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Road Trip with Dad

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My parents divorced when I was 11, and when I was 12, I went on a road trip with my dad. We were going to visit my cousins in another state. I don't remember why my siblings weren't along, I think they were going to fly to the destination and meet use there a few days later for some reason.

One night we stopped in a big town. It was some big nameless city and we were driving really slowly through the traffic and stop lights of the town, and just sort of people watching. At one stoplight, a woman standing on the street started flirting with my dad. It was a hot summer night and we had all the windows down, and we were on our way to dinner. I don't remember exactly what was said, but there were some hushed tones meant for me not to hear; that I could tell. I remember she was extremely flirtatious and I could see my dad was getting very excited by this.

A few blocks later, we arrived at the restaurant, sat at a booth to eat, and this woman came into the lobby, just looking around a lot. My dad made an excuse that he had to go to the bathroom, but I watched and saw that he went to the lobby instead and was talking with her. They were just laughing and talking for about five minutes then he came back to the table and did not say anything about it.

Later that night, we were in our hotel room. Usually, we ended up with rooms that had two beds but this one only had one huge bed for some reason so we were sleeping together. I had already been asleep and suddenly I awoke to giggling sounds. That woman was in our room. She and my dad were sitting on the couch and whispering and laughing.

I could hear him trying to get her to do something, but she kept saying, 'No, I need 15 dollars first.'

He was saying, 'No, I don't have that kind of money. Can I just touch it a little bit?' I was getting extremely turned on by this whole thing. I had never seen my dad fooling around with another woman before, not even with my mom when they were married. I gathered, even with my naive mind, that she was a prostitute and he was trying to get something out of her for free, because he sure wasn't giving her any money.

I opened my eyes very lightly so I could see what was going on. She had a big curly wig on, lots of makeup and a short skirt. I could see she had big boobs that were falling out of her low cut top. There wasn't much light, just what was coming through the hotel curtains. But the light was all on them, and none on me, so I knew they couldn't see me.

She was saying, 'Are you sure it's ok; your daughter is RIGHT THERE!'

My dad said, 'Don't worry, she is a deep sleeper; nothing wakes her up.' That was true. Usually, it was very hard to wake me once I was asleep.

My dad kept grabbing her and sneaking a feel of her breasts and legs, and she would say, 'Come on now, just $15 and I will take good care of you'.

He kept saying, 'I don't have 15 dollars, please, please just let me touch you a little bit?' All she let him do was kiss her neck and feel up her tits a little bit, but whenever his hand moved down towards her pussy she pushed his hand away and said, 'Not for free.'

My dad was in a very excited state, I could tell he wanted some action with this woman very badly, but he just wouldn't give her any money. I don't know why, I knew he had money.

Finally, she got angry and left. It was quiet in the room for awhile and then he came back to bed. I laid still as if I was still asleep. Just as I was drifting back off to sleep, I felt the bed shaking.

'Oh God! I wonder if he is jacking off?' I thought. I opened my eyes again and sure enough, there in the faint light, I could just make out my dad, lying there next to me, furiously stroking his big hard dick. He still had his underwear on, and had pulled his cock out through the opening.

I was so totally turned on, I felt like I was about to wet my pants right there. I wanted so bad to slip my hand in my own panties and finger myself off as I watched my dad stroke himself. But I was scared he would notice I was awake and get mad or stop. I heard his quiet moans of, 'Ooh!' and 'Ahh!' which only enhanced my needs even more. Then he turned on his side and I guess he came, I didn't see anything more.

The next morning, he asked who would take their shower first, me or him. Usually, I always chose to go first, while he packed up the car. But this time I said, 'You go ahead, Dad,'

While he was in the shower, I fingered myself off fast and furiously in our hotel bed, remembering my Dad lying next to me jacking off. It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had in my life. I still fantasize about it today, so many years later. In my fantasies, sometimes I work it so that I fool my dad into thinking I am the prostitute, and let him touch and grab me, and then let him rub his cock all over me. Afterwards, he turns the light on and is mortified it is me his daughter, and we promise not to tell anyone ever. That is what I have morphed the fantasy into after all these years.



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