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Solo Fun at School

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I was always getting a hard on at school and frequently had to relieve myself


Often when I was bored at school I'd find myself getting a hard on. It often just happened and if nobody could see me I'd slip my hand onto my jeans and start to fondle myself. I used to find it gave me an extra thrill to masturbate myself surrounded by everyone else, none of whom knew what I was doing. On a few occasions I was able to get my cock out usually if I was sitting in the back row. Then I'd quietly stroke myself till I shot my cream onto the floor. I'd rub it in with my shoe.

Sometimes I'd unzip myself and slip my hand inside and play with myself while pretending to be deeply engrossed in my work or listening avidly to the teacher droning on. I could feel my hot and very hard cock through my underwear. Or if it wasn't safe to unzip I'd rub myself through my jeans. On several occasions I lost control and couldn't stop myself from shooting my load into my underwear, leaving me with a stick mess in my underpants for the rest of the day. Even that, though a bit uncomfortable was a secret turn on.

I often went into the toilet at lunch time and locked myself in a cubicle so that I could take my jeans and briefs down and sit on the toilet seat and masturbate till I shot my load down the bowl. Once I looked up after I'd come and saw another boy looking over the partition at me. He just grinned at me and disappeared though I was a bit shocked.

I knew other boys masturbated in class or in the toilets because they sometimes made crude remarks about their activities. So I knew I wasn't the only one. Probably just about the whole school was doing it at some time or other (I went to an all boys school though it wasn't a boarding school). Sometimes I'd see other boys playing with themselves under the desk and at that age that would get me horny as it put the idea into my head. What I really wanted was for some girls to see me sexually aroused and that was part of the fantasy.

Sometimes after sports I'd linger in the showers and if I felt it was safe then I'd rub soap all over my cock and balls. I'd have a hard on in an instant and I'd frantically rub myself to a quick orgasm always fearing that someone would interrupt me. That was part of the thrill, the fear of being caught. A few times I was but apart from the usual crude remarks nothing happened as a result and I never got into trouble.

As always writing this down has given me an exciting hard on so I'll stop there and give myself some hand relief!



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