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State Wrestling Tournament

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Joe and I had been friends for about six years. We were both seniors, seventeen years old, in high school and were more like brothers than friends. We were so close that we even participated in the same sports. We both played football in the fall, wrestled in the winter and ran track in the spring. Needless to say we were in terrific shape.

Because Joe and I were in so many activities together I have seen him naked many times. His penis is larger than mine but not by much. I often wondered what it would look like when it was hard. Well I was about to find out.

The tournament had ended and we both weighed in, for those of you not familiar with wrestling you weigh in completely naked, for the next days matches. We decided that we should go back to our room and get a good nights sleep for the next days matches.

We both realised that neither one of us was tired so we sat up and talked about the days events. As the night went on the talk got away from wrestling and turned a little more personal. Joe asked me if I had ever masturbated. Reluctantly I said yes, I was in high school and it wasn't cool to masturbate. Joe asked if he could watch me do it. I told him no way, unless we both did it together. He said well why don't we make a contest and see who can cum first. I agreed. We both removed our shorts and I could see that he had been waiting to do this for a while. His hard-on was eight to nine inches long. There was already a bit of pre-cum on the tip. My penis was throbbing at this point and just begging to be rubbed.

Before we began however, I asked if I could help him get off to a quick start. He said he would appreciate the help. So I timidly reached over and grabbed his very erect penis and began to rub it like I would rub my own. Joe told me that it was obvious I knew what I was doing but said it was unfair that he was getting a head start. He then reached over and began rubbing my penis. As soon as he touched me my entire body quivered. I could not believe that I was letting another guy touch my penis.

I could tell by his facial expression that he was getting close. Being as competitive as I am, I concentrated more on myself than on my friend. About two minutes after we started we both came together. We called it a draw and Joe told me he wanted a rematch.

Unfortunately the rematch never came about. Like many high school friends I have lost touch with Joe over the years but think of him often and our night together. I wonder if he does the same.



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