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I can honestly say I married the women of my dreams and my best friend ever.


Growing up my best friend was Lisa. Lisa and I have known each other since we were in our mothers tummies. I am two months younger than her but growing up we did everything together. We played sports, went to school, took vacations together. In ninth grade someone asked if we were brother and sister or just real close. We had our first kiss together in her parents basement. In tenth grade we saw each other naked for the first time and kissed and touched each other. We did this many times until our last day of summer camp. Lisa and I went for a walk and ended up at a secluded clearing. We stripped naked and Lisa said she was on the pill for a few years and we should have sex.

I had a condom and put it on. I slowly slid into Lisa and broke her cherry and in about a minute I cummed. When I pulled out Lisa said she didn't have an orgasm and could I lick her pussy. I told her I didn't know how and she said she would tell me. I followed her instructions and in about 5 minutes Lisa was screaming to her first real orgasm. She told me to fuck her and I slid in and we fucked for much longer. We both had orgasms and I told her I loved her and Lisa said she loved me to. When we got home we continued being best friends and trying new sexual things. When we left for college it was touch with me going to New England and Lisa going to a West Coast school. We saw each other at semester break and both decided to call it quits.



I had a few girlfriends in college but none were like Lisa. After college I went south to Florida and Lisa stayed on the west coast. I stayed in contact with my roommate who lived in Chicago. I travel to see family in Chicago and saw him and his girlfriend. He came down and saw me and where I lived. We did this for a few years and when we were 27 he sent me an wedding invitation. I went to the wedding and was invited to dinner the night before. When I arrived I saw my friend and his soon to be bride. I was talking with them when a pair of hands went over my eyes. I heard the person say guess who and knew it was Lisa. I turned around and Lisa was standing their looking unbelievable.



We kissed and my friend said I guess you know each other. Lisa then said this was the Andy I was talking about. They both smiled and said this is Andy. I asked how they knew each other and Lisa said she was her roommate in college and when she moved to Chicago. My roommate was smiling and said you are a dog. I asked why and he said I have heard stories about you. After dinner I was going to head back to my room when Lisa caught up with me and said I wasn't getting away that easy. We went her room and when we got in and I closed the door Lisa kissed me and said she has missed me these past few years. I told her I had a few girlfriends but compared them to you and always ended up alone. She told me she dated a few guys and actually dated one for 2 years until he cheated on her. She told me she thought about me a few times and had called her mom for my number.



Lisa was now undressing and soon was naked. She turned around and asked if she still looked good. I stripped and my boxer-briefs were tented out. She laughed and pulled them down and lead me to the bed. We made love nice and slow and I gave her two orgasms to my one. Lisa looked up at me and said she is happy I was here. We slept together and were still naked and snuggling when the bride opened the door. Lisa was woken up by her friend and when she rolled over saw me and we just smiled. Her friend said someone got lunch last night. I laughed and said yes me. I kissed Lisa and took the sheet off the bed and went into the bathroom. Once dressed I told them I would see them later. I ran into my friend at breakfast and he asked how my night went. I told him I never slept in my room.



The wedding was great and Lisa and I kept looking at each other. She smiled and whispered she loves me and a few people turn and look at me. After the ceremony and pictures we walk around and talk about what we have done in the past few years. Lisa loves Chicago and her job. I tell her I am happy in Florida but willing to relocate. We sat together with the wedding party and had a great time. We danced a lot and during the slow dancing Lisa caused me to get hard and rub up against her. Lisa lined up to catch the flowers and missed. She looked sad and said maybe next time she would get them. I said why not. After the wedding was over we went back to Lisa room to get her things and move them into my room. I helped her out of her dress and when she was in her bra and panties I rubbed up against her and unhooked her bra. I held her breasts in my hands and felt her nipples get hard. I then slid down her panties and kissed her ass and then turned her around and stuck my head into her crotch like a dog. I then stripped naked and Lisa grabbed me by my dick and said lets take a shower. Once in the shower we washed each other and then Lisa had me sit on the ledge with my legs wide open. She sat facing me and we fucked until we both had orgasms. We washed off and dressed and gave her friend a call.



They invited us up to their room and when we went in they were in the bathroom together. Lisa asked if we should come back. The bride opened the door and said they were done. My buddy came out and looked at us and asked who were the newlywed couple. Lisa and I smiled and they asked us what we we going to do. I asked about what and they said you two look like your in love and what are you going to do about it. I looked at Lisa and said the company I work for does have offices in Chicago and maybe I can transfer. Lisa smiled so big and started to cry. I hugged her and said I was happy I found you again.



