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Spying on Girlfriends Mom

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This is a follow up to my story 'caught' naked and jerking by gfs mom which was posted on the third December 2011...


As I told in my story on the third of December, I had engineered two seperate situations where my girlfriends mother had first 'caught' me with no pants on (and seeing my penis) and then later completely naked and masturbating. It was incredibly erotic and it was a source of much masturbating.

I however thought, that since she had seen me, then it was only fair that I get to see something of her. Of course, there was no way she was just going to show me her breasts let alone her pussy.

So I came up with the idea of recording her somehow with my cell phone. The question was, how, where and when should I do this without getting caught. The best way of doing this I decided was to video her when she was using the bathroom.

My plan was to hide my cell in the pocket of a jacket and leave it discarded on the floor. Of course, I had a few practice runs using myself as a test subject. I used the toilet the same way I imagined a woman would if she was urinating, standing up and wiping my 'pussy'.

I went to watch what I videoed and was amazed at how well it came out! My penis was so clear and I hoped I would see Laura's bush.

The day arrived when my girlfriend was out shopping and Laura was in the kitchen. I quickly set up my trap and played the waiting game. Eventually, Laura needed to use the bathroom and I heard her go in. Patiently I waited for her to come out and when the coast was clear, I retrieved the phone and quickly raced up to my room.

Once there I stripped off, lay on the bed and watched my new movie.

My penis was growing more erect and already I was stroking. Eventually I got to the part were Laura entered the room. She lowered her pants and sat on the john. I still wasn't able to see any private parts yet but I watched on as Laura took a piece of toilet roll and waited for her to finish urinating. She stopped. She stood up to wipe, and I got to view it. I was sooo horney. She didn't have much hair there. She didn't seem the type to shave at her age so I imagine the hair must recede there when a woman gets older.

I constantly replayed her standing up as I stroked my erection. Then I splurted like I never came before!

Quickly I deleted it (much to my regret) and went down to join her, she never knew that I had seen her from the waist down.

I know what I did was probably a bit wrong but I think I want to do it again. What do you readers think. I'd really appreciate comments and advice on this. Has anyone else done something similar?



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