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Satisfied with Cum

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A few months back I finally landed my dream job of working at my public library. Being a new employee I knew that I would have to be trained, little did I know it would be by the boss's sixteen-year-old son who I'll call John.

Now John is really what you would call, attractive. He has really bulging muscles especially his chest and arms. He has short black hair that he always keeps spiked and his whole body is a deep tan color. In the end he's every girl's dream boy. I have always liked girls but like any other guy, I assume, I can't help but admire him.

Anyway, one Saturday John and I were assigned to work the library. The day was pretty slow since it was the weekend and everyone wanted to be outside. Since I was technically still in training John had complete command over me and obnoxiously ordered me around.

Around 2:00pm a twenty something woman came into the library wanting to pay a fine. She was really hot, had huge breasts, and she was wearing this really revealing pink mini dress that was really tight. Once I had taken care of her and she had left I noticed that John had disappeared. I figured he had gone to file some books and decided to go take care of my business in the employee bathroom.

When I got there I noticed the door was ajar slightly and I could hear heavy breathing noises inside. I opened and flashed on the lights to reveal John with his pants around his ankles pumping what had to be the biggest cock I have ever seen!

I was just about to turn and leave when I heard him yell 'Hey come back here!'

I obeyed and returned to the bathroom where he had just pulled up his boxers. He then said 'What's your problem, haven't you ever seen a guy jacking before, you do it don't you?' I nodded and answered, 'I'm sorry.'

He then smiled and said that it was ok and tried to make me promise that I wouldn't tell anyone. I was about to say yes but then I came up with another idea. Up until then I personally had not been able to bring myself to cum just yet and I was curious to see what it looked like in real life. I said 'Sure but on one condition.' His face then turned worried. 'What?' he asked

'I get to see you jack off after work, I want to see what cum looks like.' He smiled and said we had a deal. After we had locked up the library I called my mom and said I was going to go to my friend's house for a little while. I got into John's truck and we drove to a deserted little field where John proceeded to take off his clothes. Once he had taken off his shirt and pulled down his pants and boxers to his ankles he stared at me as if waiting for something.

'What?' I asked, 'Well aren't you going to jerk off too?' I blushed at hearing this. I had no problem with seeing other people jerk but it was completely embarrassing when I had to do it. 'It's only fair.' He said. Finally I gave in. I took off my shirt to reveal my chest, which was not nearly as buff as his but still had a pretty good build and pulled down my pants and boxers to release my modest five-inch dick. Once I had done that John then started the lengthy process of pleasuring himself. He began slowly barely patting his dick, which was about 6+ inches by the way, and gradually started to go faster. I followed suit after a few minutes not nearly as vigorously as him though.

As the minutes rolled on I noticed that John was really starting to get into his jacking. Soon he began to mumble the same light moans I heard him release in the employee bathroom. With his free hand he tweaked his pink nipples, which were quite large, and ran it down his pecs and six-pack as they bulged ever so slightly.

I on the other hand simply went at a gradual pace as I waited for the point of no return. The pre-cum was soon flowing out by the gallons from John's dick and it was evident he was really close. Finally John let out almost a yelp of ecstasy and with one last bulge of his pecs and one thrust of his hips he spurt out a river of white cum all over his hand, leaving me completely in the dust only releasing a dribble of clear liquid. After he had finished releasing and had recovered from his orgasm John scooped up some of the cum that had landed on his tight belly and thrust it in my face saying 'This is cum, satisfied.' After experiencing how foul it smelled, I was satisfied.

We had one more experience after that, but that's another story.



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