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The dark party

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Female/male/female really.


The room is large and there is nothing in it apart from bean bag chairs, rugs, and the occasional settee. The lighting is so low, you can barely see a couple of inches in front of you...just enough to prevent the need to call ambulances all night. 

The room has about 30 people in it.....and we are all masked......and naked. There is only one rule.....no fucking. Not even your own partner, if you came with one. 

The furniture is around the outsides od the room, and a heavy disco beat is playing. We all dance. 

As we do, the lights are turned even further down until they are off altogether. They will remain like this for exactly 20 minutes,. Then there is silence. The silence has a texture to it, it's almost solid. 

My senses strain to navigate my surroundings. That's when I hear the first moan. Then more from a different direction. Then I feel hands on my body, exploring, feeling my shoulders, my breasts, my tummy and probing between my legs. I reach out, but there's nothing on front of me. I reach to the sides, where I feel someone's back. It's hard, muscular, I let my hand travel down to feel a really tight bum and down further, a large pair of balls which I cup. My right hand also feels something. A head. A head with long hair moving backwards and forward...a girl sucking someone off, then?

Two fingers enter me and I press against them enjoyably, then I feel a hand on my bum and a finger slips between my arse cheeks. I love being fingered in both holes, and I relax myself to allow penetration. Someone finds the back,of my head with their hand and gently urges me to bend forward from the waist. When I do, I sense the heat of an erection which I take into my mouth. 

The fingers in my cunt really know what they are doing......I'm close....and the finger up my arse has become two. There are other hands on me too, stroking my skin, holding my tits. I feel the man cum in my mouth and I swallow. Then his orgasm triggers mine, and I cum on the fingers in my cunt and arsehole. 

The organisers are watching through infrared cameras for rule breakers. They said no fucking, and that's what they mean. If you break the rule, you and whoever you fuck find yourselves out on the street naked. Your clothes may or may not follow. 

These parties are becoming very popular. They are called 20 minutes, or NF parties....there are lots of names. 

The lights fade up slightly and the music starts again, we all dance, mix, mingle, change positions. There a bar, but you only get a drink during the music....these aren't parties to get blasted at.

The lights dim again, and in the silence, a girl yells, "I don't care...FUCK ME" she giggles. She knows that she will end up outside buck naked if she does. 

Someone has found my hips and is clearly working out which way round I'm facing. I feel a head close to mine, and a girl whispers "Suck me?" I kiss down her body. Fucking hell....her tits are smaller than mine! I didn't think that was even possible! I find her pierced tummy, and lower still, her cunt. She is really wet, and I mean REALLY wet. She cums almost at my first touch of my tongue....she's a talker too "yesss....suck me, bitch.....fucking suck my fucking wet cunt." When she's finished, I stand up, expecting a return favour, but she's already moved. A taker, then. Sometimes, you get people like that at these events. They don't do anything for anyone else, but they take as many orgasms as they can get. The organisers watch out for these people too. 

I feel someone track down my arm and guide it to the biggest cock I've ever felt. Instantly, I want it in me. I begin to wank him. I have an overwhelming desire for him to cum in my hair. I kneel and carry on wanking him until he unloads. 

The party started at 8:00. At midnight the rules change, and fucking is allowed. When that happens, those left are really ready. I know people who don't allow themselves to cum...they treat the previous two hours as mass foreplay. 

I've had one orgasm, and edged more times than I can count. When midnight arrives, I can hardly wait. Shortly after the clock strikes 12, I'm sitting on a guy who is fully up my cunt, another guy is in my arse, and I'm licking a girls cunt. 

Doesn't get much better than this!



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