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She Had Hair

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Back when I was in high school, I became friends with a guy and we got pretty close. He also had an older sister that was in her first year of college, and it turned out that sometime in that year she became a nudist and even did so at home.

It was towards the end of our school year, but she was already out and moved back home. Sometimes when I was over at his house she had on a long t-shirt or just her underwear, but a couple times she walked around in front of me completely nude. Not only that, she also had a bush. I was used to watching porn where the girls were shaved clean, so something about her having hair really turned me on. I did a pretty good job of hiding it, but I definitely got horny watching her.

After our year ended I went over to his house unannounced. His mom's car was gone and when I knocked on the door, it took a while but she cracked it open, just poking her face from behind it. 'Oh hey, take off your shoes and come on in.' I slid them off and squeezed through the opening, and when she shut the door I saw she was walking around naked again, and she didn't seem to mind showing me. She sat on the floor with her back on the couch and I asked where he was, and she told me he went with their mom to their grandparents and would be gone most of the day, but I could hang out there if I wanted. I figured I came all the way over, so why not.

I sat in a chair across from her and tried to watch TV, but I kept looking over at her body while she read a magazine. She had her ankles crossed so her legs were closed tight, but the patch of hair was still showing. I was really getting horny and my erection was on display. She looked up and saw it, then asked if I liked what I saw. I apologized but she said 'no it's ok, I like it when guys see me naked. But when they see me...I usually see them.' I sat there stupidly for a few seconds and asked her 'should I...take mine off too...?' She smiled and said sarcastically 'well you can if you want!' I could tell by the way she said it that it meant 'yes, strip you moron'. I was nervous, but I stood up and pulled off my shirt, then my shorts and underwear, showing her my very, very hard cock. 'Now that's more like it! Come sit next to me.' My heart was pounding, and I sat by her on the floor, just inches apart.

It was only quiet for seconds when she asked me what about her turned me on, and I told her I was surprised she had hair. She giggled and said a lot of guys like it so she keeps it full. She then started rubbing her toes on the bottom of my foot, which made my cock twitch. After a couple of minutes of footsie she got up and knelt over my lap, saying she guesses she'll make the first move. She kissed me and grabbed my hand, rubbing it against that big, hairy mound. I couldn't believe I was touching it and I started rubbing her wet slit which made her moan. She told me we couldn't have sex because she didn't have any condoms, but she would make it worth it.

She got me into the middle of the floor and laid me down, got on top of me and started grinding her bush on the underside of my penis. It tickled, but it felt so good I groaned and squeezed her as she dry humped me. She started kissing me and said my cock was hot against her belly, then we rolled over and I started jacking off while she fingered herself. Pre cum was pouring out of my slit, and I would wipe it off against her thigh. Every time I thought I was going to cum, I sat back on my heels and squeezed it tight, not letting myself blow. I stopped myself three times before she started bucking with her own orgasm. Her mouth hung open, her eyes squinted, her toes clinched and spread apart. I couldn't even touch myself watching this because I knew I would explode, so all I could do was watch. When she came down I told her I really needed to cum, so she lifted her feet and spread her legs, then told me to go ahead. I started stroking harder and lasted for about five seconds before blowing the biggest load of my life all over that bush, milking out every drop onto her patch.

She giggled again and started smearing it around, proudly displaying her matted, cum soaked pubic hair. I fell onto my back and tried catching my breath, and she laid next to me and we talked for a while, saying we can't mention anything about this and I agreed. Even so, it wasn't long before I started getting hard again, and this time she grabbed it and started stroking it for me. The whole time she squatted next to me, with her cum-covered pussy in full view. It took a little while but I came again, this time all over myself. She smiled and went to the kitchen and came back with a wet towel, then wiped me off.

She told me she needed to clean herself up too, then ran upstairs and wiped as much off as she could, then came back down in her flip flops and a skimpy shirt which barely covered her waist. She was going to get in the pool and asked if I wanted to swim, but I said I should probably go because it wouldn't look right when they came home. She agreed and kissed me and rubbed her bush against my thigh, then I got dressed and went home. For the next few days I jacked off countless times thinking about what happened, but even though I saw her naked many times that summer, that day was the only time anything happened.



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