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Room Mates at a Chinese Boarding School 2

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A sequel to one of my earlier stories.


When I turned 15, I was placed in a Chinese boarding school while my dad worked his job throughout China. I had become good friends with my room mates, who had both just turned 13. Lee was as tall as I was despite our two year age difference. He had a long mop of black hair which he hadn't cut in a while. Dawen was a bit shorter than us, but still a bit taller than the average 13 year old Chinese dude. Dawen had spiky black hair- usually it was short, but he recently started to grow it to medium length. I had been friends with them for a few months, starting from the very first day I came here. On that first night, an accidental trip by me in our room led to some exciting masturbation fun. I introduced both Dawen and Lee to masturbation and they were in awe.

We had continued our sessions over the past few months- just the three of us. We tried all sorts of different positions while completely naked. My favourite position was being sandwiched between both guys- one boy's penis rubbing against my butt, while my own penis rubbed against the butt of the other. The boy in front of me would also receive a nice rub and massage from me - across their thighs, balls and penis. Both Lee and Dawen could now shoot out quite a lot of cum each time, and both had grown a tiny patch of pubic hair around their penises. To be honest, I missed their smooth, hairless bodies but I knew hair would grow over time. They were quite proud of their hair too, so I didn't dare ask them to shave it off. Our pleasure sessions were never spoken about to the other kids. It was a very taboo, off-limits subjects. I couldn't help but imagine what was going on inside the other rooms. Surely some of the boys and girls engaged in sexual activities similar to us.

I had now settled in to the boarding school routine. We woke up at 7am and had breakfast; classes from 9am until 3pm, with breaks and lunch in between; a sports sessions immediately after, followed by dinner at 6:30pm; we usually got back to our rooms by 8:00pm or 8:30pm and got ready for lights out at 10pm. My Mandarin was getting very good now, though there was an occasional word I didn't know. This was something that Lee and Dawen teased me about, in a friendly manner. They couldn't believe that someone 2 years older than them didn't know a word that they knew. I took their teasing well though- we really were good friends and very close - very, very close!

Our boarding school had a swimming pool since it was quite large. Apparently, pools are rare in Chinese boarding schools. Most students would have to go outside their school to a local swimming pool to swim. I loved swimming and I loved to see my fellow students in their swimsuits! The girls had to wear one-pieces for modesty; anything other than that, like a bikini, is frowned upon in Chinese culture. I loved seeing how their boobs and pussies looked through the thin material. Since we swam with kids close to our age (12-15), a lot of the girls had recently got growth spurts, which stretched their swimsuits more than before - a delicious sight for this horny teenage boy! The boys could wear either boardshorts, jammers or speedos to swim. Unlike Western culture, speedos are frequently worn in China and not seen as immodest at all. I loved looking at all the boys in their swimsuits, regardless of how short or long their suits were. There was no hiding the growth and development of early teen aged boys.

Dawen, Lee and I all wore speedos. Mine were plain blue, Dawen's were red and Lee's were green. We couldn't help looking at each other's penises in our tight speedos. They were made of nylon and extremely thin, so the speedos clung to our penises and butt tightly. Looking at the butt of one of my friends was such a turn on for me, and I'm sure Lee and Dawen felt the same way. We usually had fully fledged boners when we exited the change room for our swimming lessons (although I wouldn't really call it a 'lesson'; most of the time we just swam for fun). Both boys' penises had grown a lot since I first saw them. Mine was 5 and a half inches and theirs would have been around 4 and a half or 5. Not bad for 13 year olds! Especially considering we were Asian hehe!

