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Saturday Morning

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Okay so, I'm 16, 5'2', blonde, thin but curvy (D size boobs with a tiny waist), and here is a little story for ya.

The other day, I'm lounging around my house, it's a Saturday morning and I have no where to be. I end up getting in this really hot conversation with a friend of mine, and I was really horny by the time we said goodbye. After I had put down the phone I decided to lock myself in the bathroom. I stripped naked and straddled the toilet, then I started rubbing my palm slowly along my clit and my opening.

When I started to become sensitive (which didn't take long) I found an old tube of mascara lying on my bathroom counter. I decided this would work nicely, its smooth and a little thicker than my finger. I ran its cold surface along my clit before sticking it in. I was super tight this morning and even though it wasn't that big I still had to work it in. After a few pumps I was able to get it all the way in, and I continued doing that for a while, and after I bit added a little clit rubbing with my other hand.

I sat doing this for a while, but then had a better idea. I was starting to get a little dry so I spit on my fingers and rubbed it into my clit. It made it so much more smooth and added a different sensation to the rubbing. I stood up then, and put my right leg on the counter and kept my left on the floor. I leaned forward on to my leg that was lifted and continued to rub my clit. It felt so good that when I was close I wanted to keep going, but then I remembered an idea my friend had told me, and I had to stop.

I ran the water in my bathtub and waited for it to get warm enough that I could get in, all the while I can feel my pussy pulsing from stopping right before and orgasm. When the water was warm I got in, I sat as close as I could to the flow of water that was falling from the faucet. I ended up having to put my legs going straight up the wall and laying on my back before the stream would hit me. I lay there with the water on full blast falling down right onto my clit and opening.

I'm already super sensitive from everything I had done earlier, so the minute the water hit my clit I was shivering. It was great, I could lay there in the warm water and not have to do anything, and it would keep steadily going. Only after about a minute I could feel a big orgasm coming on, the kind that if you can help it you flinch away from before they happen just because they are that powerful. I instinctively moved back so the water was now falling on just my opening and not my clit which was going crazy. That made me mad though, I wanted that big orgasm, and I cut it short. After a moment of rest I scooted myself against the wall again so the jet fell right on my clit with full force. It didn't take long, I could feel an orgasm of the same intensity building again. I was determined to see it though, it was so strong that my hands were balled into fists and I was squirming around in the tub, but I made sure I never moved out from under the flow of water. I had to bit my lip from being loud it was that powerful.

When it was over I pulled back from the fall of water and just sat in the tub to rest for a bit. That had to of been one of my best orgasms I have ever had masturbating. (I highly recommend trying it. Haha.)



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