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Student Toga Party - no Underwear.

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My first experience of public exposure.


Julia and I dated for nearly two years while studying at University. Julia was always independent, open minded and liked to explore her sensuality. Being with her was simply fun and for me enlightening. One example is a party we went to fairly early on in our relationship. It was a traditional student toga party, except Julia decided that she and I wouldn’t wear any underwear. My protests were met with her sexy smile and a promise only we would know. When we dressed in our sheets and accessories Julia looked stunning. However, I pointed out that in some lights her dark nipples were visible through the white sheet we made our costumes from. She did not seem to mind and it was one of the first times I started to realise she had an exhibitionist streak. Her toga came down to just above her knees, held tight to her body by a braded belt. Roman style leather sandals with straps up her calves just emphasised her beautiful legs. My toga was less fancy with a simple rope around the waist to support it. My toga also stopped just above the knee. My junk swinging free in the air actually felt quite exhilarating and as I looked in the mirror my cock twitched to a semi causing a small bulge in my tunic.

We caught a bus to go to the party at the University. On the bus ride, I could feel the vibration through the plastic vinyl seat. My balls started to tingle and my cock again started to swell. Julia was holding my hand resting in my lap and as my cock swelled she looked down then up to my face and burst out laughing. With a teasing smile, her hand gently caressed my growing cock through the tunic material. My mind was racing thinking I’m not going to be able to get off the bus! As we neared our stop people stood up to get off. Julia whispered in my ear ‘just stay close to me – no one will notice’. She then quickly stood up. I followed pushing my tented tunic into the small of her back. I whispered back ‘I told you this was a bad idea’. She shyly smiled at me over her shoulder and walked forward to exit the bus.

A few paces down the pavement the crowd we exited with had already thinned and I felt less conspicuous. I still had a tent and Julia kept looking at it every few steps. By the time we reached the party to be held in the dorm of one our friends to my relief my swelling had subsided. 2 hours into the party, Julia and I are sitting on the floor with a group of friends chatting. Julia turns to be and says these sandals are killing me and proceeds to take them off.  Placing her feet in my lap she requests a foot rub. Normally this would be heaven for me – she had the most gorgeous feet – straight toes and soft soles – and I had a foot fetish since I was a small boy. However, my only thought was no pants, I was going to tent in front of all my friends. Sure enough as I rubbed her left foot, my cock started to swell noticeably under Julia’s right foot sitting in my lap. She applied some downward pressure on my cock head and then rocked her foot gently in my lap causing me to loose concentration on the conversation. Then one of her girlfriends, sitting on Julia’s other side noticed and looked a little embarrassed. Julia fully aware of the situation just whispered (loudly) to her ‘don’t worry he just has a thing for feet’. Although I was embarrassed I felt I was doing nothing particularly wrong so I let my tent grow. Some of the guys laughed at me and said they were seeing a new side of me, and I just laughed along. My cock was dribbling some pre-cum and Julia noticed so she suggested we find somewhere a little more private. As she got up I noticed her nipples were erect as well. They were clearly visible through the fabric and it occurred to me she was turned on by showing me off. We went to the toilet, locked the door and were immediately all over each other – she was so hot. She reached under my toga and started to tug on my cock. I was not going to last long and I wanted her to have pleasure as well, so I pulled her toga off her shoulder to reveal her pert left breast with an incredibly erect brown nipple. Bending down I sucked on the nipple and rolled the bud with my tongue. She moaned and writhed around but did not miss a stroke for me. I then reached under her toga and pressed my hand flat on her pussy. She sighed and bit her lip. My gentle hand motion caused her juices to drip over my fingers and then she suddenly shuddered and pushed onto my hand with a lot of force. At the same time I tensed and I was aware of ropes of my cum splatting on the floor tiles. We quickly cleaned up and returned to the party a little flushed. Our friends just smiled with knowing looks across their faces. For me, this kind of almost public display was new but Julia was so confident, I simply felt a million bucks and wanted her all the more.




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