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Our Day with Anna and Paul

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The first time we played with a couple!


A BIG BIG THANK YOU to John for helping with the language in this story. It's hard for me to write well in english and it's good to find help from a person who can make my story more easy to read and written in a better way!

The names Anna and Paul are made up...


We met Anna and Paul online, and just like us they are a couple who enjoy a lot of masturbation. We talked on and off through online messaging for several months, and decided to meet since we were sure we would all have a nice time together. They aren't from Berlin, so they arrived by train and together with my BF I went to meet them at the station. We found them there, and after hugging them and wishing them welcome we went out to get something to eat and talk. We had agreed we would visit a very big indoor tropical water park, so before long we were on our way there. When we arrived, we separated and Anna and I went together into the women's changing room area, and we agreed to meet the boys inside the park when we were done changing and showering.

Anna is around the same height as me, and her body type is also similar - she is curvy with big breasts, like me. She is of mixed race, her Indian blood gives her beautiful, shiny black hair, deep brown eyes and beautiful caramel colored skin. We were talking and joking around as we found our lockers and began stripping down to get changed. This was the first time I got a bit nervous, because I knew she was looking at me and I was looking at her, even though we were talking about other things as we did. Soon we were both only wearing our panties. Her breasts were lovely, slightly bigger than mine, but with much darker and smaller nipples. She took her panties off first and I could see her black bush of hair below. I took off mine and could feel her eyes on my body. We then grabbed our swimsuits and walked into the showering area. We chose showers opposite to each other and washed our own bodies in silence. She watched me and I watched her. Of course the area is full of other people as well so you have to be a little bit discrete!

We slipped into our bathing suits, me in a two piece orange bikini and Anna wore a one piece black swimsuit. You could see her nipples pressing against the fabric. We walked out to meet the guys outside.

Paul had a nice body, a bit slimmer and more muscular than my boyfriend. They both have that scruffy 3 days old beard style that I like. Paul wears glasses and has short and neat brown hair. We spent over four hours in the park, bathing and having fun, talking about everything. After this, we were getting hungry again and decided to get pizza at a pizzeria that my BF and I like, and that is close to our apartment. So we made our way there, ate, and then started to walk toward our apartment.

We opened a bottle of wine and sat down and talked. One more wine bottle later, the conversation eventually became more and more sexual. I sat next to my boyfriend and we started kissing, and Anna and Paul did the same. In a little bit we were all ready to move over to the bedroom and we continued the kissing there and took off our clothes until we were all naked. We sat on the bed to face each other, me and the BF next to each other, Paul on the other side facing me and my boyfriend and Anna opposite each other. The boys were both hard. Paul's cock was a little bit shorter in length than my boyfriend's, and also thinner around the shaft. But the head of his penis was beautifully fat, so it made it look like a mushroom almost. My boyfriend's is more evenly thick all over. Both Paul and my boyfriend keep their pubic hair trimmed, and shave their balls completely bare. I sat there for a while, staring at Paul while playing a little with my breasts. I looked over at Anna and she was doing the same, sitting and watching my boyfriend. Both guys were stroking in a half-sitting position, looking at us girls while they slowly massaged their cocks. I asked if anyone wanted some lube or oil, we use coconut oil as lube when we masturbate, both my boyfriend and I like that. Paul shook his head and said he preferred to masturbate without lube.

I took the jar of coconut oil for myself, dipped my hand in it, laid down to rest on my left elbow and spread my legs, applying some of the lube over my pussy. I saw Anna smile over at me, and she told me she liked my pussy. I thanked her and asked if she could show me hers. So she spread her legs wider too, while still sitting up. Her pussy was beautiful. She had larger and thicker outer lips than I have. She had a bush of black hair on top, but the area around the lips was bare, just like mine is. We all exchanged some more compliments since we could now all clearly see all details of each others genitals and bodies. My boyfriend poured some oil over his cock - he likes to really get crazy with the oil, and we all started to do deeper motions and relax more and more in each others company.

