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Shower Fun

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My best friend Kelly inherited her parents house after they passed away. It was tough on her and I stayed over for a week to help her out. After we boxed up everything and gave a lot to charity she sold the rest. I asked her what she wanted to do with the house and she told me she wanted to live in it. Kelly told her landlord and we moved her out over a few days. After she was moved in I told her I had to get back to my place. Kelly looked at me and said I was home. I looked at her and asked her if she wanted me to move in. She smiled and said yes and then please in a way she knew I couldn't say no to. We went to my apartment and I told the landlord I was moving and in a week I was moved into her parents house. Kelly had her parents room and I had her old bedroom. It was nice and I was glad I didn't have to pay rent anymore.

The house only had two bathrooms, one full and one half. Kelly needed to be at work earlier than me and by the time I woke up she was either gone or going out the door. When Kelly was just leaving most mornings she usually would come over and kiss me goodbye like a husband and wife. One morning it was 7:30AM and I called out, but didn't hear Kelly. I went to the bathroom and then back to my room and stripped and walked nude to the shower. I opened the bathroom door and Kelly is sitting on the toilet. We both shocked each other and Kelly starts to look down at my crotch.

I was a second late and she saw my penis. I covered up and asked what about work today. She told me she decided to take a personal day. I am naked except for my hand over my penis and when I look at Kelly she has on a thin shirt and nothing else. I tell her I must shower and decide to use my hands and my now growing erection is out in the open. Kelly looks down and I get in front of her and start the water. She tells me I have a nice looking penis. I tell her thank you and I love her hard nipples. Kelly looks down and her nipples are poking out of her shirt. She laughs and asks if she could join me in the shower. I stopped thinking for a few seconds and Kelly asks me again. I tell her yes and she looks down and says my dick looks bigger than before. Kelly stands up and tosses her shirt down and I am looking at breasts I have been trying to see for years. I look into her eyes and move closer to her and lean down and kiss her. Kelly puts her hands over my head and pulls me in and I feel my penis on her stomach. I moan and so does she. We get into the shower and wash each other's body. I pay close attention to her breasts, vagina and butt. Kelly washes my penis and ass and tell me she likes how both are nice and hard.

We get out of the shower and towel off and Kelly leads me by my hard penis into her room. We get on the bed and Kelly tells me to make love to her right now. The rest is beyond the rules of this site. We cuddle and fall asleep in each others arms.

We take in one day at a time and over the next few months I move more and more into her bedroom. Soon it is our bedroom and we decide to get married and try to have a family. We now have been married for 7 years and have a boy and a girl. Each one is named after her parents.



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