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Speedo Stories - Part 3

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Devin's speedo adventures


This is the third of my stories about my summer vacation when I was 13. As soon as school let out for summer, I got my first speedo swimsuit.  I had wanted one for a long time.  A boy in my class named Adam had worn one with green and white stripes for swimming in P.E., and I loved how the thin, shiny material looked on him.  I imagined how tight and silky they must feel.  When my mom took me shopping for summer clothes, I decided to look for a swimsuit just like his.

For about the last year or so, whenever my mom and I went shopping, she would give me some money and let me go pick out certain things on my own, usually things that I couldn't mess up too bad like a sweater or t-shirts. For other stuff she was there to make sure I got the size right and so forth.  Anyway, on this trip to the mall I asked if I could pick out my new swimsuit and some other things myself and she said ok.  She went off to shop for herself while I went searching for my first speedos.

Usually I just got my swimsuit at whatever department store we bought everything else, so that's where I tried first.  I looked and looked all over the boy’s department but I didn't see any, and when I asked the lady at the counter if they had speedo swimsuits, she had never even heard of them. I said "the suits like they wear on swim teams", and she told me to try the sporting goods store at the other end of the mall.

I looked up the sporting goods store on the directory and made my way through the mall.  I was pretty excited - I had been kind of turned on all morning with the anticipation of finally getting a swimsuit like Adam's, and as I got closer and closer to the store that was supposed to have them, I was getting harder and harder.  By the time I walked in the door of the shop, I was totally hard, sticking straight up in my pants.  I had on a pair of light blue levis cords that fit pretty tight, and they felt nice on me as I walked.

It took a minute to find where the speedo suits were because they weren't on hangers like the other swimsuits.  They were in little thin boxes on shelves against the wall at the back of the store .  After making sure it was ok to try them on, I opened up a few boxes and looked for a suit to try.  My excitement grew even further as I pulled the first speedos from the box and felt the silky nylon sliding over my fingers.  I held a couple of pairs up to me and size 28 looked closest, so I looked for size 28 with green and white stripes.  They didn't have any, but they did have some with blue and white stripes, so I took those and some plain red ones into the fitting room.

As I reached down to unzip my tight corduroy pants, I noticed how much my boner showed in them. I was glad I had on a t-shirt long enough to partially hide the front of my pants.  Then I took off my underpants and slipped on the striped speedos.  WOW!  They were so silky on me!  And they fit perfect, nice and tight just the way Adam's looked on him.  I just stood there looking in the mirror, running my hands all over them, feeling my hips, butt and boner through them.  I had never felt anything so sexy in my life.  I wondered how any boy could possibly put on this type of suit without getting an instant boner!

I tried on lots of different colours, and though several others looked cool and felt just as awesome, I decided on the blue and white striped ones.  I wished they had the green and white, but there was no way I wanted to wait and get them later.  I paid for them and walked out of the store, still totally hard in my pants.

We got home from clothes shopping around mid-afternoon, and after my mom got done cutting labels off everything, she went to back out to the grocery store, telling me to stick around to help carry stuff.  I immediately went to my room and put on my new suit.  I couldn't wait to try them out, and I had a little plastic pool in the back yard so I could at least see how they looked and felt when they got wet.

As I looked at myself in the mirror some more, I noticed how my boner totally showed in my new suit. It came up to the waist band, and the strings were tied in a bow that rested right on the end of the bulge.  The thin shiny nylon sort of caught the light, and even when I got as far away from the mirror as I could, I could totally see my boner in them. Especially from the side.  How would I ever wear them anyplace public?

Anyway, here's what happened next.  During the last couple of months, I had discovered a fun thing to do.  I would get on my bed and put the end of my blanket over my pillow and slide up and down on it.  The blanket had a wide strip of silky cloth on the ends of it.  I would put that silky part over my pillow end to end, then get on my pillow and line my boner up with that strip and slide up and down.  It felt really good, in fact lately it had started to feel incredible, and there would be a little slippery spot on it after.  While I did it, I always pretended I was wearing speedos, or that I was my friend Adam and he was wearing his.  So, here I was with REAL speedos on.  I climbed on my bed and got up on my pillow and started to slide up and down in my new suit.

It was WAY better than the other way - the tight silky feel of the suit on my hips and butt was even sexier than being naked, and no matter how I moved, my boner was rubbing on the silkiest cloth I ever felt.  It was so good.  As I went faster up and down I closed my eyes and pretended my pillow was Adam, and pictured us on my bed, both wearing our striped speedos with our butts wiggling around and our boners rubbing on each other through the material.  Pretty soon I got that feeling, the strongest I had ever felt it.  I could actually feel my cum spurting along with the throbby feeling I had been getting more and more lately.  When I got up off my bed, I saw I had a noticeable wet spot near the waistband.

I was glad I was home by myself.  I went out in the yard and turned the sprinklers on and let myself get good and wet.  Soon the thin silky fabric was drenched and clinging to me.  The suit felt great in a whole new way that made me get fully hard again in no time.  My boner showed even more than when they were dry!  I let my hands roam all over the clingy wet nylon, feeling the slipperiness from before rinse away with some help from my fingers.  After a bit, I went and slipped into my little plastic pool.

It was just deep enough so the water covered me if I lay down in it.  I laid on my back for a while, looking down at my hard cock straining through the wet nylon, slowly stroking through the cloth.  Then I turned over on my stomach and hung on to the side with one hand, my knees resting on the bottom.  With my right hand I started rubbing the front of my wet speedos under the water.  The inner layer of nylon clung to my boner, the outer layer to my hand, and together the friction was amazing.  I imagined I was with my friend again, this time in the pool at school.  I rubbed faster and harder, moving up and down at the same time, pushing up with my knees. Then I came in my suit again, and this time my hand was feeling my boner though the thin fabric as it throbbed and swelled with each spurt.  Wow, how great!  I was totally exhausted.  After I laid there in the water for a while, relaxing, making sure none of the slippery stuff was stuck to the cloth, I got out and went inside.

As gave my new speedos a quick rinse in the bathroom sink and lovingly hung them up to dry, I was already looking forward to my next chance to put them on.  As it turned out, I wore them a lot more that summer, and had lots of fun in them through junior high and high school too.



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