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Spanking Leads To Other Things

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Long time lurker, first post.


Being in the restaurant industry, its a very flirtatious business for the employees. Lots of teasing, joking, and eventual work related trysts.

I was working with a woman for about a month when I innocently patted her on the ass one day. She immediately let out a low squeal, but nothing else. I did it again much later with a little more force, and this time she playfully warned me about stopping before it becomes something more. I was very intrigued by this, and did it once again without much of a response, but could see she was clearly excited.

The next week, as we were sitting around after the shift talking, she started telling me how she loves a sound (yet not too hard) spanking/submission as a way to get her extremely wet. I played right along, and she allowed me to 'punish' her properly. I gave her three smart pops right on her perfectly round (yet still clothed) ass as she held the counter in front of her. She spun round, blushed a bit, and then I gave her a deep hug to let her know how much I enjoyed it as well.

This progressed on and off once a week for about a month or so. Sometimes she would let me do it, and sometimes tell me no because it was getting inappropriate. Other times I could tell her body was saying yes and her mind/mouth was meekly saying no, so I would just come up behind her, bend her forward and give her a couple of sweet slaps on her behind. She never complained, just stated that we must stop and blushed deeply.

The spankings eventually led to a more private area where she confided that I firmly pull on her hair as I applied her 'punishment.' I would readily agree, giving her about six slaps each session while my erect cock slid up and down against her thigh. I would always give her a great hug afterwards, soothing and reassuring her while I pressed up against her warmth. I began masturbating thinking of spanking her and looking at submissive/spanking pictures.

Abruptly, the sessions stopped. She was getting nervous about it going too far and was also not happy how I had been treating her during our shift together. Two or three weeks passed with no spankings and very few kind words spoken to one another.

This past week, I held out the olive branch as best as I could in an effort to be friendly. However, deep down I wanted to resume our weekly playtime together. She warmed slowly to me, but it was not until I grabbed her from behind and applied my hand to her delicious rear-end that she really reacted.

'Ok, the spanking is back on now!' she proclaimed through her reddened face. I had figured she was missing it as much as I was. So, after the shift ended I asked her to come and talk to me in our meeting place and she knew what I was asking.

I closed the door behind me as she noticed that there were at least two or three people within a few yards that may be able to hear us. I did not think so, but I reassured her and neither of us really seemed to mind anyway.

I told her to grab the desk, and as I prepared to begin she looked over her shoulder to speak. 'Do you want me to tell you why it feels so good to me?' she asked. I assumed the question was rhetorical.

'Of course I do!' 'When you spank me, it stings, then it warms up and moves to here,' her hand was pressed up against her crotch. 'Then I get all wet.'

I thought I was going to come in my pants right there. So I began, I grabbed a full head of hair, and applied three sharp smacks on her right ass cheek. 'Do you want me to do the other side?' I hopefully inquired. She just nodded and leaned back over. So I shifted and gave three good pops on the other cheek. Usually, when I am done she stands back upright and we hug and she leaves quickly, I assume to go home and masturbate. This time she stayed bent slightly forward and I quickly moved to hug her and lean my cock on her ass from behind. I felt one of her breasts slightly as she mumbled about her growing pleasure. I stayed behind her and started to roam my hands over her thighs and waist. Eventually, I moved one hand to the front of her pants. She made no attempt to withdraw my hand. I began to rub slow circles around her clit. She just rocked back and forth while I buried my face in her neck. Slow moans and gasps slipped from her lips. It increased more and more until she slightly turned and spoke.

'I need you to touch it for me to get off.' I thought I was going to come in my pants again.

'You want me to touch it?' I was asking her but had already found the front of the jeans. I ever so slowly undid her pants and slid my hand down to her dripping wet pussy. We were both eagerly awaiting her coming orgasm. I continued to play with her clit as she got more and more wet, and the gasps got louder and louder. She said my name a couple of times so loudly I thought for sure someone was going to find us. She then grasped at my wrist and shoved my finger into her sopping pussy. I continued to play with her until she eventually came with a long gasp and clenched her body tightly. I slid my fingers out, buttoned her up and gave her a long, loving, thankful hug. The whole event could not have lasted more than five minutes. Ths spanking/hair pulling must have really helped her along immensely. I thanked her and she quickly thanked me right back.

I expected nothing in return for me getting her off. Indeed, I told her I would gladly do it again for her sometime. I really wanted to just make her cum, more than anything. Do not get me wrong, if she had offered to return the favor I would have let her. Maybe that is for another day. I will certainly keep you updated if anyone cares to hear more.

What a great website. Masturbation should be openly practiced and accepted by everyone. Its so healthy!



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