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Science Lab Partner

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The following story occurred when I was 13 and in the eight grade (Catholic school). During Science lab (which was a combined class of 6th, 7th and 8th graders), my lab partner was a sixth grade girl named Sue. Sue lived a couple blocks over from me and I knew her a little bit, and to me she was pretty much a giggly pain-in-the-butt 'little kid'. On this particular day she was being her usual annoying self, to the point where, at the end of class, she stole my good pen and wouldn't give it back. I chased her down the hall and finally cornered her by the locker room just before the bell for the next class rang.
I insisted she give me back my pen (it had been a Christmas present from my uncle). She held it above her head, laughing and refusing. As I pressed closer and tried to grab it from her she said, 'If you want it, you'll have to get it!' and proceeded to place it down inside her blouse. Completely flustered (never having touched a girl anywhere near her breasts before) but very much wanting my special pen back, I stepped forward and before I knew what I was doing put my hand down her white blouse. There was a mix of fear, anger and definite arousal as I felt the pen wedged into her bra. Since I had already gone so far to put my hand inside her shirt, I moved my hand further until I felt my pen. I also felt other things: the silkiness of her bra, the softness of her small budding breast, and the distinct texture of what I later realized was her nipple. All of these feelings registered inside my brain to bring me to an instant heightened state of arousal. I was hard almost instantaneously. Sue seemed as shocked as I was that I actually had the chutzpah to put my hand inside her blouse, and I will never forget the image burned in my mind of her back against the wall, hands at her side and her astonished expression as she looked down at my hand fishing around for my pen inside her shirt. As I removed my hand (no, I didn't linger in there...!) we briefly made eye contact before I ran down the hall and I detected a small, devilish grin breaking out on her face.
After my last period I returned to my locker to retrieve the books I needed for homework that night, and I found a note stuffed inside. It was from Sue, asking me to meet her back by the gym so that we could walk home together. Now I had NEVER walked home with her before (why should I have - she was 2 years younger than me and we hardly talked besides in Science Lab). Since I couldn't get the incident from earlier in the day off my mind, and since I was completely horny at that point, I raced to the gym foyer and found her waiting for me. No words were spoken as we walked off school grounds and back towards our neighborhood.
Finally she broke the silence. 'So you got a good feel this morning?' She was obviously nervous, and used laughter and giggling to hide it.
'Well, yea. But I wanted my pen and you wouldn't give it to me,' I said to her.
'Don't get all upset, I'm not mad at you,' she said. 'It was just, you know, weird feeling your hand feeling around inside my shirt.' More giggles, more laughter - from both of us.
'Have you ever done that to a girl before?' she asked.
'No way!' I replied. I wasn't sure where this was going, but as we continued chit-chatting, I began to look at Sue a bit differently than I ever had before. She was a petite girl, about 5' shorter than me, with shoulder-length dirty blonde hair, nice blue eyes, lots of freckles on her cheeks and nose and some pretty adorable dimples when she smiled. She wore the 'traditional' catholic school garb: a white blouse (long-sleeved, but she had the sleeves rolled up; I also noticed she had the top TWO buttons undone, not the usual one or none that most girls did), a plaid skirt that stopped just above her knees and blue ankle socks. I began imagining what might lie beneath her skirt.
'Well, I'm sorry I did that, OK? I won't ever do it again. Just don't tell anyone alright?'
'OK' she promised.
'OK, see ya then,' I said and turned to head towards my house.
'Wait! Do you want to come over my house for a little bit? My dad's out of town on business and my mom won't be home from work for 3 hours. We can just hang out.'
I didn't need any convincing. Endless possibilities rolled through my mind. Before I knew it we were sitting in her living room, watching TV and drinking soda. I was wondering what, if anything, would happen next when she said, 'I have to change, I can't stand wearing this stupid uniform when I don't have to. Wanna come to my room while I put on a t-shirt and some shorts?'
