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SAGGING OFF by dmf47 (dmf47@my)
The heat in the car had become overwhelming, even with the sun roof open and both side windows. I felt distinctly uncomfortable in my business suit, perspiration trickling down my chest and causing my shirt to stick wetly to my back. Looking across at Jane I could see that she was suffering just the same, her auburn hair plastered to her forehead, a bead of sweat just about to slide down along the side of her pert little nose. At least she had the advantage over me in that she was able to wear a light summer dress, whilst I suffered in a dark blue suit.
For England in early May it was unseasonably hot, and driving back to the office from a difficult meeting with clients and after a good lunch the prospect of returning to a hot stuffy office was not appealing. Jane must have been reading my mind because she said "Why don't we tell the office our meeting went over to the afternoon. It would be a crime to waste this fantastic weather. Knowing our luck it will be raining by the weekend."
I needed no persuading and rang in on my cell phone and cleared us for the rest of the day.
"Now what?" I asked, turning to her as she drove.
"Well, since there's a decent beach only a few minutes from here, why don't be go there and soak up some rays? I'd like to get some sun on me before I go away on holiday this year."
I hesitated, not wanting to sound like a complete idiot, but had to point out that we didn't have any beach wear.
"Oh don't be a dope," she chided, "we can still enjoy the sun and the sea air. What do you say? OK?"
How could I refuse? So it was that very soon we pulled into a dusty, deserted car park overlooking a secluded bay, the beach curving in a gentle arc between two prominent headlands. At the far end to our right I could see a couple of beach huts and a small cluster of bathers but generally it was almost deserted. I wasn't surprised, this was, after all, a mid-week afternoon in early summer.
Jane pulled a large rug out of her car and we walked carefully down through the sand dunes to the beach, going a little further along to our left. She spread the rug and we both sat down on it, staring at the blue sea gently rolling in onto the beach and enjoying the sea breeze cooling the sweat on our faces. Jane had produced a pair of shades from somewhere and we sat quietly together, side
by side, Jane with her knees drawn up nearly to her chin, me leaning back on my elbows, my legs stretched out in front of me.
Jane turned to me, her eyes hidden by the dark lenses. "This is daft, we're both sitting here sweating like pigs. I don't know about you, but I've got to lose some of these clothes." She looked at me, waiting for my response.
I was completely taken by surprise. I had never regarded her as being inhibited but this was a turn up. Not that I thought she was suggesting we get naked. Or was she? "Erm… wwwhat, erm, you mean erm, that we er, strip down to our undies?" I could feel the heat in my face, reddening fast, and not from the sun.
"Well I wasn't suggesting we get in the buff!" she laughed, "at least not here," and laughed again, enjoying my embarrassment. "If we just wear our undies we wont be showing anymore than most costumes these days, will we? You are wearing underwear, aren't you?" she said, and laughed again. She was enjoying my discomfort.
My mind was racing. I had worked with Jane for several years, and had fancied her rotten for most of that time. But I had a self imposed rule of not getting involved with colleagues and had stuck to it. Not that I had any reason to believe that she fancied me at all. But now the thought of seeing her here in just her bra and panties was tremendously exciting. I desperately wanted that but was afraid that I would offend her by my excitement being all too obvious. Naturally, lust won out over discretion. "OK, you win. Lucky I put clean on today!"
We both stood and whilst I hesitated, Jane immediately unbuttoned her dress and let it fall off her shoulders and down the length of her body to form a pool at her feet. She stepped out of it, bent down and picked it up. I tried not to stare, but couldn't help myself and probably was very obvious about it too. I almost gasped as I saw her standing only a couple of feet from me, dressed in nothing but her brief white bikini style panties and matching bra. She carefully folded her dress and bent over to lay it down on the rug. Her bum was staring right at me, a beautiful full firm arse, twin globes encased in thin white cotton, the panties caught in the deep crack in between. My cock gave an involuntary lurch in my pants and I struggled to think of something else so as to control it. The last thing I needed was to drop my trousers to reveal a full stand on tenting my shorts.
Jane stood upright again, and turned to me, catching me looking at her. "Come on then, you as well."
I kicked off my shoes and socks, and dropped my trousers, my shirt tail hiding my embarrassment. Taking a deep breath, and after one last effort of mental will, I pulled off my shirt, standing in only my lycra knit Calvin Klein trunks. I glanced down. My cock had subsided, but not completely so that it lay, slightly longer and thicker than normal, down the right leg, a distinctly noticeable shape. I avoided her eyes hoping that if she did notice she might just think I was well endowed.
We settled down on the rug, Jane to my left, both of us lying on our fronts. Jane had her head turned away from me so I took the opportunity to drink in her near naked body lying next to mine. The smooth gentle curve of her back, dissected by the strap of her bra. The full twin globes of her bum, the beginning of the dark split, the elastic of the waistband of her thin white panties, the urge to reach over and stroke the soft material and the flesh beneath almost overwhelming. My cock was straining beneath me, pressing into the sand beneath the rug. There was no way I could turn over without her thinking me some sort of pervert. Suddenly she turned her head to me, looking me in the eyes before I could pretend to be looking elsewhere.
"I'm thirsty," she announced, "fancy a cool drink? I'll go along to the beach shop and get some. OK?"
She stood, slipped on her dress and strolled off around the dunes and disappeared from view. At least now I might get my dick under control and it did begin to subside as I felt myself drifting off to sleep. A sharp dig in my ribs brought me rapidly awake.
"Hey, Rip Van Winkle," she said chuckling at my start, "take this, it should liven you up a bit."
