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The Man Next Door

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This is such a cool site!


I live with my parents and we have a large pretty house with a swimming pool in the back yard. We have a privacy fence all around the back yard and nobody can see into our backyard. That is nobody can see into the back unless you are upstairs in the house next door. From that bedroom window you can easily see the far side of our pool.

There is a wonderful looking guy living there. He is single, not married, has a good job, and he has an office in that upstairs room which looks out on our pool.

I think he is so nice and so good looking. It is too bad he is so much older than I am. I know he would never ask me out because of the age difference. My parents wouldn't care for that either because he is so much older. I have fantasized about him so many times. I wondered how he kisses. I wondered how he feels when he holds me. I wondered what it would be like to make love with him. I get myself all worked up sometimes and I've masturbated dozens of times thinking about him.

One day last summer, home alone, I decided to sun bathe out by the pool. All my fantasies had built up within me. I laid down on a lounge chair on the far side of the pool where I knew he could see me if he ever looked out the window. I knew he was home because his car was in his driveway. I had my little most revealing bikini on. I made sure my position gave him an in between view of my legs.

I laid there sun bathing and thoughts of sex were swirling through my brain. I had the irresistable urge for him to see me, not only in my swimming suit, but also naked. I removed my top and with as much sensual motion as I had I rubbed suntan lotion onto my upper body and breasts.

I laid back and pretended I was napping, but looking through my slightly cracked eyes I saw him looking out the window at me. Jolts of electricity shot through my body. He was looking at my boobs and my body. My heart was pounding. I wanted him to see more. I slipped my bottoms off so I could get an all over tan ... I didn't care about that. I just wanted him to see me. Gradually, I spread my legs farther apart. I knew he was looking directly into my pussy. Oh, my pussy. It was flowing juice. I could feel my pussy muscles twitching. I wanted him to come over and take me right then and there. Every now and then I used the fingers on my right hand and I ran them up through my pussy then back to my side. I didn't want to appear to be masturbating really but I wanted to. He was still peeking out the window, trying to hide all but his head. I looked again and he was gone. My heart sank.

We have a gate on the side of the fence. Suddenly it opened and he walked in. 'Hey .. can I borrow ..OH ..EXCUSE ME!' he said. I knew he was pretending to come over for another reason. I pretended embarrassment and laid my suit quickly over my pussy and closed my legs but I didn't bother with trying to hide my boobs.

I told him it was OK, I was just trying to get some sun. He just stood there open mouthed. I didn't want him to walk away and leave. I said 'I guess you've seen tits before, sorry to startle you.' He said 'Damn .. you look great!'

'Come on over,' I said. As he walked around the pool I saw a large bulge in his shorts. He sat down beside me and just stared at my boobs. He said 'those sure are nice.' I said 'ya think so' as I looked down at my own breasts. 'Mouthwatering' he said.

I was going crazy within and trying to maintain composure on the outside. I looked around pretending to see if anyone else was there ...knowing nobody else was really there. I told him he could feel them if he wanted to. I still had my bikini top and bottoms wadded up covering my pussy. He reached over and lovingly rubbed my breasts, and gently squeezed my nipples. I was in heaven. He slid his hand down my tummy and under my wadded up suit and began feeling my trimmed tight pussy. He slid two fingers inside my already wet puss and started fingering me. I opened my legs wider for him. It felt so good. My dream was coming true. I asked him if he was hard and he said he was throbbing hard. As he fingered me I asked him to take his shorts off. He kicked them off and he had a magnificient hard dick. It was about 7 inches long and pretty thick. He had big balls too.

He said 'your dad will kill me if he finds out about this.' I told him not to worry. He bent over my body and started sucking my nipples as I reached up and wrapped my fingers around his big dick. It felt rock hard. As he fingered my pussy I started jacking his dick. He has had plenty of experience because he knew exactly what he was doing, working with my clit and pussy hole. It felt wonderful. He came first. He tensed up and told me he was cumming. I drained his dick all over my chest. It came in spurts, maybe 5 or 6 of them. Then he started fingering me again. I started moving my hips as he fingered and rubbed my clit and I finally came with a huge orgasm. It was the best one of my life.

We saw each other secretly for the rest of the summer, doing things I can't talk about here. He admitted to me later he had a part time girlfriend, but they were getting more serious. He still wanted to keep seeing me but I just couldn't be 'the other woman.' For me it was heartbreaking and it took me a long time to get over it. He still lives next door and we are friends, but no more hanky panky.



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