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Surprised in the Office

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I have a close and secret relationship with a valued employee.


I am a financial professional and have a small office with four female staff. I come into the office early in the morning to start work when the phones are quiet and no one else is around to disturb me. I get a lot of work done and occasionally I get to play on my computer. I found Solo Touch about one year ago and really enjoy the stories. For years my wife has been disinterested in sex and so I use masterbation to satisfy my needs. The Solo Touch stories are the first thing I turn to when I get in and I will often sit at my desk with my fly open, my cock out and stroke as I read these hot stories.

Let me tell you about my staff. I hire very competent people but I like them also to be attractive. My clients (and I) like women who are professional, dress well and are knock-outs in the looks department. They range in age from 30 to 45 and are all married. I am very careful to keep a professional relationship with them and I'm sure they consider me to be very conservative. They would be shocked to know of my early morning routine here at my desk.

This changed one day recently. I had come in early as usual and had closed the window blinds and was at my desk with my cock out stroking to a Solo Touch story. I had taken my slacks and briefs down to my feet and was really into a wonderful wack with my eyes closed and was building to a cum when I heard a gasp and when I opened my eyes there was (Mary) outside my office with her mouth open and eyes glued to the whole scene. I pushed my chair forward under the desk to try and hide what I was doing, but I was busted! I had forgot that I asked her to come in early to work on a file. She started to walk away but then came back and said, 'Is this what you wanted me to see' As she said this she was very bold and walked into my office and came around the desk to see my predicament. Now (Mary) is tall, 45, about 140lbs and built like the proverbial 'brick shithouse'. She has huge breasts and likes form fitting clothes that accentuate her figure. She also likes to show her cleavage. I have often masterbated thinking about her and wondering what those full breasts looked and felt like. I stammered and attempted to apologise, being completely embarrassed. She smiled and said that she was not offended and that was OK for me to continue. She wanted to know what I was reading and what I was thinking and wanted to see me stroke. She said that she had never seen her husband masterbate but suspected that he did. She pulled a chair up to my chair and told me to continue.

My cock had deflated during this embarrassing moment but when she didn't object and even encouraged me to continue it grew to a nice thickness and I continued, totally turned on with her watching me. She just softly whispered encouragements and leaned over to watch more closely. I turned in my chair to give her a better view. She kept glancing between my cock and my face as she told me how much she was enjoying herself. She didn't offer to touch and I didn't ask, I just continued to stroke and after about ten minutes she said she wanted to see me cum. I sped up and gripped tighter and brought myself off to a tremendous cum, spurting over my tummy and on my dress shirt. She got some tissue and I cleaned up my juices while she watched.

She told me that this was the most exciting thing that had happened to her in years and thanked me!

For the rest of the day she gave me knowing looks and smiles (and even looked at the spot on my shirt where I tried to wash out the cum spot), but we have not since ever spoken about it. She is a wonderful woman and a great employee and seemed to be comfortable with keeping this our secret. I have over the past several weeks used the incident to have great masterbation sessions here at my desk in the mornings. I am anxious to see if she might come in early again knowing what she will find.



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