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The Sauna

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I hope you enjoy my completely true erotic experience.


Earlier this year I had to travel to Germany on business and I was very pleased that my company had booked me into the usual hotel. The hotel in question has a fantastic pool and spa area, which is free to use for all guests, and as is the norm in Germany, the spa area is strictly nude and mixed. Costumes had to be worn in the pool but the rule is not strictly enforced so it was not uncommon to be able to swim nude early in the morning.

The spa is absolute bliss for me, I love being in a naturist environment so I spent every spare moment I could in there, including skipping breakfast so that I could get an hour in there before work.

The early morning sessions were always quiet with only a couple of people in there, I would regularly see the same very attractive young woman in there, most mornings she would come in a little after me and always make for the same sanarium (a sauna with coloured lights) so I began to position myself in there so that I could see the changing area through the glass door. One morning she arrived in the spa after a swim and I watched her peel off her wet one-piece costume, her smallish breasts springing free as she rolled it down her body, my eyes focused on her completely shaven pussy as she stepped out of the costume before hanging it up and disappearing out of view and into the showers.

I felt a stirring in my loins and looked down my body to see that I had the early beginnings of an erection. I closed my eyes and tried to think of other things and I was relieved that it had almost subsided by the time I heard the door swing open.

I opened my eyes and we exchanged smiles as she walked in and laid her towel out on the lower bench opposite mine. She lay flat on her back, head to toe with me about a metre away. She closed her eyes and I was free to enjoy the sight of her naked body, I knew I shouldn't look as I didn't want the embarrassment of an erection but I just couldn't help myself, I don't think any man could have. I could see beads of sweat forming on her skin and running down her sides in little rivulets. I noticed that her nipples had hardened and her clitoris was sticking out a little from between her plump pussy lips. Periodically she would absently brush her hand across her chest causing her firm breasts to wobble a little. It was too much, I felt my hardening cock loll over and land with a slap onto my lower belly before beginning to lift up and harden fully. I felt a little panicked, if she opened her eyes and sat up she would surely see my hardness, I wondered how she would react, would she leave in disgust and complain to the hotel staff about the pervert in the sauna? I closed my eyes and hoped that it might subside before she saw, but secretly I wished I would suddenly feel her hand grasped around it as she took it in her soft warm mouth as I probe her pussy with my tongue or that she would suddenly climb on top of me and let out a soft moan as she lowered herself onto me.

None of that helped of course, I was now so hard that there was no chance of it going down any time soon so I just lay back and tried to ignore it, praying that no one else came in. Then it happened, I heard her stir, not daring to open my eyes I lay frozen in anticipation and terror as I heard her begin to get up. I opened my eyes to see her sitting up on the bench looking directly at me and my very hard cock. I smiled, I didn't really know what else to do and to my relief she smiled back, seemingly unfazed by my situation. I was about to close my eyes when she got up from the bench. My heart stopped as she stood but she just gathered up her towel and left, smiling again and stealing a glance at my stiff cock as she pulled open the cabin door, she wished me a good day in German and left for the plunge pool.

I looked down my body at my cock, a little bead of pre cum sat beneath it on my belly, joined to the tip of my cock in a glistening string. I quickly looked out of the door to check that I was still alone apart from her and took myself in hand. I came in seconds, my twitching cock now satisfied, shooting warm jets of cum halfway up my belly. I cleaned myself down with the towel, showered and left for work and I swear the sauna cabin still smelled of cum that evening.



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