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The English Teacher

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When I was a high school freshman, I had 'Cathy Connors' as my English teacher. About 5'2', resembling that hot actress who played the doctor on Stargate SG-1, but a little heavier, Mrs. Connors starred in many of my fantasies throughout high school.

In class one day, wearing a short white skirt, and a blue sleeveless top, Mrs. Connors said if we did something involving adverbs, she would absolutely love us to death. As she said this, she put her arms around herself, closed her eyes, and pretended to be kissing some fortunate student. I was so hot for her at that moment, that I wanted to leave class to go jack off.

She always wore pink lipstick, and her lips would make a slight clicking sound when they parted because of the lipstick, and most of my fantasies revolved around her kissing me, smearing her pink lips over my mouth and cock.

One day, she showed a long movie about a Shakespeare play. A friend sat next to the projector. In front of him, Mrs. Connors sat. That day, she was wearing a brown leather miniskirt, matching vest and a white blouse. Her skirt rode up, and she crossed her legs. For over an hour, I was in heaven, staring at those legs, and wanting only to touch them. My friend kept looking over at me, at one time mouthing the words 'Is everything okay?' I smiled and nodded, wanting to tell him it would really be okay if Mrs. Connors came over and made love to me.

There were several other teachers at my high school that I lusted for and as time went on, I forgot about them, and enjoyed having real sex with the kind of women I wanted as a youth.

22 years later, I managed a retail store in a mall not too far from my old neighborhood. During a slow day, who should walk in but Mrs. Connors. She immediately recognized me, and we talked. During the course of the conversation, she told me to call her Cathy. We talked about the old school, and talked about some of the teachers. She asked me what I thought about 'Samantha Edwards', the most beautiful teacher at the high school. Tall, aloof, blonde, with legs for days, she was the fantasy of every guy at school.

'Samantha Edwards? I had a crush on her. What do I think about her? Imperious, drop-dead gorgeous and acts like she knows it.'

Cathy laughed and said that was exactly the opinion other teachers had about her. In fact, Cathy said, Samantha Edwards had had too much to drink during a little get-together after school, and said that she knew young guys got excited looking at her and that turned her on so much that when she would get home, she'd fuck her husband's brains out.

'She said that she wouldn't have minded screwing some of her students if she could have gotten away with it.' I was enjoying hearing this dirt, and wondering if I could have had a chance with Samantha Edwards.

'Was there any other teacher you had a crush on, X?' She was looking at me with those clear blue eyes. She had lines in her face, but she still looked as good as ever to me. She wasn't wearing anything provocative, but I thought she looked rather smart in her tan pantsuit.

'Yes, Cathy. You.' She blushed, and smiled.

'Really? Little old fat me?'

'You weren't fat, Cathy, and I thought you were beautiful.' I was also becoming aroused here, thinking that I had a good chance for getting laid soon and by one of my fantasy women, to boot.

'What did you like about me, X?' Her eyes were actually twinkling, and her lips were parted. I thought that I was going to be fucking her in the back room in a short while if this kept up. Well, I thought, we're headed down this road by her consent, so why not keep going.

'I loved that leather mini and vest outfit you wore that one day. I couldn't take my eyes off your legs.'

'You enjoyed looking at my legs? How flattering! I wish I was wearing a skirt right now.'

'I wish you were too, Cathy.' She smiled at me, and I put the hand I was resting on the counter close to hers. She put her hand over mine, and squeezed it. My heart skipped a beat, and my prick was like iron.

I squeezed her hand, let it go and walked around the counter towards her. Cathy watched me as I approached her. I put my hands on her shoulders and leaned down and kissed that mouth I wanted for so long. Her lips were soft and moist.

When I pulled back, some of her lipstick was smeared. She reached up a thumb to my mouth.

'Dear, you've got lipstick on you. That will make your customers wonder what you've been doing.'

I went to the front of the store, pushed the button for the security gate to drop down, and put up a sign saying that the store was closed for about an hour due to some computer malfunction.

'Let them wonder, Cathy.'

I took her hand, and led her to the back room, closing the door behind us. We were safe from prying eyes.

We resumed kissing, and our kisses and caresses became more heated. Cathy's hand soon found my cock, and she grasped and squeezed it, causing me to moan.

'Cathy, I wanted you to do that for so long! I used to masturbate about you.'

'Really, honey?' She breathed into my ear as we continued necking and fondling. 'What did you masturbate about me? Tell me, my love.'

'About you jacking me off while you were wearing that miniskirt and vest.'

Cathy stopped her loving, kicked off her shoes, and took off her pants. She put her shoes back on.

'Why don't you pretend that I'm wearing that miniskirt right now X? Her legs still looked pretty good, and I could see her white panties looked wet near the crotch. I put my hand out and touched her there. She groaned. I kissed her, and as I was doing so, reached out and pulled her panties down. She helped me, pulling them down to her ankles, then stepping out of them.

'I-I-want to fuck you, Cathy!' I was on fire for her.

'Not here, baby. Let's just touch each other. I want to be alone with you in bed somewhere soon.'

My new lover approached me. I leaned against a table. Cathy clutched my prick, and began stroking me as I admired her body. I came within a minute or so, my come landing on some merchandise on a table. I put my hand out and shoved two fingers into Cathy's pussy. She moaned, and I put my arm around her, and continued fingering her, and kissing her, she holding onto me. I alternating between inserting my fingers into her, and rubbing her clit. She came hard after about five minutes of my manipulating her.

As we held each other, Cathy told me that her marriage was ending, and that she was feeling very lonely and vulnerable. I asked her if she was sorry for what we had done, and she said that she wasn't and now had something to look forward to that would make her feel good about herself again.

We met off and on for almost nine months, and once when we couldn't wait, we fucked in the back room. But that's for another forum.



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