She was standing by my head, feet apart, holding out a can of Coke. Her dress was already off again. As I looked up at her, all I could see were her long legs and at the top of her thighs the bulging crotch of her panties. I could see the whorls and curls of her pussy hair pressing against the cloth, and either side the odd stray strand of darkish hair escaping from the leg bands. Her cunt was there, right in front of me, protected by almost nothing. I could practically see it, smell it, taste it. I knew she would see me staring, but I was past caring.
"Come on then, take it."
The vision before me had sent my cock back to its former hardness and I realised the can was held too high for me to just reach up and take it. I would have to sit up and reach for it knowing she was bound to notice my condition. It dawned on me that that was what she wanted, that she was fully aware of the situation, and controlling it.
Slowly I rolled over and moved up into a sitting position in one movement. I immediately noted her eyes dropping to my groin and alighting upon the stretched and straining fabric of my trunks where my cock jutted obscenely outwards, lifting and pushing the material. She smiled and slowly licked her lips with the tip of her pink tongue, her eyes never leaving my cock. My embarrassment was quickly replaced by overwhelming excitement as I noted the interest in her look, and wondered at the possibilities in store.
"Well, I can see you're having a good time", she laughed. "I'm not sure you should be pointing that thing at me, though."
She handed me the can and walked slowly around in front of me so that she was standing astride my legs, which were still stretched out in front of me. My attention was focused on her pantied crotch, the material caught in the folds of her pussy, the whiteness becoming spotted with darker moisture within. Without warning she squatted down over me, her thighs spread wide her crotch coming to rest only inches from the quivering tip of my rock hard cock pushing out at my briefs. I could hear no sound save for our breathing, the sun beating down catching the soft hairs on her thighs.
"That's an interesting package you've got there," she said quietly, "I think I'm going to have to unwrap it."
Her right hand reached out and she gently placed her index finger on the very tip and slowly traced it along the length of the shaft and then back up again. Then the palm of her hand pressed down and rubbed slowly back and forth along the full length, pausing each time to press and tease the bulbous head and the thick ridge of the plum. I was in danger of losing it even then, pre-cum flooding out and saturating the cloth where it stretched over the head.
She reached forward with both hands and lifted the elastic waistband up and over , quickly drawing the briefs down my thighs, but not past my knees. My cock looked bigger than it ever had and redder and harder, curving back towards my belly button.
"Oooh, nice," she cooed, "I knew it would be, and big too. At least it looks big and hard, I wonder how it feels."
Once again her right hand reached out and she gently gripped the shaft, just below the swollen head, and jacked it back and forth several times. She stopped, squeezing just below the head, producing a steady stream of juice that glistened in the sun. "Oh yes that feels nice. Does it feel nice to you?" I could only groan in agreement.
"I bet you'd like to fuck me, wouldn't you? Get this fat pole in my little pussy." She jacked it slowly as she spoke, causing me to thrust my hips in time with her firm strokes. "Well you can't, at least not yet. You'll have to make do with this. But one day you might get this."
She shifted forward slightly and pulled my cock upright so that it was almost painful. Then she moved downwards so that the damp crotch of her panties was just touching the cockhead. I could feel the heat emanating from her cunt and was desperate to slip inside. Then she bore down on me so that her pantied cunt was pressing hard against me. I almost died as I felt her cuntlips open and at least half an inch of the head pushed up inside her, panties and all. I nearly came immediately and had to fight hard to control myself. Slowly she made small movements up and down just pressing the fat head of my cock against her clit. "Mmmn, that feels so good," she said, "maybe, after all, I just will….no no, we musn't, not now not yet."
She raised herself again and let my cock jerk back against my belly with an audible slap. Settling back down on my thighs she again pulled my cock towards her and leaned forward, her face only inches from it. Oh yes! She was going to suck it! But no, she stopped just short, but so close I could feel her warm breath on me. My straining cock throbbed in her hand and she let a long dribble of warm saliva fall down over the head and run down along the shaft. She caught it in her hand spreading it along and over making it glisten wetly in the bright sunlight. My cock looked positively evil as it reared, wet and red, from her fist, the bulging veins standing in bold relief along the shaft.
"Shall I make you come?" she asked, a sly smile playing across her lips. "Shall I make you shoot your stuff all over? Would you like that? I bet you would."
Her hand began a steady rhythm as it jacked back and forth, and her left hand slid down along her flat stomach and down into her panties. I watched transfixed as her fingers knuckled out the thin material as she stroked and teased her cunt, moving in time to her other hand stroking me. Long slow strokes along my full length; shorter, quicker ones teasing the head and the sensitive spot behind it. Twisting, worrying, bringing me to the brink.
"Oh yes, you like that don't you," she whispered, a note of triumph in her voice, as her teasing of the bulbous glans made me squirm and moan uncontrollably. "Go on, come for me, let it go. I want to see you shoot for me. Come for me. Come for me."
I couldn't hold back as she worked me in short quick strokes the orgasm building from the tips of my toes and up along my body in an overwhelming spasm. I was totally out of control as I let go, crying out that I was there.
She pulled my cock upright as the first long thick rope of cum jetted out flying at least a foot in the air and landing on my lower stomach. She continued her jacking as several more spurted thickly onto her hand and arm and some even reaching her own stomach, dribbling down in a thick trail.
"Oh yes, good boy," she cried, "let it all out." She kept on jacking, pulling more cum that seeped out over her hand. I had to tell her to stop as my cock was so sensitive after cumming and she just held it, letting the flow end and gently cleaning us with tissues she fished out of her handbag.
"I can't believe we just did that," I said in wonderment, "that was just fantastic."
"This is just for starters," she said and laughed in a way that promised everything.



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