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Sara Late For a Meeting

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Sara was a handful and created some great memories. Never about seeing naked people or being naked This is my second story about Sara


More about Sara when I was living I my 2 bedroom, 1 bath home. It became routine for Sara to stay over Tuesday night so she didn't have to drive home for an hour+ at night and then turn around early in the morning for her morning class. I also would go to my other job early whenever before my I taught and as a result I would be gone before she got up.

This morning however, I was in the shower when she burst in to pee. She blurted, sorry, I forgot that I was going to meet Amy this morning. All she had on was a regular t-shirt, not a long one like you may have as a nightie, but one that came down to her waist. Sara was about 52, maybe 115 lbs., nice athletic build, C-cup, dark hair and striking green eyes. I had not seen Sara in anything other than t-shirt and panties in the evening or the few times or in the in the morning.

My shower was designed in a way so it didn't need a door, so I was full exposed, not that she hadn't seen me naked already. My first reaction was to turn away and I immediately started to feel aroused. Then I decided there was nothing to hide from and since I was close to being done, I shut the water off and grabbed a towel to dry. Sara was on the toilet with only a t-shirt and while she was peeing, I continued to get hard and I wasn't going to hide it. She was looking at me and smiled. When she was done, she immediately left without a word. I was so aroused with this glimpse of Sara that I started to stroke as I was finished drying off.

Sara was back in moments and asked if I minded if she hopped into the shower. Without waiting for an answer, she stripped off her t-shirt and started the water and stepped in not paying attention to anything I was doing. I so wanted to stand there and watch while I masturbate to this vision in front of me, but I thought I better leave, or maybe I chickened out for the moment. I wrapped a towel around me and left to get a cup of coffee in the kitchen. I poured Sara a cup also and went back to the bathroom. Sara was drying off and we chatted as I was walking in to bring her a cup of coffee. She thanked me and glanced up at me as she was drying her legs. I quickly caught myself and looked away instead of continuing to look at her beautiful breasts as they swayed back and forth. I set the coffee on the counter and I asked about Ann.

I was thinking, Oh WOOOW! . I was so turned on seeing her nude for the first time. She also was smooth, clean shaven with her pussy lips nicely showing. They actually not only puffy but her lips looked quite large. I was going out of my mind and I was trying to keep a cool exterior. We were exchanging words, something about Ann and her plans for the day. I was so hard and trying to stay focused on the conversation to not look like a fool. She dropped her towel in the hamper and walked over to pick up the coffee. She was so beautiful nude I was going out of my mind.

After picking up her coffee, she looked down at my towel and could clearly see how my erection was pushing the towel out. She gently pulled the towel off me and watch my cock spring to action. What happened next was a huge surprise. She reached out and gave my cock a gentle squeeze and then said, You should take care of the now or you will be uncomfortable all day.

With that she walked out and I began to stroke again. I was so hard I could have cum immediately. But since I had time to kill, I slowed down and edged some. I was so close that I decided to stop for a few and went to get a refill as my cock bobbed up and down. Out in the kitchen I was admiring my cock throb and then made a pulse to see how hard I could make it. I heard Sara ask if there was any more coffee and turned to see her dressed in blue jeans and nice top.

I poured her a cup with one hand and began to stroke with the other while she held her cup out. She smiled and said, your talented. I set the pot down and began to stoke so I could cum. She clearly was wanting to watch the show as she sipped her coffee. With my right I stroked and with my left I held it to catch the cum.

After a few minutes, I exploded and I had an unusually large load, more than I could catch. The first shot hit counter top and cabinet. The second hit the cabinets and floor and then I was able to catch the rest, although it began to seep through my figures. I surprised myself how much cum I had. Sara asked if I usually have that much and I of course, lied and said yeah.

When I was coming down from the orgasm high, looked up and Sara was smiling with her cup of coffee in hand. Smiling ear to ear, she remarked, You needed that didnt you!

She left shortly after that. For me that was a huge memory that I repeat in my head often and it still gets me a great orgasm.



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