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Tent Show

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Last summer I was supposed to meet some friends at a camp ground for the weekend. However, at the last minute they backed out. The site was booked so I figured that I might as well use it.

When I got there I noticed that the site was fairly secluded so I would be able to jerk off in relative privacy. The only campers nearby were three guys in three tents behind me. One of them looked pretty hot, so I figured that at least this would give me something to dream over.

I had seen that there appeared to be a path from a side road going a little way behind my tent to the next road over. There were a few small bushes between my tent and the path so I figured that I could put on a bit of a show and play innocent if someone complained. After all it wasn't a public pathway.

When I went to bed I deliberately left the back flap of my window open and left my light on. I then laid down on top of my sleeping bag in my tight grey briefs. Just thinking about the guys behind me made me a little excited so I was starting to make a bulge in my briefs. I thought that the guys might have commented at one point about the fact that my light seemed to be on a long time, but no one came down the path. Not even other campers. This was getting very frustrating, especially when the guys behind me turned in for the night.

I think that I almost fell asleep when about an hour later I heard a tent zipper being undone. At first I figured that maybe someone was getting into their tent or going to their car. But then I thought that I heard a twig snap close to my tent! I started thinking 'please, please be one of the guys coming to check me out'. I then thought that I could hear someone breathing in a steady rhythmic manner outside my tent. This was getting me hotter so I decided to pretend that I was asleep and was having a wet dream. I started to quietly moan and move around on my sleeping bag. Then I started to thrust my hips up a bit. I was naturally getting more excited and my bulge was growing for him to see, if he was there.

I moaned a little louder and moved a little more. Still I couldn't be sure that he was there. Finally, I started to gently rub my cock through my briefs. Still no sound but what I thought was steady breathing. I wondered if I was imagining it.

Since there was no other sound I finally rolled over to show him my ass and started to hump my sleeping bag. Still no sound. Either there was no one there or he was really enjoying the show. Since I wasn't sure which, I eventually pretended like I was about to come and was woken up. I looked around my tent and shut off the light.

I then couldn't believe it, after a minute or so I could see a naked figure creeping away from my tent in the dark. I couldn't let him leave, so I snapped the waist band on my briefs and started to slap my cock and let out a low groan. This worked like a charm and I could see him sneaking back close to my tent. I had a captive audience and I determined to give him something to sleep on. I slowly rubbed my cock through my briefs and then reached in and started stroking myself. I couldn't see what he was doing but I was sure that he was loving my performance. I stroked and rubbed for about 15 minutes and then finally squirmed out of my briefs to let my cock stand at attention. I don't know how much he could see in the dark but I know that he could hear me.

Finally, I couldn't take it any longer and I exploded all over my sleeping bag. It's a wonder that I didn't wake up the other guys. I then pretended to fall asleep but I could then hear the guy pounding his cock and coming just outside my tent. It made me so hot that I came again in my briefs. He then left without saying anything to me.

The next day I noticed that the guys seemed to watch me closer and smiled at me more, but that is another story.

If you would like me to write about more adventures post a comment.



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