We started to get louder too. Paul was the loudest one of us. Not screaming or anything, but letting out sounds all the time. We all joined in and the room was soon filled with small sounds, oo's, aah's and lots of mm's. I enjoyed watching everybody's bodies. Anna was fingering herself with two fingers dipping inside her pussy and moving the fingers around rapidly. She was very wet, you could hear the sounds as she moved her fingers inside and around her pussy. She had her eyes fixed on my boyfriend's cock as he was stroking up and down with his fist completely closed around his dick, twisting his wrist a little for each downward stroke. My eyes met Anna's now and then and we smiled at each other. Then I let my eyes slide over to Paul again, who was now massaging the head of his cock with three fingers. He had spilled quite a lot of pre-cum already so he had a lot of wetness on his cock. He took breaks from massaging the head and cupped his testicles in his hand and stroking gently over his balls with his palm, spreading the wetness of his slippery pre-cum all over.

"Oh, I think I'll come soon," Anna suddenly said. She had picked up the pace now and was sliding two fingers in and out, while using her other hand to massage her clit. She was on her back now with her legs lifted into the air. I could see her chest arching up and her breasts swinging along with the motion of her masturbation. At this point the rest of us stopped and just watched Anna. She lifted her knees up toward her chest and it sounded like she held her breath for several seconds. Suddenly she pushed her legs forward and down on the mattress. She clamped her legs together very hard, and she still had one hand between her legs, pressing against her pussy and clit. She made a sound that was very high in pitch but not very loud and her whole body started shaking. She lay like that, legs pushed tightly together, one hand wedged in between her legs. She was shaking and making sounds that reminded of crying sounds. She was twisting her legs around a bit and curling her toes, and with her free hand she grabbed one of her breasts and let out a long "Aaaaaaaahhhh..." sound as her body started to relax again. She lifted both her hands to cover her face and started laughing, and soon we were all laughing together.

"I loved seeing you come!"

We gave her compliments and told her how much we enjoyed seeing her orgasm and how pretty she is. Seeing her orgasm had left me very sensitive and aroused so I felt my orgasm wasn't far away either.

"I think it's my turn next!" I said and right away felt everyone's eyes on me. I suddenly felt shy! I decided to turn around, so I was on my knees with my ass up in the air, with my face facing away from the others. I felt I needed that kind of "privacy" in that moment, and I like orgasming in that position anyway! I was reaching down between my legs with one hand, doing it the way I like - my clit pressed in between my index and middle finger and rubbing firmly up and down. This gives me an orgasm very fast. I felt my boyfriend's hands on my ass suddenly, spreading my cheeks a little so the others could see more clearly, and this was too much for me and pushed me to orgasm immediately. I don't notice much that happens while I orgasm, sometimes it feels like I lose a lot of hearing too. I just remember it was very intense for me, knowing that everyone was right there watching and listening! I had a long, wonderful orgasm and soon turned back around to sit so I was facing the others again and everyone was smiling at me and told me how much they had liked seeing me come.

The boys were so hard now and I had noticed my boyfriend had slowed down and was stroking the sensitive spot under the head of the penis, he does this when he gets close to orgasm and wants to be on the edge of coming. Paul had gone back to stroking his whole cock using his thumb, index and middle fingers, and his balls had pushed up against his body so far that they looked like they were flat against his body.

"Oh mmm, here I go," said my boyfriend, grabbed his cock harder with his whole hand, gave it a couple of twisting motion jerks and instantly spilled his sperm on to his chest and stomach. Normally he likes to come in his own mouth often but he had told me he wasn't going to do that when we met Anna and Paul because he wasn't sure how they would react to it.

My boyfriend still hadn't released all his spurts when Paul came. He suddenly let out quick short sounds, "ah, ah, ah, ah, ah..." and I turned my eyes to him. He was stroking his shaft gently with three fingers, holding it so his cock was pointing straight up and he was dribbling his sperm over his cock and balls, holding his other hand cupped under his balls so he wouldn't make a mess on the bed. When everyone had calmed down again, we started to laugh once more and my boyfriend passed some paper towels around for cleaning up. We lay on the bed for a good while after that, nobody said anything, we were just relaxing. Anna fell asleep and we teased her a bit about that...

That was the first time we played with a couple. I was feeling very happy and knew I wanted more!



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