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Play-by-Play of Long Saturday Morning Masturbation

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Detailed description of a long edge session..


I've been in a monogamous relationship with myself for almost three years.  I wrote in a story two years ago that I treated myself to a stay in a hotel room with a ceiling mirror for my one-year anniversary.  That experience was everything I hoped it would be and more.  Even nowadays, when I masturbate, I find myself thinking back fondly on that night when I had an epic edge session while watching myself like that.  Sometimes, I reread that story to turn myself on.
I think it might be time for another special anniversary celebration.  After three years, I've probably had 1,000 consecutive orgasms by myself.  Well, 900 might be a more accurate estimate, but close enough.  I don't know what I'll do, yet.  I do know that I'm going to take a road trip this summer to visit family out of state, and on the way there or back, maybe I'll check into a romantic resort somewhere for some quality “me time”.  I'll do a search of affordable luxurious places to check into while on my route.
In that three-year period, I've never once wished to have sex with another person.  I've gotten turned on by fantasies involving memories of sex with other people, but that doesn't mean I actually wanted to do the act.  I'm still exploring and experimenting with new things to make masturbation better.  
Just yesterday, I had a masturbation session that was out of this world – even compared to my usual ones, which I know are already pretty good.  I started out with closed-leg teasing.  With the tip of my middle finger, I stroked the part of my clitoral shaft that was accessible with my legs closed.  I used very soft and gentle wiggling strokes on the dry shaft, not pressing down at all to get to that erectile core, but just brushing the surface of the skin.
After a long time of that closed-leg teasing, I arranged my legs into the “feet together knees apart position”; this is what I think of as the universal female masturbation position.  The frustrating closed-thighs were now thrown wide apart.  But the clincher was that I didn't allow myself to upgrade my teasing strokes to something more satisfying.  There my vulva was, all exposed with nothing to stop me from getting right down to what I wanted to do.  But the very tip of my middle finger was still only gently wiggling on the surface of the dry shaft – while just an inch below, my vulva was open in all of its wet and swollen glory, begging for stimulation.
My pc muscle was going crazy, contracting and contracting to make up for stimulation I was depriving myself of.  Finally, after the unusually long and cruel tease, I plunged myself into masturbating in earnest.  I didn't rush toward the orgasm, though.  I drew it long and out.
When I finally gave myself permission to climax, I clicked into gear with a less intense finishing stroke than usual, so my orgasm would not be immediate.  I repeated to myself out loud over and over, "I'm good at masturbation.  I'm good at masturbation.  I'm good at masturbation."  The dirty talk made up for the reduced intensity of the finishing stroke and it pushed me over the edge.  
I orgasmed in the way only an edge-obsessed female autosexual does.  It was earth shattering.



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