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The Bitch at Uni

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I'm finally back at Uni and getting my fucked up life back together. Then I find this bitch....


There's always one. Every hall of residence has one student who is stuck up, thinks she knows it all and is a total bitch to everyone else.

Jane knows I've had a tough time in the last few months, but doesn't know what the details are.

So..she's been on my case since I came back. Partly because I've been accepted back without loss of year, and partly because even when I'm asleep, my grades are much better than hers. So, she's been full of snide comments, criticising everything I do and she thinks she's some kind of self appointed hall monitor.

Last night she barged into my room, no knocking of course, and I was in my underwear. She looked me up and down and said "well, I can see why YOU never get laid." That I would have let go, but it was the slight curl of her lip into a sneer that did it for me. Suddenly I slapped the bitch...hard! She ended up on the floor with me astride her slapping her bitch mouth.

I don't know what happened, but suddenly I was super turned on. Jane was crying from a split lip, and then I felt her hands move from trying to push me off her to putting them between my legs. She started rubbing my crotch and I leaned down to kiss the blood off her mouth. Then, I literally ripped her clothes off!

I think the only fair thing to say is that on my room floor, with the door wide open (and three girls watching) we raped each other. Jane's fingers in my pussy pistoning in and out felt delicious and her tiny little tits really turned me on. I yanked her skirt up and tore her panties off her. I could see a tampon string, but that wasn't going to stop me. I sucked her and fingered her arse.

We both came several times, and at one point, I looked at my door and saw one of the girls with her hand between her legs.

Jane came so hard that she peed.

After, I shut my door and we went to bed together. I told her that she is my bitch now. In return, she told me I could do anything I want to her...so I made her eat me out. I had been fucked that afternoon, so she got more than a taste of me!

I think I am looking forward to this term!



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