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Peeing in speedos

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The following story is entirely fictional, though I'm sure bits and pieces of it have happened to someone, somewhere!


Being 16 was awesome. I was growing taller, gaining a bit of muscle and gaining a bit of self-esteem as a result of my body developing well. My parents also started allowing me to go out on my own more. It was a nice, hot summer day in December. I had just finished Year 10 and was looking forward to the summer holidays. In Sydney, Australia where I live, the weather is usually quite warm for most of the summer, though there are occasionally days of rain.

I decided it was a great day to go to the beach. At home I packed my towel, a bottle of water and my new blue speedos. I wanted to go to a beach I had never gone to before. I had gone to Bondi, Cronulla and Manly with my family before, so I ended up taking a train and then a bus to Coogee Beach. As I got off the bus I managed to take in the breathtaking views. Grass, sand, footpaths and sea blended seamlessly together to create a very warm, bright and friendly atmosphere.

I hurried to the change rooms to use the toilet and change into my speedos. Normally, I would just have the speedos on under my shorts if I was going to swim at my local pool. Since this was a special occasion though, I decided to leave it to the last minute to change so that my speedos would be nice and fresh when I entered the water. Right after I had finished changing, I walked to the section of the beach where the most people were and chose a spot to put my towel and bag down, about 15 metres from the edge of the water. Then, I went into the nice cool water, which was deeply relaxing as it was 35 degrees now and almost noon. I remained in the water for about an hour, before deciding it was time to go back to the sand and relax on my towel.

I used my bag as a pillow and slept on my towel. Often there was a nice cool breeze that gave me a deeply relaxing feeling. From time to time I would quickly glance around me to stare at all the bodies in swimwear. I was particularly interested in looking at the teenage boys and girls. Most of the teen girls wore really nice bikinis that showed off their boobs and legs well. Almost all the guys were in boardshorts, though I did spot a few in speedos and rash vests as well. Incredibly, I managed to do all this without getting a noticeable erection, although I was probably semi-hard at the time.

I was just about to get up and leave the beach when a skinny blonde-haired boy in his early teens and wearing red speedos came up to me to say "hey". Being quite shy, all I could get out was a quick "hey" back and a smile. The boy began to start a conversation with me. He said that he thought my speedos were cool and that very few boys wore them anymore. I began to admire his red speedos and his small, flaccid penis and tiny balls, which formed a little bump at the bottom of the nylon fabric. As we continued to talk, I got to know his name was Blake and that he had just turned 13. He lived locally, about a 10 minute walk from the beach and that his parents allowed him to come to the beach by himself (something I was quietly jealous of, as my parents had only recently given me the same privileges). Despite me being shy, Blake was very easy to talk to. He seemed to be a really nice kid.

We must have been talking for at least 15 minutes about our lives, how boring school was and all the pretty girls at the beach. All this time I was admiring his speedos and I could see he was admiring mine. I noticed his penis had grown a bit and was now semi-hard. Blake then invited me to go to a nearby kiosk for a drink. We each paid for a can of Coke and sat down on the grass to continue talking. We decided to get another can each after we had finished our first ones.
After a while Blake said he had to go to the bathroom and got up to leave. I said I had to go as well and followed him into the change room. The change room was an old brick building. When you entered, the toilet stalls we a section to the left while the showers were in a section to the right.

Blake began to walk to the toilet stall when in a quick instant I had an idea. I told him to follow me to the showering area instead. He seemed a bit confused but followed me anyway. When we reached the showers, they were empty. I quickly glanced at Blake's now dry red speedos and his penis was now fully erect due to his full bladder. I felt my own penis rising due to looking at Blake's. I told him to stand in the shower stall and let his pee fly out. Blake began to strain and slowly a small stream of urine began ejecting from the top of his speedos, forming a small wet patch. As Blake continued to pee I suddenly had the urge to touch his penis through his speedo. In a fleeting moment I decided I might not get another chance to do something like this, so I quickly put my whole hand on his urine-stained red speedos. As soon as I touched his speedos I noticed his stream began to quicken and soon my whole hand was covered with pee. When Blake finished peeing his small wet patch had turned into a large one, almost completely staining the entire front of his speedos.

"That felt really good" Blake said with an excited laugh. We both just stared at his wet speedos and his penis was now more noticeable in the nylon fabric then ever. Blake noticed I was beginning to pee in my speedos from all the excitement and quickly put his hand on my crotch. Unlike me, who just placed my hand on Blake's speedo and didn't move it, Blake began to slowly stroke my penis through the fabric. This helped me get a really good stream going and I quickly finished my peeing. For a few seconds we just stared at each other's wet speedos. Both of us still had full erections. Blake's penis looked to be about 4 1/2 inches when erect compared to my 6 inches, but I was about the same length as him when I was 13.

Suddenly, Blake hugged me tightly so that his speedo touched mine. Our penises rolled around in the urine-stained nylon mix. I heard another man entering the shower area so I gestured to Blake to quickly shower under our own shower heads. After about a minute we dried off with our towels and began to exit the building. Having another idea, I quickly grabbed Blake's arm and asked him if he wanted to have some more fun. He excitedly said yes and we went back into the change rooms, this time to the toilet area. We both got into the same toilet stall and closed the door. We placed our bags and towels on the hooks provided. I then began to peel Blake's damp red speedos down to his ankles so I could look at him completely naked. Wow, he looked great! I quickly dropped my speedos to the floor as well and told Blake to sit on the toilet seat.

I asked Blake if he had heard of masturbation before. He said he had and had tried to do it by humping his pillow, but all he got was a small patch of sticky pre-cum. I told him that was a good start and that he could make more whiter liquid by stroking his penis up and down. He looked interested so I started to get to work. I squatted down and started pumping Blake's penis up and down with my right hand, while continuously brushing between his nipples and balls with my left hand. I did this for a few minutes but Blake seemed nowhere near ejaculation stage. To add some excitement I removed my speedos from my ankles and held it near Blake's nose for him to smell and remember our previous experience in the showers. It worked because 30 seconds later Blake arched his back, curled his toes, closed his eyes and shook his body in ecstasy as 4 or 5 short ropes of cum shot from his cute little penis onto his chin, chest and waist. After a minute of letting him relax, I asked him how his first time felt. He said it was brilliant and wanted to do it every day for the rest of the summer holidays! I told him to go easy and not to do it too often (I'm sure he didn't listen... I mean he was 13!).

We swapped positions and Blake did the exact same thing to me. I was already incredibly horny at the time and didn't need the aid of smelling the speedos. I cummed after only a minute of stroking. My ropes of cum were larger than Blake's but did not fly as high, landing mostly in a glop near my pubic hair. We used toilet paper to clean up and stayed in the toilet stall for another half hour, exploring each others' body. We kept extremely quiet to not get other bathroom users suspicious. When it was finally time to go, Blake gave me a quick peck on the cheek and we both exited the toilet stall, luckily without anyone noticing. I followed him outside to the warm glow of the afternoon sun and hoped this would just be the start of our adventures together.



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