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Sweetest Panties Ever

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When I was a kid, I was a horny little bastard. I masturbated all the time, and before I lost my virginity, I had limited options. Anything I could get my hands on that would enhance my jack off sessions was crucial. Luckily for me, I had some phenomenal experiences when I started high school. My sister Barbara is very much younger than me. I've never been sexually attracted to her in any way, but her friends were a different story.

One weekend my sister had a sleepover with about three of her friends from school. They all were REALLY pretty for girls their age, and I fantasized about them constantly. I knew that with her friends staying for over for a couple days, I'd have an open window to finally steal some of their dirty panties.

Saturday morning, they all woke up, took separate showers, and headed off to the mall with my mother. I knew that as soon as I saw my moms car drive off, I'd be in heaven. I patiently waited in my room until I heard everyone leave. Now was my chance!

I almost ran into her room and started to look around. I found a few clean pairs of panties in two of her friend's book bags, but that wasn't interesting. Maybe my mom had did laundry early in the morning? I almost gave up hope until I found Veronica's bookbag. She was the PRETTIEST girl out of the group. Long brown hair, full lips, great ass and a very sexy smile.

I dug inside a few pockets until I unzipped a seperate pocket deep inside the bag. I hit the jackpot! I found the perfect pair of dirty, stained and sweet white cotton bikini brief panties. My cock almost exploded.

I ran back into my room and locked the door. I pulled down my boxers and slowly inhaled the sweet aroma of her young pussy. The smell was mesmerizing. I started stroking my cock heavily and very fast, and I was really close to cumming within the first 30 seconds. I wanted to enjoy this so I slowed down a little. I began to examine the crotch area of the panties. There was a slight yellow stain at the top, and I was inclined to taste it. I stuck the tip of my tongue out and ran it across the stain. I was slightly salty, yet so damn sweet. I wanted more! I ran my tongue all the way down the crotch area into the ass area of the panties. The smell and taste of her bald pussy and sweet asshole made me erupt like a volcano.

After I came, I took the panties and cleaned up all my cum with the crotch area. As the small, soft panties caressed my balls and my dick, I couldn't escape the thought of my cum and her juices mixing. It drove me crazy.

I bunched them up after I was finished and put them back where I found them. I didn't want to just steal them and make her suspicious. I was kind of embarrassed with myself because of her age. So for the rest of the weekend, I stood out of there way. Many years later I still fantasize about her. She's all grown up and has a kid, and I see her from time to time. I hope one day I can tell her what I did, (I'm very afraid to, she'll probably hate me). At least I have a fond memory of the sweetest used panties I ever had in my life.



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