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Sunny Days

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I live for a cheap thrill, but this one tops them all. The guys at work always joke about how often I'm in the right spot to see down a girl's top or up someone's skirt. This thrill happened right at my own house and is the best thing I have ever seen. It started when some neighbors of my wife and I had a small fire in their kitchen. The smoke damage was bad enough though that the insurance company suggested they stay at a hotel while the repairs were made to the house.

Our neighbors are Indian and the husband was over in India taking care of some family business and would be there for about 5 weeks. My wife invited Sunny, the neighbor's wife, to stay with us rather than be by herself at a hotel. I was kind of excited about this as I think Sunny is beautiful with her dark skin and big brown eyes and black hair, but at the same time we were adding onto our house as well as doing other renovations so our house was a mess. I was hoping to have some good luck and get some kind of cheap thrill with her but it was just not happening. Sunny is very conservative in her dress. She never wore anything revealing and no matter how hard I tried, I saw nothing. After about 2 weeks I came to the realization that it was not going to happen. Then my luck changed in a big way.

I get up pretty early in the morning to go to work. I was walking from our temporary bedroom to the new master bedroom/master bathroom that we were adding on. I passed by my son's room where Sunny was staying and saw that her door was open about half way. Me being the opportunistic pervert that I am had to stop and look in the room. My heart about jumped out of my chest at what I saw. Sunny was uncovered and only wearing a pink sheer nightie and no bottoms. She was lying on her back with on leg out straight and the other leg bent with the foot under the other leg's knee. The hallway light was shining right in on her and I had a perfect view of her wide-open, exposed crotch. It was beautiful. She had a nicely trimmed thick black bush. With her legs open like they were it left nothing to the imagination as to what she looked like down there. I could see everything and I just stood in the doorway enjoying the view and getting a massive hard on. I probably stood there looking at her pussy for 2 or 3 minutes when she started to stir. Again my heart about burst out of my chest and I turned to get out of there in a hurry. When I did, I smacked the back of my right hand on the doorframe. That hurt like HELL! I quickly went into the master bath and hoped I wasn't busted. My boner was gone by now and my heart was racing. I jumped into the shower closed my eyes and started recalling in my mind what I had just viewed. My erection started to return and the throbbing in my hand started to subside. The master bath is not yet completed so there is no door hung and when I opened my eyes I could see Sunny in the mirror peeking in on me. She jumped back so that I wouldn't catch her and I tried to act like I hadn't seen her. I continued my shower occasionally looking into the mirror and seeing Sunny watch me. My boner was harder than anytime I can remember and while I was washing my hair I reached down and started stroking it for Sunny to watch. I saw that she was still there and I closed my eyes and continued to stroke my cock up and down while I rinsed my hair. When I finished rinsing, I looked to see if Sunny was enjoying the show but she wasn't there. I thought maybe she had just stepped back again so that I didn't catch her so I continued my jacking and waited to see her in the mirror.

We are putting in a Jacuzzi tub in the master bath as well and so there is a hole between the master bath and the kids bath that is about 2 feet by 2 feet so we can get to the tub's motor. I looked over and noticed a light shining through the hole and thought maybe Sunny was in there. I left the shower running and jumped out and dried off quickly. The hole was in the perfect location to look right in at the toilet. This is when I got really lucky. Sunny was sitting on the toilet with her legs spread wide. She had her pink nightie pulled up and was pinching her right nipple between the index finger and middle finger on her right hand. She had really nice breasts. They were small but firm and her nipples were long and hard. I swear her nipples stood out about a half inch. She was also rubbing her clit with the middle finger on her left hand. Her eyes were closed and she was really enjoying herself. I was only about 3 feet away from her and she didn't even notice. It didn't take her long. After about a minute her speed increased on her clit and she was now pulling on her right nipple with her thumb and index finger. I was stroking my cock right along with her. Another 30 or 40 seconds and she started a long quiet moan and started to lean forward a little. I could see the muscles in her stomach tighten and she started to cum. She had a really hard orgasm and I shot my load all over the floor as I watched the ecstasy in her face. When she was done, she squeezed her legs together and held on to her pussy with her hand for another minute, then she stood to leave and I quickly jumped back in the shower and looked in the mirror for her to return. She never did. I got back out of the shower and dried off again and walked back down the hallway. This time her door was closed.

All day at work she was all I could think about. When I got home Sunny and my wife were watching some T.V. and Sunny acted like nothing had happened. I was dying to say something and finally got the opportunity when my wife left to prepare some dinner. I started some small talk with her and got around to talking about the addition. I told her that I needed to get busy and get the doors hung so that people would have their privacy when showering. Sunny looked at me a little wide eyed and then looked away. I could tell she knew she had been busted. Then I said that most of all I needed to finish installing the Jacuzzi tub because the hole in the wall leaves a perfect view of anyone using the toilet in the kid's bath. I've never seen someone with dark skin turn red before but Sunny did. She covered up her mouth and said, "Oh my god,... did you see me this morning?" I told her it was the most erotic thing I have ever seen! She started giggling and saying "Oh my god, oh my god" over and over again. My wife came back to the family room and asked what was wrong. I told her "nothing" because I didn't want to be in trouble for watching Sunny. But Sunny flat out told her, "Your husband caught me masturbating this morning". I knew my wife was not going to be happy with this and she looked at me and asked me "really?" I started to stutter and stammer when she said, "that must have been pretty hot?" I was speechless. I just looked back and forth between the two women like the cat that just ate the canary. My wife turned to go back to the kitchen when she said, "Sounds like you owe Sunny a little show of your own". Now I was the one that was embarrassed...and BUSTED!



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