I told him how hot it was and while I had seem bigger cumshots that his was up there still.

He cleaned up and it felt a little awkward so I told him I needed to go study and take care of myself too. He laughed and told me to enjoy it. I went back to my room and immediately jerked off. It didn't take me long at all. It was awkward to next couple times we saw each other but I was pretty sure he knew I didn't tell anyone. Eventually we talked about it that evening.



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