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Rosa's Bra

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This is a fictional reference to my childhood. Names have been changed and some events altered but the basic theme of sexual discovery as a group remains.


One of the most interesting aspects of my life that I feel is worth mentioning is my sexual experiences before I lost my virginity. This includes my discovery of masturbation and discovery of women (these two are closely entwined), messing around with different girls but never going 'all the way' and my three best friends and the adventures we shared. Having another three guys to share the experience with made it so much more fun and so much more pleasurable. None of us are gay but we all ended up definitely being at least bi-curious, if not more. This story serves as an introduction to how we all met and how we began to be sexually comfortable around each other. I will discuss each of our personal sexual lives which occurred before these events in separate stories.

Roby, Dave, Jim and I were a tight and close-knit group of friends all through high school. Jim and I had been best friends and primary school and moved on to the same high school where we quickly met Dave as we had similar interests: fantasy video games and rock music. It was around this time I started teaching myself the guitar because I wanted to be like all my music heroes. Jim started learning the bass and had the foresight that some day we might be able to form a rock band together. We met Dave on one of the first days of high school (we sat next to him because he was drumming with pens on his desk) and found he too liked rock music. We quickly became friends and decided to form a band which we later dubbed 'The Power of Rock'.

The quest began to find a singer.

I had already been very interested in women at this point I'll discuss my own discovery of masturbation later. The story of when our sexual paths met started at Roby's house. We decided to hold band there for the first time. I arrived with my guitar and amp in my hands and walked up to the door, trying to figure out how to knock without putting either down. His mum must have seen my approaching and as such she opened the door for me.

'Hi, you must be Peter! I'm Rosa.' she said warmly. 'Come on in, Roby will be here in fifteen minutes of so, he and his father got held up driving back here from sport. You can set up before he gets here.'

I missed most of this conversation because as soon as she opened the door and I was able to see her for the first time I was mesmerized. I didn't really pay much attention to all of her; just one part: her boobs. They were amazing against her redheaded, slim, tight body, at least 36DDs, and standing firm against her red singlet. You could see she was wearing a white bra underneath as the straps on her shoulders were thick and clearly visible.

Bras have always been a massive turn on for me.

I immediately got an erection, and it was one of those which just wouldn't go down. I managed to mumble some reply and discretely bend over to hide the tent in my shorts as I took my gear into the living room, which was the designated band room (it had a PA system set up already). I couldn't stop thinking about Rosa's boobs. They were incredible, and so was the rest of her body; my terminally horny teenage body didn't have much chance of coping.

I pulled out my guitar and started attempting (somewhat unsuccessfully) to tune it. I really wanted to relieve myself by jacking off but I would've had to walk past Rosa to get to the bathroom so this wasn't an option. Usually I could ignore the urge and wait until I was back at home but Rosa turned me on to a level I didn't even know existed. I didn't know what to do.

I plugged in my amp to the power socket and started adjusting my sound levels. The doorbell rang and Rosa walked past the doorway to the living room to answer it, her boobs jiggling nicely as she walked. I wondered if she was wearing a matching bra and panties set and my dick twitched at the thought, demanding attention. I needed to cum, badly.

Jim arrived next and was greeted at the door with the similar treatment I was. It should have been obvious that he would become as turned on as I did but at the time I didn't occur to be that my friends liked women too. We (as a group) had never discussed women before although I found out later that my friends were just as horny as I was.

Jim walked into the room carrying his bass guitar and amp and quickly put them on the floor near the door. He was sporting a tent in his pants similar to my own and I realised we both had the same problem. Beforehand if a situation like this arose (us both standing with obvious boners) we would have tried to cover up and laugh it off but we were both too horny too care.

'Oh my god!' Jim whispered with passion, 'Roby's mum is so hot!'. Jim's obvious arousal turned me on even further.

'Her boobs,' I moaned, 'they're amazing!'

'I needa cum man. Right now.' Jim stated, almost pleadingly.

'Oh god I know.. those boobs.' I replied weakly. We both wondered how exactly we would be able to relieve ourselves when ironically Rosa herself gave us an opportunity.

'I'm going out to the garden for a few minutes,' Rosa said from the kitchen, 'open the door if anyone else arrives.' As soon as she was out of sight, Jim and I raced through the kitchen in search of the bathroom.

We found one at the end of a corridor, the bathroom on the right and a closed door on the left. Jim and I briefly glanced at each other and realised there would be not enough time for each of us to wank separately. As we entered the bathroom it occurred to me that the prospect of wanking with Jim was something that further turned me on.

I had never had any gay thoughts before, and I hadn't explored bisexuality at this point, but just knowing that my best friend was horny as hell because of an extremely hot women and wanted to jack off got me excited. Cumming together is always better than cumming alone.

As soon as I closed the door behind me I started rubbing my dick through my shorts. Jim kicked off his shoes and was out of his shorts in a flash; his boner making an obvious tent in his boxers. His hand snuck in through the fly and began wanking his dick proper. His eyes were closed as he pumped himself and he started moaning, mostly incoherently.

I also took off my shoes and took down my shorts, but as I was wearing jocks they had to go down too so I could have proper access. Jim watched as I started properly stroking my 7inch cock with my right hand. He could tell I felt a little awkward having my cock out in the open so he took off his boxers and I got my first view at his 6inch cock. We were both hard, both wanking and both enjoying watching each other while thinking about Rosa; in other words, all was good.

Good then got even better.

Something behind Jim caught my eye. Something that brought my already incredibly horny state up another level.

A white bra.

Peter had no sister. As soon as I saw it I realised it must have been Rosa's bra.

'Jim, look!' I shouted, 'That must be one of Rosa's bra's!'. Jim turned around and upon seeing the bra a look of pleasure decorated his face. He began stroking rapidly with his right fist and his moans increased in volume and frequency.

'I'm cumming... ugh, oh yes, Rosa ugh, yess!' With that, he let out a low groan and stopped stroking. He started vibrating his fist at the top of his cock and a strand of cum shot out, followed by a few dribbles.

Seeing my best friend cum pushed me over the edge. I started wanking furiously and felt the familiar sensation in my balls. It travelled up and towards the head of my cock, before finally..

'Fuck... ooooooh fuck yess!' I came, two big strands shooting out in front of me, followed by some dribbles. It was one of the most powerful orgasms I'd had, mostly due to what I had it over (Rosa) but also the fact I came with my best friend.

Standing in post-orgasmic bliss, Jim and I were happy. Laughing and trying to figure out how to clean up the mess, we heard a knock at the door.

'Boys?' said Rosa.

To be continued.



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