On Monday I went into work and asked for a transfer to the Chicago office. My boss asked me to sit and said I looked very happy and more relaxed. I told him about Lisa and how we grew up together and I was either going to quit today or be transfered to the Chicago office. He smiled and told me he would make a few calls. I went to my office and did a few things and called Lisa up. I told her I told my boss either I get sent to Chicago or I quit. She laughed and said that's the man I fell in love with. We talked for a few minutes when my other line blinked red. I told her I would call back later. I switched over the line and my boss told me he didn't want to lose me to Chicago but the head guy told me to transfer me. I went to his office and told him thank you and asked if he wanted my Miami Dolphin tickets for the rest of this year. he asked with parking pass and I told him I would drop them office in the morning.



I called Lisa and she screamed so loud my staff heard it. I then had a meeting and told them I was being relocating to the Chicago office. I then said I was telling the boss that Betsy should take over for me since she has been here the longest and was my right hand person. Betsy waited and asked what gives. I told her at the wedding I saw my best friend in the world and it was like old times. We hit it back off and I love her and want to be with her. Betsy asked how serious are you. I looked at her and said I will most likely buy a ring before I drive up and live with her. Betsy was happy for me and told me good luck. I went to my boss and told him Betsy was the right person for my position and she should be giving the promotion. I then told him I was taking my 3 weeks vacations starting today. He shock my hand and told me good luck.



I told my neighbor I was selling the condo and leaving for Chicago and she told me she had someone who might want to buy it. I then called Lisa and told her I would be leaving for Chicago in a few days and she better be ready for me. She laughed and said she is already wet. I sold a few things and sent a few to Chicago. In a week I had a lawyer working on me selling the condo to my neighbors friend. I was going to make a nice profit and have the check overnight to me. I left on Wednesday morning and by Friday afternoon I was at her house. Lisa jumped into my arms and kissed me up. We went into her house and after eating something I brought in my things and put them in her basement. Lisa had a king size bed and we fell asleep in her arms. I was having a great dream about getting an amazing blowjob from Lisa. I then woke up and she was giving me a blow job. Her legs were towards my head and I positioned her so her pussy was at mouth level. I started to lick her pussy and when I squirted my cum I stopped and then I gave her a tongue licking until she had two orgasms. Lisa turned around and we kissed and I told her thank you. She smiled and said if you do that every day I may never leave for work. We showered and went downstairs for breakfast.



Over the next few days we set up the house. Most of my things didn't work and we sold them. Her back yard was very big and Lisa said she would love to have a pool in the back. In a few weeks we were in a routine. We saw her friends who were becoming my friends more and more. I was getting set up at work and working on a few things. Lisa gave me a call I had a express package delivered. I told her to open it and she told me a big check was in it. I said that was from the sell of my condo. That night as we were grilling with a our married couple I asked how my roommate asked her to marry him. They told us how and said said that is nice. Lisa asked what would I do. I told her I would talk about how you were my best friend growing up and at age 10 I knew someday I would marry you and make you my wife. How the years away from you were the toughest for me and how finding you again is fate and I never want to lose you again. Lisa said that was so pretty. I said good and went to one knee and reached into my pocket and said I love you and will you marry me. Lisa saw the ring and started to cry.



She told me yes and put the ring on. Our friends hugged us and said that was so nice. We called our parents who were equally happy for us. After eating and drinking and our friends went home I home I walked into the back yard and was looking at the stars. Lisa came out and hugged me and said what were you thinking. I told her about the first time we ever made love. Lisa laughed and said I didn't last long. I laughed and said I was so nervous but after you asked me to lick you I knew I had another chance. I then took out the check and asked if she wanted a pool. Lisa said yes and why. I told her I wanted one too. We wet upstairs and I stripped Lisa naked and laid her on the bed. I then stripped and kissed her toes, ankle, legs, knees, inner thigh and then pussy. I licked her until she screamed her name. I then slid my dick into her and lifted her legs and we fucked until we knocked each other out. Over the next few years we had a pool built and most of the time we went in naked. We married to a big old wedding and settled down, We had two kids about 2 years apart and I can honestly say I married the women of my dreams and my best friend ever.





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