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Surprise, surprise!

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Sometimes you get a shock that is so strong, it smacks you around the face! 


Elsie (yeah, I know....who calls their child Elsie?) Is a sporty, hockey-playing, football-playing, athletic type who I've known from school. She is a barrel of fun, especially to have at a party. She is also no stranger to cock, having lost he cherry at the tender age of 13, and openly fucked anything with a dick since! Even her parents know of her attitude to sex, but they've taken the view that they'd rather she was doing it in her room than in a hedge or in a car somewhere. Elsie doesn't tend to have one night stands, her style of more one week stands. She is the female equivalent of find them,, fuck them, forget them. 

Elsie is not, however, in any way technically minded. She is capable,of plugging a device into a mains socket, but it ends there. So one afternoon I get a phone call. "Help! My fucking computer's gone haywire!" Most of her friends have had phone calls like this from her, and usually, it's because she has the wrong plug in the wall, or she has forgotten she needs to turn the monitor on as well as the computer. 

This time. However, there really was a problem. Her bedroom was in its usual state of disarray. Wait, no. Not disarray. Disarray is untidiness. This room looked like a medium yield atomic device had gone off in it. Coffee cups, half eaten sandwiches, bras, many, many pairs of panties littered the room and there was a very strong scent of unwashed underwear! (Stop it, Claire! You're here to fix the computer!) It started up ok, but no Internet. The cause was simple enough. Mum and dad had changed their wireless router, and had thought that every device in the house would automatically attach itself. One passcode later, and bingo!

Elsie wa downstairs making us a coffee, and I swear I didn't go rummaging around.... I know what a girl keeps on her computer.... but up popped Elsie's Outlook emails, and there, in front of my eyes, was one of the dirtiest emails I've ever read..... AND it had pictures attached.... AND it was from another girl! "I want you inside me, Elsie" was the mildest comment there. There was lots of talk about creaming panties, finger fucking, licking out, tonguing arses, and even my favourite, pissing on me! And this, from a girl I've known all my life from school to Elsie, who, until now, I swear to God, I would have thought would kick the living shit out of any girl who made a pass at her, AND a girl who I know bloody well is addicted to cock! 

I scanned email after email in the chain. Her lover was good with a camera, and clearly was no stranger to pushing a wide variety of objects into herself both vagialky and anally. 

Then I saw some of Elsie's replies. They were every bit as dirty, and I saw images. For the first time, I saw Elsie's cunt, and what a cunt! Small, tight looking, the sort that look like they will tear, but can take a surprisingly big dildo. There was even one of Elsie clearly being fucked by a real cock with the caption, 'you get to lick this out of me later'.

I could hear clattering going on downstairs. Elsie is not domesticated, and when I heard "oh fuck! Where's the fucking sugar! " I knew I had a few more minutes. Right, Claire. Get your act together. First, forward these to me. Second, delete the email from the sent items list (not that Elsie would even know there was one). Then I sat back in the chair. 

Elsie is one tough cookie. I wondered about sex with her. I imagine it would be rough, violent almost. Whether male or female, I would imagine that it would be quite a ride, literally.

I was wet. The pictures and words had me squirming, but I knew I couldn't do anything about it there and then. Making a pass at Elsie could result,in the most wild ride of my life, or could equally well result in a trip to the emergency room!

I decided to risk a little touch. I slipped my hand into the waistband of my jeans and found I had to unbutton them. Jeans! Why fucking jeans? I never wear them these days for precisely this reason! Fuck! Unbutton, zip down a little way, hand in pantie. Fuck I'm wet! Really wet! I found my clit and rubbed it violently for a few seconds. I could still hear Elsie clattering about downstairs. She'd said something about muffins too, and I could smell hot pastries so maybe I had a few seconds. But enough to cum? I decided to pull up a picture of Elsie's cunt and that of her lover. I wanked so fucking hard! 

But the orgasm wouldn't happen! Shit! Then I heard her start to climb the stairs. I flicked Outlook off, and reached down and grabbed the nearest pair of her panties that I could see and I stuffed them in my pocket. I had barely done up my jeans when she kicked the door open and walked in.

Elsie is not, as I've said, domesticated and her coffee may be of use as a paint stripper, but isn't drinkable. The muffins were nice though, and still warm too. 

I told her what had been wrong with her computer, and that it was OK now.

"Good!" She said emphatically." I've got an important email I've got,to,send later today."

How I kept a straight face I have no idea! 

Sitting opposite someone who has just given you the surprise of all time, in a growing wet patch of desire, while wishing they would shove you backwards on their bed, put a strap on on, yank your knickers aside and fuck you through th bed is both a pleasant and unpleasant experience. 

In the end, we finished our snack and I left Elsie to her important email, and went home. 

Needless to say, once there, I could hardly wait to get into my room and wank myself silly. Elsie smelled sweet, very sweaty, but sweet, and just as I came, I sucked hard on the crotch of her panties. 

My experience at her house was so strong, so impactful, that I've had to wank off three times writing this. I'm also wearing her dirty panties too. I'll return them next time I go round there. I expect her room will still be a bomb site, and I doubt she has any idea she is a pair of panties short. 

Elsie, going both ways! No one would have thought it! 



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