A silly question. Of course I did, and I told her so, and followed her up the stairs to her room. As she led the way up the stairs, I was able to see briefly up her skirt, which only fueled my hormonal fire even more. When we got to her room, she told me to sit on her bed while she went into her closet. I assumed she would change in there, but she emerged holding a shirt and shorts, and her blouse was undone from her skirt.
'Do you want to watch me change?' She had that devilish smile again, and she was blushing, a lot. Her face was very red. And so was mine. My first reply was 'Really???' which was quickly followed by 'Yea, sure' in my coolest possible way (which wasn't very cool).
She rather quickly unbuttoned her blouse and shucked it from her shoulders, then, as if in a hurry, unzipped the back of her skirt and let it drop to the floor. No fancy underwear for Sue. A plain white bra (with a little pink bow in the middle) held in her small breasts; in fact, she had probably only been wearing a bra for a short time. Her panties were white cotton, very snug, and had a strip of lace running around the top of the waistband. They were briefs style, with the waist pulled up just below her belly button. However, my eyes zeroed in on her crotch, as the tightness of her underwear allowed for a very clear outline of her vagina.
As she was holding her shorts, preparing to pull them on, she noticed me staring. I was completely hard, not because she was sexy (actually she was far from it, but in my experience she was the most absolutely beautiful female I had ever laid eyes on) but because I was seeing her in her underwear. She dropped her shorts on the floor and sat on the bed next to me.
'It's only fair that since you got to see me in my underwear that I get to see you,' she said.
It was hard to argue. And I would have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge at that moment if she asked me. I stood up and quickly took off MY catholic school costume, beginning with my school tie, and white shirt. I then removed my shoes and socks, and unbuttoned my slacks. As I was doing so Sue move back on the bed and sat Indian-style watching me. I dropped my pants and she locked in on the lump in my Hanes underwear. There was no hiding it. I had a huge boner and it was creating a very noticeable tent. We both started to giggle and she said, 'Can I see it' while pointing at my erection. I wanted nothing more in the world for her to see it - except to see what lied beneath her white cotton panties.
'I'll pull mine down if you do too,' I told her. More laughing and giggling, especially from her. 'OK!' she said and she literally jumped up and stood in front of me.
I was first. My cock sprang out like it had a super-ultra tight spring attached to it. I left my underwear around my thighs, any my hard-on protruded proudly in front of me with slight upward angle towards my stomach. I had matured early, and had a full thatch of black pubic hair surrounding my penis and balls, and was far as I could tell from peeking at other guys in the locker room, I was one of the better hung guys in school.
Sue, who was a little bit slower and only slightly hesitant, began to pull her panties down. She bent over as she pulled them down, and then quickly stood upright. She too left them around her thighs, and I was finally treated to seeing my first real pussy. It was beautiful, with just a few wisps of blonde hair covering the cleft of her vagina. As I looked at her I began to stroke myself, out of habit and also out of complete horniness. She just looked at me and smiled, and as she did she reached between her breasts (where the pink rose was...) and unhooked her bra. As she removed it, I began to jack faster, staring at her small but gorgeous breasts (I distinctly remember how large her areolas were, and the that her nipples were erect) and as she turned to toss her bra on the bed, I was stunned by how perfect her little ass was. I could absolutely not believe that was staring at this VERY cute girl wearing nothing but her panties pulled down her thighs about a foot in front of me. Being as worked up as I ever had been, and not having much stamina or control, I was on the verge of having an orgasm in seconds. I began to buck my hips, and I groaned that I was about to come. With that I launched a thick rope of come that splashed against Sue's left thigh and panties; my subsequent spasms produced a copious amount of come that ended up pooled on the floor and all over my hand and fingers. Sue was laughing and giggling and making comments like 'I can't believe you jerked off in my room!' and 'Oh my god you actually spermed on ME!' She wasn't pissed, just surprised. I found out later that she was a rather, um 'worldly' girl and had had previous experiences with her cousin who had masturbated several times in front of her. We ended up spending that summer doing a lot of experimenting (mostly kissing and mutual masturbation; no intercourse and only once did we try oral on each other); the next fall she moved to Michigan.
That was my very first sexual experience and by far one of the best I have had in my life.



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