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Teenage Boy Flasher Masturbates in Park

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exhibitionist teenage boy flasher masturbates for girls in public park


As a young teen, I was a compulsive flasher and exhibitionist, and public masturbator. This story happened when I was in junior high school, when I was younger.

I was often so horny that I started walking to local parks looking for girls to flash. About 1 mile from my house was a small neighborhood park. It had a small baseball field with a backstop and some hills ,trees with a picnic table, and a behind the hill was a more secluded wooded area with a stream. It was only a few acres. I went after school , and after a few times with no luck, I would just masturbate outside , sitting by the stream and cum right into the stream. It wasn't as good as flashing, but it was still fun to cum outside and watch my cum float away.

About the fifth time I went there I saw a girl I recognized from school. She wasn't in my classes, and I really didn't know her that well. She was a "jock" named Cindy, and she was 1 year behind me at school. She had light brown long straight hair, and was thin with very small boobs. She had nice , athletic legs. She was wearing shorts, and practicing hockey, hitting the ball into the baseball backstop. I was immediately turned on! She was also there with her sister, who was a very cute blond, 1 year younger. Her sister wasn't playing when I got there, but was watching. They were so cute, and that made me so horny!

I didn't want to be too obvious, so I sat on the hill under a tree overlooking the ball field. I was about 50 feet away, and behind Cindy, not facing her. I had a pretend to be reading book with me, which I carried just to cover up as needed. I lifted my leg, and pulled the shorts up, and let my dick fall out of my shorts (I wasn't wearing underwear) , fully exposed, and pretended to read. As I was looking at Cindy, bent over her hockey stick and hitting the ball, I stared at her butt and cute legs, and played with myself at times. Then, all of a sudden I noticed her sister, who I had kinda forgotten as I had been fixated on Cindy, was staring right at me! I stopped touching myself, and pretended to read.

I kept my legs up and my entire penis was definitely completely exposed! After looking right at me for a while, she called to Cindy, who didn't even know I was there. She came over to her sister, and then turned suddenly to look right at me! Her sister told her she could see my penis, and now they were both staring right at my dick! I looked down into the book, pretending I didn't see them or know I was exposed. I saw them with huge smiles and giggles, and then they both began playing hockey together, passing the ball around. As they did, they would hit it to near the base the hill, where I was sitting, and I saw them taking turns looking right up my shorts at my cock, hanging out in full view. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, and I got up and left. They stared at me as I left. I was too nervous to masturbate for them, but jerked off about three times that night thinking about how I had exposed myself to them, and their big smiles as they peeked at me!

Well I waited a few days, scared as hell I'd get in trouble for flashing my penis at them, but I didn't. I didn't even see Cindy at school. I was so horny, thinking about those cute girls staring at my penis that I masturbated every night! Exactly a week later, I finally decided to go back to the park again. My heart was racing in anticipation, and as I entered the area, there was Cindy and her sister, playing field hockey in the otherwise empty park, exactly like before! This time, they both instantly noticed my arrival, as I sat on the same hill. They were glancing at me constantly as they played, and I sat. I started to pretend to read, not flashing yet, but within a few minutes I couldn't resist, and slowly lifted my legs and let my dick and balls fall completely out. Within less than a minute, they saw it, and once again were all smiles and giggles as they played and laughed, hitting the ball in my direction and taking turns getting it, each time staring at my penis as they approached. I was getting hornier and hornier.

Finally, I had to masturbate, but I was still too nervous to just do it right there in the open. I got up slowly and looked around, not saying anything to them or looking right at them, almost like I was pretending they weren't there. They were watching me, and as I walked away from them, I lifted one side of my shorts exposing a butt check to them. I heard a peal of laughter, so I knew they saw it, and then I slowly walked down the hill, heading for the stream and the wooded area. I had to jerk off and cum!

I headed towards the stream and crossed it, sitting on the opposite bank, facing the hill. I was going to jerk off. Then I saw them at the top of the hill, looking down at me. I think my last flash of my butt had got them thinking, and they had followed me, and were now peeking at me, hiding behind the trees for cover, and watching my every move. I was beyond horny. I pretended to look around, not noticing them, and then first took off my shirt. Then, facing in their direction, I lowered my shorts all the way down, totally exposing myself, and then kicked them completely off! I was naked to their eyes! I put them on the bank and sat on them, and leaned back, fully exposed, totally naked except for my sneakers! I glanced at them without making eye contact and they were near hysterical- looking and laughing! I began to masturbate! I rubbed my dick and as it got hard, I lifted it straight up, ached my back, and looked right down the head, and glanced over my hard dick right at them.

I called it sighted, like I was looking down a gun sight. I knew they could see everything! They were only about 30 feet away! I just kept jerking off, now rubbing my erect cock faster and faster, until finally I exploded all over the place! I tried to cum into the stream, and was shaking and groaning as my cum shot out! They were staring and laughing hysterically, trying to be quiet, fascinated, like they couldn't believe what they were seeing! I lay there for a few seconds, my erect penis twitching with every heartbeat. After I came, I started to regain my senses. I stood up and lifted my shorts and slowly put them on, facing directly at them so they could still see my dick as I cleaned off the cum with my fingers! After I dressed, I saw them slowly and quietly start to retreat coyly up the hill. They were laughing so hard they could hardly stand. All of a sudden I felt scared, and I began to run away, and as I did I saw them looking down at me! As I ran, they got excited too, and then they started yelling hoots and real loud "wooo wooo" and "we saw you!" from the top of the hill as I ran like crazy! I never directly heard from Cindy, but she told lots of people about me at school, and rumors about my blatant exhibitionism continued to grow as the girls talked.



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