Our swimming time was between 3:30 and 5:30 every Monday and Tuesday during the summer. We generally spent the two hours mucking around, splashing each other and on a few occasions, I would be brave enough to brush across the front of Lee and Dawen's speedos underwater, immediately turning them hard! We would play around with the girls as well, chasing them around the pool. I had become particularly close with a girl named Maddy. She was 14, had long black hair and filled her black one-piece swimsuit well. She was very outgoing but also very easy to talk to. She never made me feel weird about my shyness. In fact, she thought me being shy was cute! During one our swimming sessions, Maddy and I broke apart from the rest of our fellow classmates and went off to our own little section in the deep end of the pool, far away from everyone else. Suddenly, her face leaned into mine and she gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I was embarrassed by this, but Maddy assured me no one saw. She then grabbed my right hand and guided it into the chest opening of her swimsuit. I lightly brushed across her B-cup boobs, feeling my penis grow to 6 inches as I did (OK that didn't happen but it sure felt like that!). She then took my hand out of the chest opening and placed it under water, moving it towards her crotch.

I was speechless. Was this really happening? Am I going from no base to third base in less than 30 seconds? My hand continued along its path, eventually cupping her vagina through her black one-piece. In that instant my shyness melted away and I began to my hand across her pussy, both inside and outside the swimsuit. Her pussy felt really tight and had a small patch of hair around it. After doing this for about a minute, Maddy began to moan softly. My hand was inside the crotch of her swimsuit at this time and I felt her vagina tightening, with a small amount of liquid being expelled from it into the chlorine pool. I must have really exhausted her because Maddy actually sank below the surface of the water for a few seconds! When she surfaced, she said thanks to me, slightly breathless. Our teachers called us to get out of the pool and into the change rooms as it was time to leave. Maddy and I reluctantly joined our fellow classmates and headed to our separate change rooms.

As I was changing, I heard Lee whisper in my ear that he saw me and Maddy kissing in the pool. Dawen was surprised and hadn't even saw me leave the large group. I was a bit embarrassed that Lee noticed the kiss, but eventually told them that we did more than just kiss. Both boys were intrigued and I whispered the whole story while we were showering. At the end of my story, all the other boys had already left, so Dawen and Lee decided to have some fun with me. They tickled me and touched my bare chest and all around my speedos, pretending I was Maddy I guess. It was pretty fun playing around with them.

One of our teachers called out to make sure no one was left in the change room. We quickly decided to stay in the change room, so to avoid detection, we grabbed our towels and bags and went into a toilet stall, keeping very still and quiet. The teacher came into the change room to find the benches completely empty. Satisfied, he quickly left. Strangely, he didn't check the toilet stalls, but our plan worked. We could continue horsing around in the change room. As we got out of the stall though, I had an idea. All the students and teachers would have already left the pool, so we had it all to ourselves!

Still in our damp speedos, we hurried back into the pool. We took it in turns to recreate the magical moment between Maddy and I. One guy would stand completely still in the water, while the other two rummaged their hands all over the body of the standing boy, focusing mostly on the chest and crotch of course. Each person got a minute to be touched all over, and by the end of it we were all extremely horny. We continued our games by giving each other piggybacks in the shallow water. One person would wade across the water while the person on his back would hump furiously through their speedos. Surprisingly, none of us cummed during this exercise. I was surprised at how well Lee and Dawen could carry me on their backs, given I was older and heavier. They were really strong!

Our final activity took place in the deeper section of the pool, near where me and Maddy were. When we stood up straight, the water reached our chests. We all huddled in a circle, facing each other, and we had our arms around each other's necks. We leaned our crotches towards each other underwater, humping through our speedos. It was amazing fun - the sensation of having two dicks rubbing against yours at the same time, while wearing silky thin speedos was amazing! Eventually we told each other that we couldn't hold on much longer and were about to climax soon. Dawen suggested we pull down our speedos for the big finish. We all did this in unison, with our speedos falling to our ankles under the water. We were all right handed, so I grabbed Dawen's dick on my right, Dawen grabbed Lee's on his right and Lee grabbed mine. In less than a minute, after some furious underwater pumping, all three of us felt rope after rope of white hot sticky cum coming out of our penises, flowing underwater in the pool. It took us a while to regain our breath, but when we realized that dinner would be served soon, we hurried out of the pool to change back into our school clothes. We left the pool building side by side, with the seeds of our hard work floating a few feet under the crystal blue pool.



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